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  1. not a review


    "for this I request that the current version of ccl1 be recalled and removed from all websites and the levels voted on such that these levels can be factored into redecision and recreation of cclp1. Thank you and enjoy the levels."


    happy april fool's :)

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  2. This isn't a review, but I would like to ask a question to clarify one thing.


    You state to message someone known as "be" to notify them of a designer that has quit level making and thus being added to the dedication list for this set. I do not know of anyone who goes by "be". Could you elaborate on this "be" user? 

    Thank you.

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  3. JCCLP1

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    "This set is a masterpiece, with beautiful, well-designed, great levels. As you progress, it becomes even more challenging and fun, which is why I love this levelset. It also contains some of the past levels we've seen from JoshL1 through JoshL3. It is a non-forgettable, unmissable levelset that I love and adore. I died a lot."


    - Chip McCallahan

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