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  1. Ah, I see. I attempted it earlier [about 5 hours ago, didn't get on] and I did beat Out of Time. Yep, had less than a second to go. was a fun challenge
  2. oh, and I wonder how many times I will fail Oversea Delivery when trying to make an AVI for it... well, when I do get it done, it will probably be at least 5 minutes long lol... Just finished Chiller earlier, and Time Lapse is easy.. Fortune Favors The isn't bad either. Open Question isn't too bad, it's more of a fun level, and then I can get through Deception pretty quickly in a few tries. Then there's Oversea Delivery. How did I make it past Short Circuit in about 5 tries.. that's not bad for me, wow..
  3. I wonder how many times I will fail Oversea Delivery when trying to make an AVI for it...
  4. let's just say I have different solutions for different levels then, lol. also, if you want to see my solution for Catacombs w/ the block pushing, I uploaded it to YT a few days ago:
  5. So you won't reveal the hint to the level.. or will you?
  6. A few weeks ago I went back to play some random TomP3 levels.. just wondering about this, but is TomP3 Out of Time (#35) possible? If I am wrong, then I am just not boosting fast enough. Was just wondering about that... wanted to put it out there.
  7. QWERTY; I am so used to it and I have it memorized in my head. PC or Mac?
  8. Skittles, because I prefer their taste over Twizzlers. CCLP2 or CCLP3?
  9. Beat Catacombs and redid it because, well, it's kind of fun. I retried it the same way I did when I successfully got to the exit and got killed by the block when moving it into the random force floor about four times.. >.>
  10. Lesson 2 - When I first played CC I either fell into the water or hit those bugs so many times >.>
  11. Lol the password ^_^ this looks like fun imo. can't wait to play it lol..
  12. IMO I would get rid of blobs, they annoy me too much because of their random movement in any direction - thus explains the curse of Blobnet..
  13. I had forgotten how to complete the very end of Cityblock when I was trying to make an AVI for it, so I wasted about 20 10 to 13 minute periods completing the level then failing the wedge at the very end... ^_^
  14. Yeah a few months ago I decided to just go from CC1, then CCLP2 and then finally CCLP3. Who knows I might even attempt to finish Final Destination.. On CC1 right now I'm at Block Buster.. almost had it then fell into the water by accident. Oops.
  15. Lol, I'm still working on completing all the levels in the original CC1 1-149 in a playthrough. When I first played CC in like '05 I finished, I think about 140 levels, but not all of them. One of them was Totally Unfair, of course. Whenever I have the time for CCLP3
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