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  1. I can edit the level to eliminate the randomness if you would like, but that's what I was going for when I designed it (as skeptical as that may sound). I wanted to include at least one ridiculous level like this for a reason I can't exaclty describe in words. I do not want to make any more levels requiring this much luck in the future in main level packs, though (I updated the change for lynx)
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I've noticed a few issues that I addressed (if you have the original version, World 1 will already have the sokoban completed.) Other issues I will fix later today. (most are due to last minute designs that I forgot about. I may change a few things in other levels as well.) As for other things, the random element in Current is intentional and most levels require a large amount of the available time limit to solve. edit: Set updated to fix two levels and a few minor changes.
  3. http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/files/file/153-zk1/ Earlier this year I decided to re-design all of my levelsets. This version is now complete and available at its original download link.
  4. I love Nirvana; one of my favorite bands of all time. However, once you read Heavier Than Heaven, Kurt was a whiny little brat. He wouldn't play a show until someone brought him KFC. Damn good artist, though.
  5. I would like to give my appreciation to Michael W. for giving me the solution to some CCLP3 level a few years ago over a Skype call, in which he fell asleep mid-call.
  6. homer: G homer: G homer: G homer: G homer: G homer: G homer: G homer: G homer: G homer: G
  7. I'd like to give a shoutout to @Chipwoodstock for achieving one of the most notorious CC bolds: http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/820-my-highest-castle-moat-time/
  8. http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/903-post-your-ctrl-v/?p=35452
  9. I have to wake n bake first. hi?
  10. Thanks for the kind words, Chipster. (and to answer your question, no, I guess not. No one likes any of my levels.)
  11. yes why is this thread still a thing
  12. #2 (Block and Key): An interesting key puzzle with the added use of nails to create a not too quick nor not too long puzzle. #9 (Repair the Maze 2.0): I like the evolution of the original, but it is far too big. #19 (It Only Gets Worse): I have always liked this level for its theme of gradually extending the dodging part and its overall mechanism works fantastically. #22 (Pneumatic Diversity Vents): The concept is fresh and the level features variety. #23 (Toggle Path): An interesting and unique maze. #27 (Blue Ridge Corporate Center): I like the theme of this level and the use of cloning machines and the rooms within the overall "level space" fit nicely. #30 (Anomalous Materials): This seems like another "progress ball" level, but the use of sokobans to advance further is a nice touch and keeps this level above most sokoban-themed levels so far. #33 (Precipitous Elevation): Something about this level sticks out to me. I've never seen anything quite like it and there's not much to say about it, but I enjoyed it a lot compared to the other levels in this pack. #37 (Deflection): I don't necessarily want to praise my own levels, but I feel this level could serve as an interesting breather level somewhere. It could be considered as an interesting mini-challenge. #42 (It's Easy Being Green): Looking at this level from a distance, it appears to be a twist on the idea of being forced into picking up an item at the beginning that prevents you from immediately exiting, but in this case, the green key then allows you to perform certain actions instead of simply being denied access to the exit. The puzzle is nicely sized and the level is quite fun to solve. #43 (Blox): This level's concept is very interesting and doesn't seem to be heavily used. The puzzle isn't overwhelming, but is decently challenging. #47 (Snow Patrol): There were one too many ice mazes in this pack, but this one stood out the most. It provided a challenge and, for its size, still retained a "lost" factor (as J.B. mentioned), whereas in most of the other ice levels I played, I wasn't really enjoying the level. The teleporters also add to the level in a good way that I can't quite describe. #50 (Launch the Bacon): Probably the "blob level" that I'd want to see get in the final levelset.
  13. second list pit of 100 tiles Courage (40) Wormhole (79) Water Slide (90) bigoto7 Air Strike (43) BHLS Submissions Escalators (13) Sub-Terranean Claustrophobia (28) BowmanCCLP4 THE BLESSING AND THE MALEDICTION (19) ABLOCKALYPSE (20) Rock-Alpha Whirl Blast (63) Rock-Beta Blossom (25) Crescent Island (26) Boa Boa Boa (27) Under a Perfect Angle (28) 14% (32) Pulse (41) Quasar (46) Panic in a Bucket (48) Rock-Gamma House of Mirrors (6)
  14. why can't i update with a single tilde

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      why caan't i comment with a single tilde

  15. vanishing act bold time + 26 or socialist action bold time - 210
  16. i'll update this list later; i've only went through sets that i'm more familiar with so far (levelsets are in no particular order) Josh-CCLP4 What's Rightfully Mine (64) Divide by Zero (130) Skyland's Parkour (230) Toxic Ride (238) Chip56 DUST DEVILS (19) RIGHT OF WAY (25) FROG BASEBALL (44) JB-CCLP4 Productivity (36) Prehistoric Peril (45) Pyro Technique (60) Safari (64) TS_CCLP4 Bloody Tears (41) Rainbow Road (69)
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