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  1. Classic Port for iOS "Will's World" has gone ! HELP!

    Hey robrobey did u get it ?
  2. Classic Port for iOS "Will's World" has gone ! HELP!

    I'm keeping tries on make contact with game dev, if i have some news i'll post here.
  3. Classic Port for iOS "Will's World" has gone ! HELP!

    Hey Richard, thank you for your tip I'm trying to recover this game (it has been deleted from AppStore) because his customization, style and easy 3rd party level add on. I already own chuck challenge, but Will's world is the closest chips challenge experience I could get on iOS devices. Unfortunately I don't have an android device to enjoy Rommy's Gauntlet.
  4. Classic Port for iOS "Will's World" has gone ! HELP!

    Dos you make it, quiznos00? Someone could try?
  5. Classic Port for iOS "Will's World" has gone ! HELP!

    IF you're on iOS 8.x you will be able to extract the game (export it) via iFunbox, otherwise only jailbreaking. This is some about a historic game that's about to die and we going to save it, so jailbreaking is considerable due To it's rarity!
  6. Classic Port for iOS "Will's World" has gone ! HELP!

    Really better on PC but when you couldn't use a PC (outside your house, bank supermarket queue or something) and have only your smartphone to get distracted will's world is the way!
  7. Classic Port for iOS "Will's World" has gone ! HELP!

    no ones have a copy or maybe have this game installed that could export from iDevices to send me ? someone? :sad:
  8. Hello friends! The best chips challenge iPhone port game Will's World recently disappeared from all AppStores countries, people like me that used to have this game in their AppStore account, lost them due to a "mass deletion" from Apple (who knows why). I'm wondering if anyone here have the IPA file (game installation) (from iTunes Backup, or anyone that have jailbreak that could backup the game exporting it to IPA with some tool like iFunbox, iMazing, iBackupBot or similar) and make it available to us that wanting this back to our iOS's devices. I have updated my iPhone recently from scratch and i lost this game and now the surprise! the download isn't available anymore. I've been looking for this game everywhere on the internet and there is nothing about it. I tried search for developer contact on website (www.stadiagames.com) but there is no email address, no contact form, nothing! ON google, just the nickname "stadiajack" and nothing more. The only information that i've gathered is via WHOIS on website that lead me to an email but i can't get response on it. I really love Chips Challenge, this game delivered me hours of fun, Apples deletion attitude isn't fair to the game developer and we players. If anyone could help us to get this game again, it will be very helpful ! Thank You all.