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  1. But now the teleporter at (10, 6) is no longer a death trap if you enter it from the left!
  2. Here's my proposed revision of the level on Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/v5l99huoj7xjkmb/Supercollab.dat I changed several tiles, and even moved the recessed wall maze a space south, so that the MS "push a block even though there's a thin wall" trick can't be used to open the bottom red lock and then the top. If this seems fair, I'll officially upload it to CCZone.
  3. Okay, I watched the MS TWS. Say no more. Would a Panel - N at (24, 11) fix this bust? I think so.
  4. Please illustrate with a video why the second red key is redundant. As far as I can tell, the first red key, at (27, 1), has to be used on (20, 7). If it's used to get the blue key, you won't be able to get the exit because you still need all of the chips. Are you mistaking the block cloner on (17, 12) for a block that can be pushed north to get to the exit? It might be more elegant to replace the blue key and blue lock with a chip and a chip socket, though, now that you bring this up.
  5. http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/files/file/187-the-supercollab-level-110/ Done.
  6. 35 downloads

    10th addition to the level. The red lock at (24, 10) just beckoned for me to give it a use, so I created an ending. As such, future collaborators should be aware that they are now inserting things into the level rather than appending them to the end. I think it should be fairly easy to do so, however; the teleporter at (2, 15) can be moved to a wide range of places and still work, so long as it is entered from above and blocked from the other directions. Perhaps you have ideas for obstacles that Chip can encounter after stepping left off of (3, 14) instead of just warping straight to the section that I created?
  7. I'm here, I'm here. What is the purpose of the fireballs and ball in the upper-left room? When playing the level prior to opening it in the editor, that room seemed strangely devoid of any puzzle due to the suction boots. Is this a bust, or a red herring, or what?
  8. I'd love to have one of those someday. *drools* Oh, a girlfriend would be nice, too. But having a mind would be oh so awesome. . .
  9. If we can post pictures of non-humanoid cats, then I'm posting this one. (Zoroark is still my fav, though.)
  10. There were jokes about Mike Dawson being attracted to every female character in Darkseed 2, including the one who appears on the cover of the game's predecessor.
  11. Hey, Zoroark is hawt. It is one of the greatest additions to the Pokémon franchise. 7 more pictures, and you could put them in a 9x9 grid and call it Sudol-ku.
  12. In that case, I call dibs on being the one who upgrades 1.10 to 1.11. That should give everyone else time to figure out what they want to do without me seeming selfish.
  13. Ehhh, if the breasts are so huge that they scream "I GOT PLASTIC SURGERY BECAUSE I WANT TO IMPRESS MEN!", then they kinda turn me off for some reason. That, and the thought of her having back pain from her breasts constantly being heavy. http://fav.me/d3axtnh This is approximately the perfect chest size for me.
  14. ^ I'm also madly fond of Ninetales, Mightyena, and Manectric, but none of them are humanoid enough to remotely qualify as attractive "people". I did find this anthro Mightyena artwork on dA, though: http://fav.me/d2x7pb0 A lot of the artwork I found was too buxom for my tastes.
  15. It's more of an attractive humanoid than an attractive person. . .
  16. You win at math! I don't!
  17. But the only way to hear the sound of the red button being hit is if you place all of the blocks correctly and then hit the green button (that is, to execute the correct solution). Unless. . . I might leave that "bust" in; anything that makes the level easier than trying 5,544 possibilities (aside from finding the intended hint in a previous level) will be left in to ease frustration. Edit:
  18. Same message here in Texas, except with WMG in the mix as well. Still, my point stands. It took a random Canadian about 40 minutes to beat 49+ levels of Karoshi 2.0 in what is rather evidently a blind playthrough, and I beat Super Karoshi in a single sitting the first time I played it. If Karoshi.ccl doesn't have the same kind of difficulty curve as other Chip's Challenge level sets, it's partly because I was emulating Karoshi's length, and partly because I wanted to get it released in time for April 1.
  19. Karoshi tends to have very short and to-the-point levels, compared to the length of Chip's Challenge levels. raocow played the entirety of Karoshi 2.0 in about 40 minutes, whereas I've seen videos of BigOto2 grapple with a single Chip's Challenge level (specifically Blocks, Bombs, and Bugs) for over 17 minutes (and that's the edited version of the video!). I tried to emulate the length of Karoshi's levels, while also coming up with a variety of ways to die to make things interesting. If I decide to make longer levels, in the vain of "Suicidal Tendencies", it would have to be a completely different level set. I don't see how to. . . OH. Well I feel silly. #15 has a point to it. #16 exists because I figured I should make a level parodying one where you die a lot anyway. The next version of the levelset will have the hint text changed to this Darkseed reference: "This Bloblake is strangely empty and unoccupied." I think the reverse is true, actually. In any event, the updated version will add this hint to level 19:
  20. Technically, it's not even necessary to add the rest of the numbers to the puzzle, although it may help in giving a sense of progress as the grid fills. It is certainly permissible to just write in numbers without marking the boundaries, because the boundaries are trivially implied to be between pairs of distinct numbers, but boundaries make it visually clear which regions are done. I will accept a solution as correct if it contains the correct numbers, or the correct boundaries. In the example puzzle, the domino in the bottom-left corner is an example of a polyomino which includes none of the original givens. As you can see, I have numbered it, so the answer to your original question is "yes".
  21. I don't want to spoil myself out of too many surprises, so I haven't read the entire thread here, but levels 2 and 5 are pretty cute and CC-like.
  22. Oh, yeah. Now that a freaking brony has replied, everything is official!
  23. I want to join, so I'd like to know the rules, too.
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