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  1. I started creating some maps for CC1 and I started understanding more things about this game but I have other questions.. Will everybody still play CC1 and not CC2? CC2 has more things.. and I think it can be a lot of fun too. Can somebody explain me why everybody still play only CC1? What about Chuck's challenge 3d? It's new but nobody play it too.. It sounds strange to me
  2. Ty very much for the help! I started playing this game and it's a lot of fun! I have two more questions.. what are the difference between MS and lynx? lynx seem more modern but everybody I saw they play MS (i think). Can I make my own level? there is like a level editor?
  3. Hello everybody I'm new, I hope this is the right place to write. I saw a video on youtube of this game ( ) and I have no idea how can i start playing it. Is it free? I have to buy it? i saw that there is a CC1 and CC2 on steam but they don't seem like this of the video. Thank you very much for the help
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