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  1. Sounds good, at first, but then I think people would get annoyed by it the same way they get annoyed by random force floors. Plus, Vladimir would need two bottles of Vodka, and Chip would get drunk enough just by drinking a non-alcoholic beer (with still a low percentage), a normal beer would be too much for him. 0% alcohol beer would also work if it gives him a placebo effect. Maybe collecting more than two bottles of Vodka or more than one beer would bring death to the corresponding character. Why do monsters that float in the air (Glider, Fireball, as far as I know) also slide on Ice and are affected by force floors?
  2. I'm guessing they'd still take a thousand years. If each man screws in a lightbulb and takes a thousand years to do so, and there are still the same amount of men as there are lightbulbs, I don't get how all of the sudden they can do it faster, in 100 years (unless they get better with practice, which could be the case). But this would only be possible in the distant future, where human life longetivity would theoretically reach approximately 1000 years, but even more than 1000 because first you'd have to wait for them to become men, and that time changing the bulbs wouldn't include their food and poo breaks. And even more, if the 100 men are 100 of the previous men, let's just say around 2220 years minimum: 1000 years to screw in bulbs the first time, 1000 years to screw in bulbs the second time, and around 200 years worth of food and poo breaks (this right here is just a wild guess), plus 20 because they're men, not boys. So life expectancy would have to round to about 2220 or more if they get to retire after screwing in the bulbs (after all, the poor fellas deserve it). And if we include sleep/rest time, we spend about a third of our life sleeping, so that would add about 333 years, so it would add up to 2553+ years of life expectancy. What was I talking about again? Oh, yeah. They'd still take 1000 years to do it which, according to an online time converter, is 525,949,200 minutes. What do you wish there was a Chip's Challenge tileset of?
  3. I think they would make good pets if they actually had more complex brains. But the way I see them, they have brains just enough to see, breathe, stand, walk, chase, and eat (and reproduce if they have that ability, if not, then maybe cloning is the only form of teeth reproduction). But since teeth brain complexity is mainly subjective, you decide for yourself. BTW: I just realized how ridiculous the phrase "teeth brain complexity" sounds if one were to use it in front of someone who doesn't know what Chip's Challenge is. 🤣 I know it's hard to keep an open heart, when even friends seem out to harm you. But if you could heal a broken heart, wouldn't time be out to charm you?
  4. Okay, then maybe I just haven't come across any level with an identical walll layout as another, yet, or wasn't paying enough attention. And as such, I assumed it's something people shy away from (except with official sets). Thanks for the info.
  5. I know y'all are busy, you can respond whenever you get the chance, but I would like to ask the community something because there seems to be no written rules about it. Okay, is it okay to make your own "walls of" level of a random user-created level? I understand plagiarism is a concern, but I think that it could work given the right circumstances. Like making the level objective, concept, or contents totally different from the level you got the wall layout from. Also, no more than one level from a set or creator, or no levelsets made mostly of random "walls of" levels (of course, official sets are an exception). I don't plan on making a level of this type, but I have been tempted to do one or two just as an experiment to see if I were capable of leaving in just the walls and turn it into something totally different, and just as fun, but I was like "maybe it's not something that's going to be well recieved". So what does everyone else think?
  6. Ya know, I was giving my own question some thought last night, and came up with an answer of my own: a- even though they were asked to calmly discuss a topic, after about ten minutes, they drive each other crazy, lose it, and break into a fight. b- they become aware of each other's speach patterns, they don't understand each other at first, but realize they fill in each other's cracks, so they become great friends (assuming both of them are men, as i did call them "guys" in my question, if they were gay, they'd possibly even fall in love and get married). Anyways, as great friends, they'd go everywhere together and make a combined effort to engage in conversation with other people. The one guy would start talking and the other guy would finish off what they both were trying to say. After a lot of time together (8 years or so?), maybe they'd know each other so much, they'd be able to perfectly start and finish their sentences between the two. To answer your question, it depends. What would get hotter? The outlet, or the fork itself? How about both? Anyways, like it or not, bread contains water, so if you stab a piece of bread in the outlet, you'd indeed get your toast, but you'd get electricuted yourself. If the fork gets hot, just use the fork to toast your bread instead, and put it in the outlet each time you need to heat it up. Chip is a nerd. Why isn't there a "bully" monster yet?
  7. My name is Hash1, my quest is to collect as many keys as possible, maybe one day I'll find the key to her heart. My favorite color I can't tell. It's a tie between green, blue, and gray. What if we conduct an experiment? Put two specific individuals in the same room: a guy who makes a lot of sense at first, but the more he talks, the less sense he makes; and a guy who starts talking, makes no sense at first, but starts making sense the more he explains himself. Ask them to calmly discuss a topic. What do you think would happen?
  8. He can only see in one direction at a time, this is partially due to his squared eyes, only 4 - 9 tiles in a direction, and never diagonally. He can't directly see what's around him all the time, but his Chipey senses keep going off, which project in his head a mental image of what is around him (very useful senses, and very nice of them to always be availible). In fact, when playing through puzzles, he has his eyes closed most of the time, as they're not very reliable. What the player sees when playing Chip's Challenge, is essentially a representation of what Chip can see through his mind via his Chipey senses. The player's moves are a representation of Chip's response to what he sees through his mind. He keeps looking at the player because he can actually see you looking at him, and he keeps wondering what kind of world he's in, where a giant person keeps staring at him through a rectangular opening in the roof, and imitating his movements by pressing the directional keys. Chip keeps thinking this giant is just obsessed with him, but anyways, why is that giant there? What gives it access to the other side of the clubhouse's roof? Does Melinda know about this? Is she ok with it? (These are Chip's questions, not mine). How does Chip erase a tile of dirt, way bigger than his feet, slightly before he steps on it, in less than a milisecond? Why doesn't his shoes end up collecting so much dirt, enough to create a dirt path wherever he goes when he's done stepping on dirt? Does dirt on his shoes ruin complex electric things he steps on (like force floors, teleports, or the exit)?
  9. CC2 actually had a "Thanks to..." type level of its own, but they removed it last minute before release because they were like: "Hey, it's 2015, people might cry about the difficulty of this level". (Not that it was a hard level to begin with). Can a blob take up a different shape, for example, a blob-sized chopper bike, and start driving away at a faster speed? (Kinda like how clippit can turn into a bicycle and pedal away when he doesn't know the answer to your questions). Bonus question: if the answer to my last question is yes, can a turn into a green version of clippit and ask you if you need help with the level?
  10. Because they can't make up their mind if they want it to take place in 1989, or in present day. Well, at least they have good taste, and cook with olive oil, instead of some other cooking oil. Does it hurt the turtles to be stepped on? Would animal control one day go to the clubhouse and free all the turtles, making some water levels unplayable?
  11. Because it used to be a mansion when they bought it. The old man who sold it even told them "just don't turn it into some geeky computer base or something like that". But of course, they bought it with their money, so they could turn it into whatever they wanted. That old man is dead today, anyways. How come Chip can't stop sliding on ice? Just because it's ice, doesn't mean you won't slow down and come to a stop eventually, right?
  12. The bandits are ex bit busters who used to work in the underground of the clubhouse, that is, under the floor of the levels (scary place, by the way: it's dark, there are dripping pipes, and occasional rats). So they have perfect knowledge of the underground and above ground layout of the levels. Once they stopped working for the bit busters, they put their knowledge to use and started robbing those who would play the levels. They're not stuck to the floor, they take out the floor tile, from underneath, where they would like their head to peek from, and put the floor tile behind their head. They steal boots by biting the boots so hard, that the next time Chip lifts his feet, the boots stay in place, and Chip's feet get out of the boots, and he just goes along without 'em. The keys are stolen like this: the bandits' glasses have built in magnets that are so strong, the keys end up tearing through Chip's pockets, and falling onto those magnets. And yes, it sometimes hurts, but if the bandits get drunk enough, they can be stepped on without feeling much pain. There are hundreds of bit busters. How come we've only played as Chip and Melinda yet?
  13. Out of all the buttons and their functions, though, the green button is probably one of the most useful for domestic use, though. Imagine having a big room for yourself in your house. You have no extra rooms, so when guests come, you press a button, and within less of a second, you activate a wall that separates the big room into two. Now your guests have their own space to put their air mattress and sleep that night. When the guests are gone, press the button again, and get your big room back. Or you can use the toggle walls to have a secret storage of whatever you want to have a stash of, just keep the button hidden. Also, you can use toggle walls instead of doors. The only drawback of this, though, is that all the walls open and close at the same time. You can always replace some of the walls with pink toggle walls, though. Also, make sure to not be on the walls while someone else activates them, because, if they reach the ceiling, there's a crushing hazard. To answer the last question asked, it depends on how much chips are left. I'll go with 2. Do you think the clubhouse has a ceiling? How high do you think the ceiling is?
  14. Chip is a talkative introvert and has the sense of humor of a slightly drunk college kid, except he swears less, and has a bit less knowledge of dirty jokes. Also, he adds biology, math, physics, chemistry, and IT references to his jokes. If Chip met Chuck, he'd probably call him a falling stracciatella ice cream scoop, two seconds away from dramatically impacting on the hot concrete floor. Why doesn't the green button (in MS) make the button sound effect, while the other buttons do?
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