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  2. Re: CC Zone board has been upgraded

    Most of the images in the download section for levelsets don't show when you browse the categories
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  6. Just for the sake of correctness: I think you are counting some of my levels twice and some older levels, since Mind Games does not consist entirely of new levels, and forgetting about Joshua Bone (CC2 Worlds and a bunch of new levels in Walls of Chip's Challenge) as well as some levels from geodave, so the numbers are probably slightly different. Nanamin's Challenge is actually is just outside of the arbitrary time frame, but would change the numbers quite a bit again. But the important part is not really how many levels exactly where made, just it's not like no one makes any cc2 content
  7. At least not on cczone In the last 6 month there were more new levels by more different designers uploaded for cc2 than cc1...
  8. Hi, What I meant is if you look at the number of levels/sets uploaded on this site, and especially downloads, a lot of people when cc2 came out, made levels for it and played them, with cclp4, submission, voting and the set release this has shifted towards cc1 levels nothing really more, nothing less than those facts - no need for those negative interpretations And of cause the same will be true for the next set being for cc2, it's for some people motivation to design and play cc2 levels, as is stated in several posts in this thread as well...
  9. Neither did I write anything like this nor did I imply it in any way. If you ask for my opinion, well, since the cc1 mechanics are just a subset of those in cc2, there is no reason to restrict anyone to those, if there are great cc1 levels out there, they probably made it into cclp4, or they were not that good. Some gems where probably overlooked or were to new for the set, but in those exceptions, they anyhow can easily be implemented for cc2 (yes, there are slight rule differences, so you can't just always put exactly the same tiles at the same places, but they exist between lynx, mscc, twlynx and twmscc as well, and everything can be implemented in cc2). So it's not like anyone has to miss a great level just because a cc2 set is planned. And as I mentioned, if there are that many levels made purely for cc1, at any point a new cclp for cc1 can be made as well - it's not like just because a cc2lp will be made, there will never be any cclps anymore. 200 levels for a cc2 set feels logical to me, since the original set consists of 200 levels. Everything else sounds arbitrary - but if there are good reasons for another number - I don't have any feeling towards any particular number, that was just what without thinking about it sounded evident, since there is probably no other reason for cc1 sets to have 149 levels other than the original set has 149
  10. CCLP4 just came out, so yes, currently a lot are playing cc1 levels again, yet as you can see above when CC2LP1 comes out, the same hype will be around cc2 hopefully, after that with CCLP5 cc1 again, then CC2LP2 and who knows what comes next Sounds like a plan and I love it when a plan comes together
  11. Mind Games

    Sounds perfect
  12. As can be seen in the cc2info download, there are 1274 level in the database, which does not include any ported sets, single levels not in sets by their authors which are available for download or any other sets from me other than mind games or any duplicates from anyone. The original levels and rejects are however included, over all this would mean there are currently slightly less than 1000 levels which could be in voting which were made for cc2 and currently public. There are several authors which I guess would submit levels before voting, even if their sets aren't completely finished and therefore not released at the moment, which means there most likely would be over 1k levels currently and probably some ports from levels for made for cc1. If you look at the average level quality for cc2 levels (and I played them all), it is actually really good, way higher than what I've seen in the voting packs for cclp4, which means it's right now no problem to assemble a community set consisting of 200 levels And generally it's better to put less levels in voting packs so that more people can vote on most of them than too many which leads to some sections are played by just a handful of people. To select 200 levels for a set there probably shouldn't be more than 600 levels - which would have to be preselected - in voting to keep it reasonable in this regard.
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    Ten brand-new levels for Chip's Challenge 2. For everyone to Enjoy!
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