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    This is the feedback thread for the level set 500 Any feedback or review would be appreciated.
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    The address, the activity overview seems to works without cookies for everyone
  5. All downloads in the download section on cczone currently seem to be affected by a script injection violating the same-origin policy! This means either the site is currently compromised by a virus or a serious bug in the client side code: The sanitized origin of the attack is s3.amazonaws.com. Edit: Since the whole site is running on amazon simple storage service via cloudfront it's most likely a bug in the sites code, not using the correct uri.
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    Most of the images in the download section for levelsets don't show when you browse the categories
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  13. Just for the sake of correctness: I think you are counting some of my levels twice and some older levels, since Mind Games does not consist entirely of new levels, and forgetting about Joshua Bone (CC2 Worlds and a bunch of new levels in Walls of Chip's Challenge) as well as some levels from geodave, so the numbers are probably slightly different. Nanamin's Challenge is actually is just outside of the arbitrary time frame, but would change the numbers quite a bit again. But the important part is not really how many levels exactly where made, just it's not like no one makes any cc2 content
  14. At least not on cczone In the last 6 month there were more new levels by more different designers uploaded for cc2 than cc1...
  15. Hi, What I meant is if you look at the number of levels/sets uploaded on this site, and especially downloads, a lot of people when cc2 came out, made levels for it and played them, with cclp4, submission, voting and the set release this has shifted towards cc1 levels nothing really more, nothing less than those facts - no need for those negative interpretations And of cause the same will be true for the next set being for cc2, it's for some people motivation to design and play cc2 levels, as is stated in several posts in this thread as well...