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  1. The level submission phase has now officially ended - 1406 unique levels were submitted - and we are one step closer to CC2LP1
  2. The final days for submissions have arrived. Make sure to submit levels for consideration in CC2LP1 in time to give people a chance to enjoy your creations in voting and the final set Here the official submissions overview - the authors are taken from the levels, different writings yield different rows in the table, if no author or title is specified, the level is not counted in this list. If the number of levels listed doesn't match the number of valid levels, make sure you have working replays recorded for all your levels - the ultimate list will be assembled at the end of next week after all submissions are in.
  3. ɹnoɟ-ʎʇɥƃıǝ pǝɹpunɥ ǝuıu
  4. Since some further questions regarding submissions for cc2lp1 came up here some clarification: https://tylersontag.com/cc2lp1/index.php/s/nMBm8g7Zd3NKZ53
  5. extern crate gtk; use gtk::prelude::*; use gtk::{Label, Window, WindowType}; fn main() { if gtk::init().is_err() { println!("Failed to initialize GTK.");} else { let window = Window::new(WindowType::Toplevel); window.set_title("Count to 1,000"); window.set_default_size(200, 76); let label = Label::new("975"); window.add(&label); window.show_all(); window.connect_delete_event(|_, _| { gtk::main_quit(); Inhibit(false)});} gtk::main();}
  6. use std::io::{self, Write}; fn main() -> std::io::Result<()>{ let stdout = io::stdout(); let x: u64 = 973; let mut str = x.to_string(); str.push('\n'); stdout.lock().write(str.as_ref())?; Ok(())}
  7. Recording time probably isn't the culprit, just tested it with a roughly 10 minute solution (mainly randomly moving around for quite a while several times and standing next to the exit in between before finishing) and everything worked fine I never had problems as described by you recording any solutions, so not quite sure what could be responsible...
  8. Sorry to cause confusion already Yet I'm pretty sure there are just 122 levels in Mind Games ++ (or my program to extract them doesn't work properly ) even though there probably are zombie c2m files in the folders and the Relaxation Vault in Test Subject Chip and Melinda is just a gimmick together with the c2g script, which means as well here can just be found 4 instead of 5 levels... To avoid those problems I uploaded the 138 levels now including as well 4 new ones here on cczone in a proper way to be easier to work with:
  9. Version 0.145


    plain c2m files - not a set
  10. 12310_⁵⁄₁ = 210110001120101_³⁄₂ = 30997_¹²⁄₃ = 450339_¹¹⁄₄
  11. Most of the time, Haskell, but pretty much everything will do GHCi: > 2^163 11692013098647223345629478661730264157247460343808 tclsh: % expr {2**163} 11692013098647223345629478661730264157247460343808 bc: 2^163 11692013098647223345629478661730264157247460343808 C: #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <gmp.h> int main(int argc, char **argv){ if(argc!=2){ fprintf(stderr, "%s int\n", argv[0]); return EXIT_FAILURE;} unsigned long int e = strtoul(argv[1], NULL, 10); mpz_t r; mpz_init(r); mpz_ui_pow_ui(r,2ul,e); gmp_printf("%Zd\n",r); return EXIT_SUCCESS;} ./prog 163 11692013098647223345629478661730264157247460343808
  12. 2707685248164858261307045101702230179137145581421695874189921465443966120903931272499975005961073806735733604454495675614232576 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 463168356949264781694283940034751631413079938662562256157830336031652518559744
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