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  1. Ugh, I'm super slow with my feedback, sorry . Here's what I thought of some of the new levels: 27 RESTRICIONS As I said before, really cool level where it first seems like you're being nice to the player but then that last sokoban comes . In my opinions this is one of the best levels in the set. 28 BOUNCY BALLS Cool little level. A nice easier level to break up the tension. 31 24 I think this level is hilarious, mainly because I'm imagining Chip with a Jack Bauer-like stare and some corny action-music in the background. 33 9 ROOMS Not the most exciting level, but it has some tricky spots and some interesting thoughtwork required. 34 14 TILES One of my favorites of the new ones, straightforward and pretty easy in theory but still a bit tricky to pull off. Really neat level. 35 CLEMENTIA To be honest, I sighed a bit when I first saw the level, but given that it wasn't that hard I liked it enough. As usual, great work
  2. Nice with a new update! I'm downloading it now
  3. I haven't gotten far on the set, but I gotta say, I really like the opening puzzle to Task at Hand
  4. Added 5 new levels. Also fixed a bust in Hamster Wheel (thanks _H_!) and tried to make Something's Afoot easier to figure out.
  5. Thanks again _H_! It's very much appreciated (I really need to get on that Hamster Wheel bust, it's just more fun making new levels ) 15 CAKE EATER Both very valid points. Before I had speed bumps in the level you could use if you wanted, maybe I should put them back. 16 LAUNDRY DAY I'm glad you stuck with it . 19 SOMETHING'S AFOOT I really like the theme of this level and I want the player to find out how to solve it without looking in the editor, but it's a very fine balance to thread... I want this level to feel a bit "unbeatable" so that the player will do the things that exposes the trick. But I guess the hint wasn't of any help at all? 21 THE MELINDA SEQUENCE It's too bad it feels that way. I was hoping that the fact that you can see all the rooms from the beginning would make it feel less like that, but the location of the flippers and the secret eye isn't visible. Think I'm gonna move them out so that they're also visible, I hope that will mitigate the trial-and-error feeling a bit. Thanks on all the rest!
  6. Updated the set with 5 new levels, some more experimental in nature.
  7. Thanks for the heads-up and thorough explanation As another programmer, I can't count how many times I've told myself this . I'm running the debug build, maybe it's fixed in the public build .
  8. I thought I'd ask another question here: Has anyone else had problems with recording replays where the recorded player acts as if the dimensions of the level is smaller than they really are? In my playthrough I walk 10 paces, but in the replay the character walks 7, and after that performing the rest of it's actions like it had reached it's destination. It happens every time I record the replay for the level. What separates this level from the other ones I've done so far and been able to record replays for is that it's pretty wide; I think it stretches to 85 tiles horizontally and about 13 tiles vertically. But I'm not sure if that is the problem. The problem in my case occurs during a long walk on a force floor track, which again, may not be the source.
  9. I think it's the fact that the first hint has 'either' in it I naturally assumed that the suggestions separated with commas was the multiple options the 'either' referred to, as in: Either step on switches 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,10,11,12,13... or step on switches 1,3,5,7,9,11,13 or step on switches 1,4,7,10,13 etc. or think about it If that is the case, I would word it something like "Either use every switch, every other switch or every third switch etc." and start the second hint with something akin to "Otherwise you can just think about it..." in order to properly separate the two hints. Otherwise, if the hints are supposed to be connected and the two options are: Either step on switches 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,10,11,12,13... and then step on switches 1,3,5,7,9,11,13 and then step on switches 1,4,7,10,13 etc. or think about it I would move the 'or' to the first hint or end it with a semicolon so you know for sure that both hints are part of the same sentence and that the 'either' refers to the second hint. Oh, and to clarify: I don't think MOROS' CAMPAIGN is mean, it's just tricky and a bit difficult to see how the wires go, as in the room to the right of the exit (is the title an anagram by the way?).
  10. I always delete the save.c2h and save.c2s files before uploading. For me that usually does the trick (with the cost of removing the save games).
  11. I've played through version number 1.3.0 (and some levels I missed before), here's my feedback: 15 RIVER I really like these levels as companion pieces to the longer levels: levels with not many variables to solve the puzzle, but is tricky nevertheless. I solved it in another way than the replay; . Really fun level. 17 MORE TANKS After reading what you had to say I got how it was supposed to work. It's a very interesting and cool concept, but I personally was pretty satisfied with tank-controlling hijinks after the first Tanks. It's a different kind of puzzle where you have to get into another mind frame, so I think others may enjoy this more than me. 20 MOROS' CAMPAIGN This is a very carefully sculpted level, and it shows. One of the levels I was drawn into early on, it has a very nice layout. I was clueless at first however where to go, after some playing I managed to get all the chips except for the two at the end of the flamethrower path (I tried to solve that part multiple times but I'm pretty stuck there). As far as I've come this is probably my favorite of the new levels, however there is some things I think could be better: there is a lot of wires on this level that go pretty far - it's hard to see what they are doing and how to adjust your strategy after them. Also it's a lot of options available for you and no real direction available; it both contributes to the flavor of the level while also making it hard to formulate a plan of attack. From what I've played so far however I think it's one of your better levels with a fresh design. 21 SIMPLE FIERY MAZE Very literal title . Straight forward level but kinda generic. The addition of the block you could move and the fire boots was nice though. 22 SET AND RESET Naturally when seeing all those wires I was a bit taken back. Once I started experimenting with the level it was less complicated than I thought. The solitary focus of the level made the concept go down easily. A smart and fun to play level. 23 BUILDING A BRIDGE Short and sweet sandbox-y level, neither too hard nor too easy. I liked it. 24 ALL THAT YELLOW I like how some components seems haphazardly placed but are really integral to the level. Fun level, very neatly designed and compact. 25 OH NO! MORE PUSHING This level. Woah. I think I can pull off the opening glider guiding and red key sokoban while sleeping due to the many times I've repeated it. I had a very difficult time with the yellow key sokoban, so personally this level was really hard for me. The fact that there was more sections after that made me a bit fatigued, thankfully they are much easier than the yellow key sokoban. The solution for the fireball problem I used seemed a bit off, and looking at your solution it was not the same as yours . This level was very hard for me, but in a good way. As a bonus it was also nice to look at. 26 100 SWITCHES I did not understand the first hint, the grammar feels a bit off. I messed around on this a bit without any help from the hints, but without any idea of the logic behind it it was just guesswork (which I'm guessing it's not). I think a better worded hint is needed here. RESTRICTIONS is really cool too btw, I actually had the same idea myself. Embarassingly enough I'm stuck on the last puzzle, but I think I can write that off to my brain being cooked after level number 25 . As always, your levels are hard, neatly designed, usually with a constricted space to work in. I find myself spending a lot of time with most of them in order to solve them, I almost always know what I'm supposed to do (which is awesome), just not how to execute it properly. My biggest (and highly subjective, so take it as you will) gripe as before is the generic naming of the levels; I think it's fine with having literal titles for levels, but when almost every level has a plain as day title I become less excited about playing them. And I think a lot of your levels are great and deserve a good presentation. But I'm superficial like that
  12. Part two of my review 13 GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY Haven't beaten it yet, but it's a really clever level. 14 TELEBLAST This level is really cool! I just wish I could wrap my head around how to beat it, I'm pretty stuck as is. Looking forward to when I get further on it 15 FORCE ANXIETY I had a really hard time on this level at first. I came back some time later and won it in my first try. It's a decent level, not one of my favorites though, but it earns it's spot. 16 CAREENING This was one of the most fun levels in my opinion. I played through it twice, the second time to get the bonus. Really good twist on Cellblocked, which was a level I really didn't like back then. 17 DEADLY SMILE At first I had a really hard time with this level, and I somehow didn't understand the hint. After I got the hint the level still was pretty difficult to pull off due to the plethora of pink balls and the need to remain in motion at all times. However, eventually I got into the groove, and once I had figured out a suitable plan for execution it was actually quite fun. It's a very cool concept, which is what gave me such diligence 18 DUNGEON QUEST I really wanted to like this level, but it's too frustrating. This has the potential to become the Blobnet of the set, in my opinion. I have tried a lot of times but always screwed up, so I've pretty much given up on it. I think it could be fun if it were way less monsters. 19 ROVER SWAPPER Unfortunately the random behavior of the rover messed a bit with my enjoyability of the level. It's a cool concept as always, but with the tight time limit it feels a bit out of your hands how it's gonna go (I finished it with just 5 seconds left on the clock). The speed boots mitigates this to a certain extent, but it still wasn't one of my favorites. 20 MISBEHAVIOR I will get back to you about this one. It's really hard Is it a spoof on the Kool-Aid Man? (maybe that was super obvious) 21 INTERNET FREEZE This one took me several tries to beat, I always ended up with a few chips left when the time was up (the time limit was fine though, with a longer one it would probably be too easy). Very nice aesthetically and in my opinion a bit tricky. I liked this one. 22 EVER PASSING MOMENT It's a very cool 'dance' pattern you have designed but it's way too much to keep track of for me. Probably not gonna finish it. 23 REDEMPTION LEVEL Very cool mechanic, no question about it. A nice twist of Blobnet 24 AUTOMATIC MINING MACHINE It feels like I'm a broken record at this point, but... very cool mechanic! This one was really fun to play, originally I didn't know that your direction controlled what way the bowling balls went, so I was a bit frustrated at first. Once I got it, it became much more fun. It requires a lot of carefulness to get through however, which eventually puts you into a certain mindset. Really like this level. 25 CONSTANT COMPANION I actually had a really fun time with this one, the level is super-cute. It's very straight-forward but also fun to execute. 26 PROCESS IMPROVEMENT At first I was flabbergasted at what to do in this level, it was a lot to take in. Once I got through that first part I had a good time with the level. I didn't comprehend the switch problem around the bug, so I solved it by just randomly hammering the switches . Another of those levels where you've really taken the original level's layout and made something completely different with it. 27 DETECTIVE STORY This. My favorite level, no question. Awesome in how mystic it appears at first, how you will need to revert your conventional CC-solving thinking, in how it beautifully bastardizes Go With The Flow into creating a level that in some ways is the anti-thesis to it, great use of monsters. Very nice bonus which feels rewarding to get. I think it's fair, fun with a medium difficulty. It's a tricky level, but I like levels like that 28 FACES IN THE MIRROR Very cool level again, with a good difficulty, had it been harder I think it would have felt a bit annoying, but as it is it's a very satisfactory and cool-looking level to play through. Are there any plans to continue this levelset? I know you have some troubles getting access to CC2, which is a shame, but I'd really like to see more of this experiment (or just more levels from you in general). Your levels are extremely creative and unique. Even the levels I don't like I want to like because of the handiwork .
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