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  1. Will this project have a dedicated Discord server? Adding a channel in CCZone Discord might work better though.
  2. what ... I can't believe another solution exists. Interestingly, it's even more tricky to pull off than the intended solution, but still requires the same bug-jamming (therefore the same required problem solving). I'd say it's the best kind of level bust. Nice work OOT: I still can't get CC2 so maybe this will be my last custom levelset. But I still occasionally check the Discord server and have another project in progress with fellow member. Hopefully I can show y'all another challenge to solve.
  3. Solution to Carousel. Spoilers, obviously https://streamable.com/buz2e (wow, 4 years have passed)
  4. Did the rigged votes make it into the final score?
  5. GAP_CCLP4 finally updated after procrastinating for months. I might be missing something, though. Fixed compatibility problem: #3 Fixed busted levels: #6 #9 #10 Slight positioning to make the map symmetrical (gameplay unaffected): #14 Slight adjustment to mimic its sequel (gameplay unaffected): #1 Level title changed (gameplay unaffected by dosh): #5
  6. To the tester who found bust on my levels; can you explain in more detail how do you do this "time toggle button presses" in Step Aside Further (GAP_CCLP4 #10), because I can't seem to figure it out to understand what needs to be fixed?
  7. For CCLP4 purpose, I have uploaded the levels that were edited to be both MS and Lynx compatible (most of my levels are for Lynx). If there's any error, maybe I overlooked them. At any rate, this should make things easier for the tester. http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/files/file/548-gap-cclp4/
  8. Version 1.1


    I made few things: - Step Aside - Fire Factory - Glacier Islands - Newbie Zone - Nailed It - Turning Tables - Floor Holes - Swift Motion - Black Planet - Step Aside Further - Protect Me as I Protect You - Taking Coins Out of A Bottle - The Living Corpse - Unlimited Generator - Hypercomplex Maze
  9. Slightly different from "Levels you want to see in CCLP4", this topic will discuss what are your hopes for the special levels in CCLP4. By special levels, I mean something like level 34 (Cypher levels), level 131 (sudden exceptional levels like Totally Unfair, Time Bomb, Mental Blocks), level 144 (the first endgame; The Ancient Temple, Fireflies, Wormwood, YCTaOFNT), level 147 (notable for it's challenging difficulty), the final level, or even the first level. Sequel levels are interesting too. What sequel do you want to see in CCLP4? A successor of Warehouse levels? An analog of blue levels like Trust Me, Trapped, and Magic Trick? A new Marooned level? But I guess we all know there won't be a ridiculous On the Rocks II or YCTaOFNT II because everyone will just ragequit when they see it. Level 34: instead of letters, maybe it will be a morse code? Level 144: I still can't think what level can surpass YCTaOFNT in terms of it's complexity and crazy solution. Level 131: maybe Bam Thwok from TS2. This might be a self-promotion, but I was hoping my Hypercomplex Maze would made it to complement Double Maze and Triple Maze. But more than any of those, I really expect the final level to be something more than just the final challenge; it has to make the player felt like accomplishing a full circle (Mr. McCallahan Presents did a really good job on this). And it shouldn't be very hard too. Hopefully a customized script to create something awesome like teeth camera can be executed as well. Also, let's hope for YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAP just because why not.
  10. I like the pattern in #28, it was fun indeed. #96 could have been done better--I don't think the blocks were useful, instead I accidentally blocked the blob and cooked the level. I should have been more patient I would like levels with lots of chambers with chips and monsters in it (like #77) to be not needing all the chips. I actually played #41 before, and yeah, I remember busted that one. But forgot to include it in #135 was hard at the beginning. It took many times to figure which path should be cleared first. And after I did, I died again. Fix this part and then it would be great Well, some of the level are pretty hard to execute. But that's our tendency as level designer: "Try to beat this one!" *gives as many clever hard challenges as possible* And later we realize that the fun factor is much more important. Which is why CCLP1 is awesome.
  11. I promised to give a review to this set. Sorry for waiting too long IHNN There are 149 levels in here. What I like from this set that it has some pretty good-looking ones! The puzzles can be simple or hard to tackle depending to the size. I haven’t played all of them, so recommend me if you want to hear my opinion about the other levels that I should play. Here are some notable ones: <><><><><> #17 Another Simple Puzzle: reminds me of From the Inside Out by Ben Hornlitz, except smaller and far easier to solve. Regardless, due to my suckness, I still fail on the first attempt. #25 Let’s play a game: I didn’t see that one coming! I didn’t notice the letters cleverly formed one by one until I read the hint in the end. My favorite! #45 Potpourri II: Fun, but needs lucky timing (at the glider mechanism). I was lucky enough to finish it with 2 seconds left. #49 Pixel Art: Nice art and teleport use. #87 Mined Boundary: Unsolvable in Lynx. Instant kill by the fireball. #104 Imprisoned: Busted in 3 seconds #118 Flow of Force: I managed to use only 3 out of 4 pop-up walls. Another good piece. #136 Togglequest: If it weren’t for the amount of strict monster dodging, I will give this 5/5 at CCLP4 submission lol. <><><><><> My concern is that some of the levels are too big while it can be resized by removing obstacles that were already used. Levels like “Slightly Less Painful” is an example--screws at the end of levels like this lowers the enjoyment. You have to start all over again. Other than that, is fine. I can see some of them going to make it into CCLP4 J
  12. Download it by clicking here! --> GAP1 I can walk through blocks! I find lynx ruleset awesome. So I decided to create 100 levels set with lynx as the main ruleset. It doesn't require block slapping, key erasing, or block pulling all the time. There will be some MS-Lynx compatible ones as well. For the difficulty, it will range from simple tutorial levels to veteran-only. Although, that's what I plan to do. 100-levels set target is a lot difficult for me because my name isn't Josh (at this rate the set probably will be done after the end of all time). So yeah, hence why I released 30 levels first. Hypercomplex Maze isn't included, don't worry I might add more 10 levels for this set in the future. But that depends on the situation (I'm going to be a college student guys, wish me luck ). I suggest to not peek in the editor. I have replaced the password with AAAA, BBBB, CCCC, and so on (though I'm sure you don't care anyway lol) Feedbacks are highly appreciated! <3
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