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  1. Fabulous. Both builds are up and running now, perfectly. Thank you Madhav! All the best, -HG
  2. I figured that might be the case, so I do have the TWS file backed up. And thank you for the patch information. I'll see if I can't figure out how to add that to my build so I can at least continue on 1.3. No, I did not get the same error message, that change resolved at least that much. As for uic, I do have the full qt4-devel libraries as provided by one of my repos, but I still do not have that command, given that, I could just compile qt4 from source, then I should have all of it available. I'll give that a go later. I cannot do so now because the machine I'd really prefer to build on (the x64 machine) has no working internet connection for now. So, I'm having to side-load all the source-code of everything I want to build, haha. [EDIT]: I went searching through my libraries for qt4, and it turns out I do have uic, it just wasn't in-PATH. I'm changing that now, and we'll see if that solves the issue.[/EDIT] [EDIT2]: Having done that, I ran make again, and faced the same error but with moc. Same problem, same fix. The build now functions perfectly on my x86 machine (excepting the bugs everyone is familiar with). I will attempt to do the same on my x64 machine, but if there is a patch for it to handle tws files better, that'd be much appreciated.[/EDIT] By the way, thank you all for your help. I am very excited to be able to play on 2.0. Though, from what I hear, x64 builds of 2.0 on linux don't handle TWS files correctly anyway. Is there a patch for 2.0 that fixes it? All the best, -HG
  3. I am sorry to say that did not solve the problem. The compile still errored out. This time, it also reported that "uic: command not found." An error it did not post before. Do you feel as though that is the root problem? Unrelated question. I just compiled 1.3 on an x86_64 build of Fedora 16, and in trying to transfer all my progress, my tws files read as invalid. Is this because it's an x64 machine rather than an x86? And if so, is there any way to fix that? I really don't want to start over on my levels, but I would really rather play on the other computer. All the best, -HG
  4. Doesn't seem too bad. However, a native port would be much much better. It appears that someone is working on one actually. Though it is not exactly the same, it's fairly good. Only the first few levels are available, and I am not sure if it is expandable so that other people can put CCLP2/3 for instance on it. But it's still fairly promising. All the best, -HG
  5. Hey everyone! I've been playing the original levelset (cc-ms) for a while now on 1.3.0. It's been a great nostalgia trip and I've loved it. I recently (I know, I know; I'm out of the loop) heard that Tworld 2.0 had been released and instantly went to compile it. I originally had issues that g++ and qmake weren't installed (using not my primary machine right now), but that was easily fixed. However, now I run into an issue where the following error output is posted ending with make erroring out, so the build never finishes. ../generic/in.c: In function ‘const tablespec* keyboardhelp(int)’: ../generic/in.c:570:5: warning: deprecated conversion from string constant to ‘char*’ [-Wwrite-strings] Compiling _sdlsfx.c... cc -Wall -I. -DNDEBUG '-DROOTDIR="/usr/local/share/tworld"' -D__TWPLUSPLUS -I/usr/include/SDL -D_GNU_SOURCE=1 -D_REENTRANT -c -o _sdlsfx.o _sdlsfx.c Compiling oshwbind.cpp... g++ -Wall -I. -DNDEBUG '-DROOTDIR="/usr/local/share/tworld"' -D__TWPLUSPLUS -I/usr/include -I/usr/include/QtCore -I/usr/include/QtGui -I/usr/include/QtXml -c -o oshwbind.o oshwbind.cpp oshwbind.cpp: In function ‘void TW_DebugSurface(TW_Surface*, const char*)’: oshwbind.cpp:333:57: error: invalid conversion from ‘const Qt_Surface*’ to ‘Qt_Surface*’ [-fpermissive] make[1]: *** [oshwbind.o] Error 1 make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/Perichor/Downloads/tworld-2.0.0/oshw-qt' make: *** [liboshw-qt.a] Error 2 The second line, "warning: deprecated conversion..." is posted around 25 times without change. Having read a few threads about this, it would seem one of the fixes I need is to add -fpermissive to g++, but I am unfamiliar with how to do that. I am also unfamiliar with what to do to fix the other errors. Any and all help is appreciated! All the best, -HG
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