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  1. Other puzzle game recommendations

    You should be aware that most people don't have Flash in their browser anymore, and basically nobody will have it in just a couple of years. I suggest remaking any Flash games in something that is widely supported, preferably HTML5.
  2. "Native" MSCC on 64-bit Windows

    Easiest way to get the path right: look at where the file "otvdm.exe" ended up after you extracted everything. So, if "otvdm.exe" sits under "C:\WineVDM" for example, both lines should read like this exactly: "MappedExeName"="C:\\WineVDM\\otvdm.exe" Though I find it strange that you just say it doesn't work, instead of posting the error message (it's virtually guaranteed there is one). Please do so if you still have problems after this.
  3. "Native" MSCC on 64-bit Windows

    Download the binary from that post (the link is at the bottom). Make sure you don't accidentally get the source code instead somehow. Unpack the archive into a folder of your choice. There is no installer, so this is where it will run from. Copy-and-paste this exact path. Open the file "install.reg" with a text editor (right-click -> Edit usually works) and replace the two obvious spots with the path you just copied. The only tricky part is that all backslashes in the path have to be doubled (just like in the examples you're overwriting), or it won't work. Open "install.reg" normally. Make sure it tells you the data actually got imported into the registry. From now on, 16-bit programs such as CHIPS.EXE should "just work", assuming you already have all the files they originally came with. (You'll notice a command prompt opening in the background - this is normal. You can minimize it, but if you close it the 16-bit program will close too.) Enjoy MSCC!
  4. "Native" MSCC on 64-bit Windows

    I'm just not really sure how to simplify it even more than I already did in my previous post here. Which part are you having trouble with exactly?
  5. "Native" MSCC on 64-bit Windows

    You should have downloaded the binary build at the bottom of the linked post... it doesn't need any "setup" to run MSCC, or anything else for that matter. You can unpack it and use it as-is if you want. But the readme file tells you how to make it so that 16-bit executables just work by clicking on them like any other program. After you unpack it, you edit the "install.reg" file - there are two spots where you need to put the path you unpacked the files to, using double backslashes like the example. After that you simply run the edited .reg file to import the changes into the system registry.
  6. Other puzzle game recommendations

    The reason Chip's Challenge stands out to me personally compared to other games, as I'm sure is the case for many others as well, is the relative uniqueness of the engine, and of course the replay value. Unless it's specifically made to be a CC clone, you won't find anything quite like it, and even the same levels can be played and/or optimized over and over again. Of all the puzzle games I've ever come across, the only other one that fits the bill is Reflexion (and its sequel). It's so unique that its gameplay has been analyzed in a university paper! Just a shame that it doesn't even have an external data file to modify let alone an actual level editor... anyhow, here's a link to both versions: https://archive.org/search.php?query=creator%3A"Juho+Pohjonen" Feel free to share your own recommendations in this topic!
  7. I can't be the only one who's literally wanted 16-bit support in 64-bit Windows for years, so that the original Microsoft version of the game could be run without resorting to virtual machines or even more ridiculous solutions. After all this time, someone finally made one, and I can confirm it works for MSCC: https://virtuallyfun.com/wordpress/2018/07/15/winevdm/ Also, for the complete nostalgic experience, here's how to get the help file working on Windows 10: http://www.tonmann.com/2016/06/getting-winhlp32-work-on-windows-10/
  8. AndrewR1 feedback and discussion

    After another bust in Enduring was identified over Skype (how can such a simple level have so many busts!?), I had to update the set yet again. This time the older levels were not left unchanged, though: Reflecting has been changed to be more symmetric. I'm actually a bit surprised nobody pointed out the asymmetry to me, given the level title. The time limit in Misdirecting has also been increased to allow for more exploration, but the level is otherwise unchanged so solutions are unaffected.
  9. AndrewR1 feedback and discussion

    I found the timing in that section to be incredibly obvious though, and figured it out on the first try. Anyways, please take a look at the fixed version of the levelset I just put up, particularly Enduring.
  10. AndrewR1 feedback and discussion

    There is no lucky timing for the slide at all - you simply step off when given a certain indicator, so to speak. (It's worked every time I've tried it.) BTW you didn't answer my question about the flick bust - it's just the bottom ones, right? And would you mind solving it without using said bust, and telling me your score (and maybe some more thoughts)? I want to know you found the actual intended solution, and that there isn't yet another issue I've overlooked.
  11. AndrewR1 feedback and discussion

    And here I thought I'd rechecked that room more than enough times... sigh. (Should also have probably specified my "competition" was for a non-busted approach...) Anyways, I'll replace the south tiles with north ones at the bottom. Is that the only bust? BTW Misdirecting is not supposed to be solvable in Lynx. I did consider it, but making it Lynx-compatible seems to require surprisingly numerous and fundamental changes that would make it almost a different level. I assume Enduring is busted because of collisions? Can't see anything else that could be theoretically off about it...
  12. AndrewR1 feedback and discussion

    After many, many years, 3 previously "lost" levels have been found, as well as a "lost" introductory levelset which is now called AndrewR0. 2 of the levels are nothing to write home about really, although one of them is a sandbox-type level, which I continue to think there aren't enough of. But the level "Misdirecting"... I don't think I've ever spent this much time working on a single level design. The thing is, I had been sporadically working on it from around 2006 to 2008, during which time I released two slightly different versions of it. But it had always been the last level, and as such it was continuously a work-in-progress that was not necessarily solvable. When I tried out both versions after it had been lost for so many years, I realized both were indeed unsolvable. (In addition, during the period it was lost I remembered liking it so much that I tried to recreate it from memory several times. You may recognize the result of these efforts as Puzzling. Yeah...) It is now a finished product, and to be quite frank I consider it to be better than any other level I've ever made - my new magnum opus level, even surpassing Producing. So I am announcing a very simple "competition" - no prizes here or anything, but I really want whoever is the first person besides myself to actually solve Misdirecting to tell me their thoughts about it.
  13. Daily Member Appreciation Day

    Thanks for the sentiment, but the overall submission quality is so high that I think it would be extremely unlikely for even one level of mine to actually make it in. I could always be wrong, though...
  14. CCLP4: Voting and Community Nominations!

    Could someone please nominate Puzzling from my set? It's the only level that hasn't made it in so far that I would really like to see included in the voting, and it only needs one more nomination. (Okay, I'd also like Clearing to make it in, although that one needs two nominations. Don't underestimate replay value, folks!)
  15. AndrewR1 feedback and discussion

    Ihavenoname248, thanks for doing your own (albeit somewhat limited for the level portion) reviews. I'll try to get around to those later. Anyways, let's get this thing done! But there's only that single creature in the corridors... what purpose would gravel really serve here? Why do the rooms feel random (beyond the obvious, that is)? I feel I might be missing something here... Again, I'm just not sure what you mean. How would you change the level to make the teleport puzzles optional? I thought those are the core of the level, and the other two rooms are just fluff, albeit mildly interesting fluff... I know I said it's hard to pick absolute favourites out of these, but I think that these two levels would have to be at the top of any such list (in descending order). There's just so much here, so much to do, so much to explore... in this sense, it's really only surpassed in this set by the other level. Yeah, I noticed the lack of symmetry with the cloners too... I say "noticed" because it was pretty much accidental that it was set up that way, and I think it works especially well because neither cloner seems misplaced despite the asymmetry (by being identical instead of reversed). About the glider room: once again, I think you're the second player to say this (correct me if I'm wrong)... and while I do think it's somewhat tricky, I don't think it's that bad, especially what with being at the start of the level and all. The biggest difficulty I have with this room is its relative unpredictability in that a very tiny change in timing upon entry will almost certainly cause the gliders to move completely differently, but aside from that, if you know what you're doing it's not too hard at all. Yup, agreed on both counts. Not much more to say here! (Well, I do wonder what you think of the dirt mechanism at the end... is it a bit challenging for this level?) I pretty much created this level to have fun with it. I actually sometimes feel that CC1 really suffered for not having at least one simple sandbox-type level like this. It's just too bad it completely fails to work in pedantic mode (I think it's still possible to complete, actually, but most of the cloners don't function so it's not nearly as fun), and fixing that would seemingly require massive changes to the level. (If you think of a way to do this without that, let me know!) A fine unsolvable last level... it is indeed. I've actually thought of calculating how many moves (and then seconds) it would take to solve this as an interesting mathematical problem, but didn't actually get around to doing so just yet. Lynx, Microsoft, and pedantic, that is... and I don't think AndrewR2 is coming out any time soon. Anyways, your feedback is really appreciated and makes me feel a bit less like I wasted my time creating and fine-tuning this set for so many years. I've played through the entirety of CC2 (and CC2CC1, or whatever it's called). I didn't get a chance to really try out CCLP1 or even CCLP3 yet, though I have dabbled a bit in each. But this is really stuff for another topic, I think...