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  1. AndrewR1 feedback and discussion

    After another bust in Enduring was identified over Skype (how can such a simple level have so many busts!?), I had to update the set yet again. This time the older levels were not left unchanged, though: Reflecting has been changed to be more symmetric. I'm actually a bit surprised nobody pointed out the asymmetry to me, given the level title. The time limit in Misdirecting has also been increased to allow for more exploration, but the level is otherwise unchanged so solutions are unaffected.
  2. AndrewR1 feedback and discussion

    I found the timing in that section to be incredibly obvious though, and figured it out on the first try. Anyways, please take a look at the fixed version of the levelset I just put up, particularly Enduring.
  3. AndrewR1 feedback and discussion

    There is no lucky timing for the slide at all - you simply step off when given a certain indicator, so to speak. (It's worked every time I've tried it.) BTW you didn't answer my question about the flick bust - it's just the bottom ones, right? And would you mind solving it without using said bust, and telling me your score (and maybe some more thoughts)? I want to know you found the actual intended solution, and that there isn't yet another issue I've overlooked.
  4. AndrewR1 feedback and discussion

    And here I thought I'd rechecked that room more than enough times... sigh. (Should also have probably specified my "competition" was for a non-busted approach...) Anyways, I'll replace the south tiles with north ones at the bottom. Is that the only bust? BTW Misdirecting is not supposed to be solvable in Lynx. I did consider it, but making it Lynx-compatible seems to require surprisingly numerous and fundamental changes that would make it almost a different level. I assume Enduring is busted because of collisions? Can't see anything else that could be theoretically off about it...
  5. AndrewR1 feedback and discussion

    After many, many years, 3 previously "lost" levels have been found, as well as a "lost" introductory levelset which is now called AndrewR0. 2 of the levels are nothing to write home about really, although one of them is a sandbox-type level, which I continue to think there aren't enough of. But the level "Misdirecting"... I don't think I've ever spent this much time working on a single level design. The thing is, I had been sporadically working on it from around 2006 to 2008, during which time I released two slightly different versions of it. But it had always been the last level, and as such it was continuously a work-in-progress that was not necessarily solvable. When I tried out both versions after it had been lost for so many years, I realized both were indeed unsolvable. (In addition, during the period it was lost I remembered liking it so much that I tried to recreate it from memory several times. You may recognize the result of these efforts as Puzzling. Yeah...) It is now a finished product, and to be quite frank I consider it to be better than any other level I've ever made - my new magnum opus level, even surpassing Producing. So I am announcing a very simple "competition" - no prizes here or anything, but I really want whoever is the first person besides myself to actually solve Misdirecting to tell me their thoughts about it.
  6. Daily Member Appreciation Day

    Thanks for the sentiment, but the overall submission quality is so high that I think it would be extremely unlikely for even one level of mine to actually make it in. I could always be wrong, though...
  7. CCLP4: Voting and Community Nominations!

    Could someone please nominate Puzzling from my set? It's the only level that hasn't made it in so far that I would really like to see included in the voting, and it only needs one more nomination. (Okay, I'd also like Clearing to make it in, although that one needs two nominations. Don't underestimate replay value, folks!)
  8. AndrewR1 feedback and discussion

    Ihavenoname248, thanks for doing your own (albeit somewhat limited for the level portion) reviews. I'll try to get around to those later. Anyways, let's get this thing done! But there's only that single creature in the corridors... what purpose would gravel really serve here? Why do the rooms feel random (beyond the obvious, that is)? I feel I might be missing something here... Again, I'm just not sure what you mean. How would you change the level to make the teleport puzzles optional? I thought those are the core of the level, and the other two rooms are just fluff, albeit mildly interesting fluff... I know I said it's hard to pick absolute favourites out of these, but I think that these two levels would have to be at the top of any such list (in descending order). There's just so much here, so much to do, so much to explore... in this sense, it's really only surpassed in this set by the other level. Yeah, I noticed the lack of symmetry with the cloners too... I say "noticed" because it was pretty much accidental that it was set up that way, and I think it works especially well because neither cloner seems misplaced despite the asymmetry (by being identical instead of reversed). About the glider room: once again, I think you're the second player to say this (correct me if I'm wrong)... and while I do think it's somewhat tricky, I don't think it's that bad, especially what with being at the start of the level and all. The biggest difficulty I have with this room is its relative unpredictability in that a very tiny change in timing upon entry will almost certainly cause the gliders to move completely differently, but aside from that, if you know what you're doing it's not too hard at all. Yup, agreed on both counts. Not much more to say here! (Well, I do wonder what you think of the dirt mechanism at the end... is it a bit challenging for this level?) I pretty much created this level to have fun with it. I actually sometimes feel that CC1 really suffered for not having at least one simple sandbox-type level like this. It's just too bad it completely fails to work in pedantic mode (I think it's still possible to complete, actually, but most of the cloners don't function so it's not nearly as fun), and fixing that would seemingly require massive changes to the level. (If you think of a way to do this without that, let me know!) A fine unsolvable last level... it is indeed. I've actually thought of calculating how many moves (and then seconds) it would take to solve this as an interesting mathematical problem, but didn't actually get around to doing so just yet. Lynx, Microsoft, and pedantic, that is... and I don't think AndrewR2 is coming out any time soon. Anyways, your feedback is really appreciated and makes me feel a bit less like I wasted my time creating and fine-tuning this set for so many years. I've played through the entirety of CC2 (and CC2CC1, or whatever it's called). I didn't get a chance to really try out CCLP1 or even CCLP3 yet, though I have dabbled a bit in each. But this is really stuff for another topic, I think...
  9. AndrewR1 feedback and discussion

    Double post time, I guess it is! You know, this level was actually originally made with an intentional bust, and it was originally named after what is probably the only intentionally busted level in CC1. Much like in that set, though, the bust relied on backwards boosting (and made the level too easy!), so it was scrapped - leaving this rather bizarre hybrid level behind. Once again, you enjoy a level that is one of my least favourites in the set. See, unlike that other one you pointed out, I think this one really is too simple... but for some reason you don't. Weird, huh? The time limit really makes this level, though, since you need to literally memorize the correct moves (and perform them precisely!) to finish it. It's not really comparable to an ordinary ice level for that reason. Eh, I recall someone else really liking this level, so I don't think it's that bad. There's also the interesting aspect of the teeth being able to exit their rooms once the respective chips are collected. Seriously? I think you're the second person to say this about this level (unless it was you before), and I have to say I find it rather bizarre. I mean, I thought that the problem with guesswork in levels is that if you get it wrong, you would have to start all over again... but here the (only) guessing is performed within seconds at the very start! You're basically arguing for not having guesswork in levels at all, which I don't think is a reasonable stance to have. (Unless, of course, you're also talking about guessing where to push the blocks, in which case you should simply have checked from the respective corridors first - you can actually see the number of water spaces at each level from there.) Ouch! So much criticism for what I think is a brilliant level. I'm beginning to see a pattern here... maybe you prefer levels that you can solve on the first attempt? I mean, I know MSCC encourages this with the whole "Yowser! First Try!" thing, but personally, I don't find creating a whole set of levels like that a good idea. (I'm also not sure what you're referring to in regards to the level number, as that's certainly not the number of times to count here.) With 9 puzzles in a single level, it's rather difficult to let you see them in their entirety without making the puzzles very small and thus likely trivial. I'm really curious to hear what you think about the individual puzzles, though, as I think that some of them are extremely clever - would you mind reviewing each one individually? I'm not sure if that's supposed to be a subtle joke at my expense, since I actually did combine this with another level at one point, but if it is... well done. As for the level itself, this is definitely one of the best in the set... it's so hard to pick an absolute favourite, though! Yeah, again, with these timing levels I literally can't remember which one is which. Besides the teeth mechanism I mentioned before, IIRC this one also has the glider mechanism, which I also like and therefore used again as well. You know... for these three levels, I would really appreciate some feedback specifically in regards to making some changes that don't impact the levels too much but make them much more enjoyable. Let me know if you think of anything. Any comments? Anyone? I'm waiting...
  10. AndrewR1 feedback and discussion

    Well, let me first say thanks for breaking up what would have been a double post. In all seriousness, though, I think you're quite right on both counts. (The original motivation for combining those was to keep the total number of levels to a specific, well, number... but when I added two entirely new levels that motivation actually ended up working in reverse.) I actually have difficulty remembering which one this is, and I can't be bothered to open the set in an editor to check, so that probably tells you how much I like it. One thing I'll say about it, though, is that it's one of two levels with the teeth mechanism in the middle... so that probably tells you how much I like that mechanism. Yeah, this is obviously the magnum opus of the set, which is why it's still the only CCLP level. My opinion of the specific parts you named is exactly the opposite, though - I don't really care for the fireball part much (it somehow manages to seem obvious and pointless at the same time) while the tank part - and that whole area, really - I consider to be one of the best level segments, if you can call it that, in this set. Since this is a CCLP level, it gets an extra paragraph! Quite possibly the most important thing that I look at when I judge a level - especially one of my own levels - is minimalism. This doesn't mean that big levels are out - in fact, large maps that employ minimalism are obviously far more difficult to make and I would thus rate them higher, all else being equal. What it does mean, though, is that there should be as few tiles as possible (ideally none) beyond what is required to accomplish the goal of a particular puzzle in a level. In this level, for instance, the fireball part does not fulfill this criterion to nearly the same extent as the tank portion (it could be made more compact while preserving the exact same core gameplay aspects, for example, while the part with the tanks would lose much aesthetic appeal this way). I actually don't like replaying this level much either despite having pretty much memorized the path through those walls. That pretty much sums up my thoughts on this one, I think. The names actually came afterwards for most of the levels. This one was originally named in direct reference to the CC1 level, and you may notice that it remains numbered as such. No, as I mentioned before, I think that short and sweet (and simple!) wins the race... or something. Mixed metaphors aside, this level probably can't be simplified in any way without losing its aesthetic appeal almost entirely, and that's just the way I like it. Why? This is one of the best levels in the set! Even if you don't like levels that involve trudging through force floor corridors (I know some players don't), it's so short that I think you should give it a chance anyways. Yeah, this is pretty much a proof-of-concept level. Actually, quite a few levels in this set are proof-of-concepts, but most of them are at least interesting otherwise. This one... pretty much isn't. (The thin wall idea is rather intriguing, though.) Symmetry is extremely important for aesthetics when designing level maps. Here, the four quarters are essential for that. As for the invisible walls, I think that even players who usually find them annoying won't mind them here. I thought about removing that at one point, but it's just such an integral part of the level. It's also the only level with this type of force field slide as you call it, so I don't think it's too much of a problem overall. As before, I think I'm going to wait for a bit to see if anyone has anything to add before continuing.
  11. AndrewR1 feedback and discussion

    What's this? No... it can't be... someone has actually decided to review my levels!? Before I address this, I should note that most of the levels in this set date back many years, so when I say I don't like something myself, you might find yourself wondering why I, as the level designer, haven't changed it, but as a rule I don't like changing levels entirely as opposed to simply creating new ones. (I view doing so as a sort of creative destruction, if you will.) That said, minor and sometimes even medium-level changes can be acceptable, even to a level made a long time ago, if they don't make the map unrecognizable. This is actually one of my least favourite levels in the set overall. I particularly dislike that something like half the level is a hidden wall maze, as well as how disjointed the level seems in general, lacking the themes that characterize many of the later ones. Not much to say about this one, except that I find my design at the end to be rather more creative than the CC1 version. Short and sweet, that's how I like many of my levels. This particular one is quite decent in that regard, although it's not the best at map aesthetics. I find this level to be a poor man's version of the CCLP2 one. Indeed, my original rationale for creating it was noting how much I enjoyed that one and wanting a similar level in my own set, but I don't think I got it to nearly the same quality bar. A pretty standard hidden teeth puzzle here. I suppose a bit more freedom to explore the map might indeed have made it more interesting, but that would make it even more similar to a certain level in CC1. Sigh... I keep forgetting just how many of these early levels are based directly on CC1 or CCLP2. At least this one is only based on a portion of a level (from the latter set), not an entire one. It's also surprisingly difficult to do well, thus the issues you've pointed out. Yeah, I don't like this one either. At least it's not as forced as the next one... no, I don't actually think that's the reasoning behind the titles (IIRC it's actually based on a certain level title from CC1). See previous for the most part. The one other thing I can say about both of these is that at least the maps aren't based on any other levels as far as I recall. As you can tell, though, originality isn't everything. As I've posted before (http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/333-any-good-tips-for-the-140s-in-cc1/page-2&do=findComment&comment=11824), the CC1 level is my absolute favourite in the set (almost entirely due to having by far the highest replay value in CC1), so I simply had to make my own. Unlike the one from CCLP2 previously mentioned, I think this one actually turned out quite well, your point about the time limit notwithstanding. So now I got a message from the forum software here: "You have posted more than the allowed number of quoted blocks of text"... really? Well, I guess I can't really discuss more than 10 levels at a time, since I'm not getting rid of the quotes... actually, I think I might as well wait for a bit to see if you have anything to add before continuing with the next batch.
  12. AndrewR1

    Version October 22, 2017


    This package includes the Chip's Challenge levelset AndrewR1 and solutions for it in Tile World solution format (TWS) in both Microsoft mode and (pedantic) Lynx mode. It also contains the unmaintained introductory levelset AndrewR0 as a bonus. AndrewR1 consists of 38 levels. Levels 1-34 are compatible with all three game modes, and identical in the last two: Microsoft, (regular) Lynx, and pedantic Lynx. Level 35 is also compatible with all modes, but not identical in the two Lynx ones. Level 36 is only compatible with the first two, and level 37 only with Microsoft mode. Level 38 is unsolved. Level 11 was included in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3 (CCLP3), but the version in this set differs due to pedantic Lynx mode requirements. Level 34 was originally created for a Time Trial competition held in June 2011. This package was released on October 22, 2017. This package and (where legally applicable) included files copyright 2017 Andrew Raykowski.
  13. (Yes, that's right: I just made my first post here in many years!) I haven't received very much feedback for prior iterations of this set, so even though the latest version doesn't change much, I'd really appreciate hearing some thoughts on it. (Please do make sure you download that version and try it out before posting!)
  14. Any good tips for the 140's in CC1?

    DOUBLEMAZE and FORCE FIELD were relatively easy for me even the first time around. And ICEDEATH is my third-favourite CC1 level (after UNDERGROUND and SOCIALIST ACTION, in order).
  15. ... as someone may still want to reply later on. Just a request.