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  2. In MSCC, if run in Windows 3.1, there is a way to find out what MIDI plays on a certain level number. Divide the number by 3, and see what's left behind


    If nothing is left behind (whole number): CHIP01

    If 1 is left behind (ends with decimal .333): CHIP02

    If 2 is left behind (ends with decimal .667): canyon.mid


    Example: 131 / 3 = 43.667, so canyon.mid will play in level 131


    if you customized the game to add more MIDIs, look in the entpack.ini file in your Windows directory, then divide by the number of MIDIs you have. The remainder/number left behind will be the number of the MIDI file on that list that will play in that level.

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  3. http://dave-reed.com/randSeq.html


    To generate a password with letters and numbers I will use this.


    Example passwords using my system: XAXH 7CLM 3VWW QUDO 2U3Y MIQ2 UW2E 9LIH IKY7 WS8S 7154 Z4W8 KMMX JBB4 C67W


    In my 577 pack, the final level will be the only one with a 5 character password, everything else will be 4.


    Since I use a 64 bit Windows, to test my levels in MSCC, I will run it in a DOSBox 3.1 emulator. I don't really like the look of Tile World and its lack of green digital counters.

  4. If I ever make a CC levelset, the passwords will work differently that most other level packs due to the addition of numbers into the letters. They will still be 4 characters though.


    So a password for one of my levels could be something like: POB4. This means that a password could also be just a 4 digit number.


    Most of the passwords will be randomly generated, but a few of them could be specifically chosen for certain levels.


    Also, how many levels should I start off with when creating a levelpack? I was planning to make one with 577 but I should save that one for a later set since that's too much

  5. This is kinda like the timer in the older Mario games, if there are more than 999 seconds to complete the level, it'll show a letter or piece of terrain for the higher hundredths digit (usually only in glitch levels). For example, if there were 3600 seconds left, the timer would just show 2 digits, because a blank space represents 36.


    The blank space for "nothing at all", which is an unlit 7 segment display would be yellow because the green one is used for 0-99 seconds left. The highest time in CC, 32767, would show up as (garbled digit)67. I thought at first it would display a random 7 segment character, like a 2 or 5 with its middle segment off, or a ? shaped one.

  6. http://chipschallenge.wikia.com/wiki/Time_limit

    It says from this:  "For time limits above 999, the info panel displays a random character as the first digit in either yellow or green, followed by the last two digits of the time limit, in either yellow or green."


    So what are some of these random characters? I'm interested in knowing. I actually plan to make some levels with over 999 time limit after finding this out.

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