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  1. I specialize in energy efficient coins, at this point I would say Swagbucks is the most profitable to mine.
  2. How about make an archive of the website (at least the static content, maybe also the latest dynamic content along with the scripts to process them) and put it in a torrent?
  3. Someone did make a "game within a game" in Rocks'n'Diamonds, but there are way more elements (with maybe an order of magnitude or two higher complexity) and a bigger playing field that would make it quite unfriendly to implementation on FPGA. On the other end of the complexity spectrum, the Game of Life has been implemented on FPGA many times.
  4. More for the fun of it than anything else, has anyone ever implemented Chip's Challenge or a similar tile-based game on a FPGA? (For those who don't know, a FPGA is a chip that can be programmed to run your own custom logic. They're actually very commonly used in retro gaming.) At the least, it would be interesting to see how much faster it would be compared to the usual CPU implementation, although that sort of speed improvement would only be useful for automated solution finding/optimization. There are some who think it's cool to implement video games as state machines with no CPU. I have a Spartan 6 LX45 on a Digilent Atlys that is my general purpose FPGA experimentation board (and is the one I will use for this if I get around to it) and an Artix 7 A35T board with USB3 for stuff that really needs bandwidth. (The latter is currently cranking out crypto nonces for my best friend Naomi Wu, using the attached PC to feed it data over USB because the algorithm needs a lot more RAM than is on the board itself.)
  5. Try a lightweight Linux distribution? Or just spend the $30 or so for a Raspberry Pi?
  6. The strange stuff happening when the hundreds digit is above 9 seems to be an effect of pointer arithmetic. The idea being that when CPU is scarce, pointer arithmetic is a very efficient way to implement a lookup table. Since the table only has 9 digits defined, beyond that the program would simply (try to) read whatever happened to be in RAM at the spots beyond 9. The real question is whether or not someone could come up with a level that would actually use a significant part of a slightly more than 9 hour limit and still be interesting to play.
  7. Anyone else here into Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies? Could be mining or trading, or even selling goods/services for Bitcoin. I currently mine Bitcoin, Curecoin, Foldingcoin, Burstcoin, and a few other altcoins.
  8. Here's an older fork with the ice block: https://github.com/magical/zzz-tworld Feel free to figure out how to merge the changes into the 2.x branch.
  9. What's the difference between always going up and always going down? No official CC level can be solved by always going up. (Until someone adds one to CCLP5 to break the joke...) How do you see osmosis in action? Put salt on a snail.
  10. Apart from Chip's Challenge and its modern version Tile World... Descent 2 and its modern version D2X-XL The Powder Toy Rocks'n'Diamonds Mirror Magic Daedalus (maze game/creator) Zeliard Cosmo's Cosmic Adventures Jill of the Jungle Klotski Lemmings
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