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  1. As someone who just spent hours trying to get earlier versions of Tile World to compile under OSX (including but not limited to editing the code), bless you and all your works for the Mac port!
  2. It no longer works as of iOS11 Presumably 32-bit. Anyone have any luck contacting the original developer?
  3. ...today I learned that you can override in the reverse direction on Force Floors in Will's World. Hmm, that's gonna make Mental Marvel Monastery pretty busted, isn't it? Yeah, I know Will's World is weird, and I'm not under any delusions of posting high scores from it or anything. I just want to see it be the best it can be since it's so nice to be able to Chip on the go. I'm guessing no one knows how to contact StadiaJack anymore It's still a great 90% solution and I'm still going to use it, but it sounds like if I want a better port I'd better get off my duff. Thanks all!
  4. Re: Android, I don't have an Android device, so I can't comment on whether or not similar behavior occurs there. Is there a version of Will's World for Android? I was under the impression it was iOS only, but I could be wrong. If something similar happens on Android that would certainly be an interesting data point. I was thinking the issue was most likely to be with the Will's World client since (based on submitted high scores) the levels are working okay in Tile World... Re: The block cloner facing south, that's good to know... that means it's exiting onto the gravel. I'm racking my brain trying to think of any other levels where that's true so I can see if that behavior occurs or not there too. There must be some; does anyone know off the top of their head?
  5. (If this should go in the CCLP4 discussion instead let me know and I'll move it/delete and recreate). TL;DR: On certain CCLP4 levels (One Who Raids Tombs and Ravaged at least), when playing on Will's World (iOS), block cloners don't work, rendering levels unwinnable. Just me or others seeing this too? Anyone have any workarounds? The longer story... I've moved over to playing pretty much entirely on the iOS Will's World since it came out and, idiosyncratic rules set aside (whoo, Two Sets of Rules), never had any issues with block cloners before. But now in CCLP4 it's happening where sometimes they don't work. On certain levels (on my setup at least) the block cloners NEVER work. Then, on other levels, they work fine. When I first encountered it in "One Who Raids Tombs" I wrote it off as something weird about my setup and figured I might try a reinstall or something later to try and fix it. Or maybe that that particular level was just busted, after all CCLP4 is brand new (though I later looked at the high scores at http://www.jamesa7171.net/and others seemed to be able to complete it). But I just ran into it on "Ravaged" too. In "Ravaged" the exit to the cloner starts off being blocked by something (a toggle block) and you have to unblock it so the cloner would work, except that when you unblock it the cloner doesn't work. In "One Who Raids Tombs" I'm guessing that the block is supposed to exit onto the force floor to be pushed from the Thief side, but that's a guess. If it's supposed to exit to one of the gravel sides that could be causing some wonky behavior too. Is anyone else seeing this? Can anyone think of a level in a different level pack that has a block cloner that starts off blocked and then gets unblocked (so I can test this further)? Does anyone know if StadiaJack is still around and might be interested in troubleshooting this, or is willing to hand off the source code/accept an assist in patching this out?
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