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  1. Hi all, I just released cclpinfo version 1.4. cclpinfo is a command-line utility which prints information about levels in a levelset (title, password, time limit, chips, and hint). New features in 1.4: you can now give cclpinfo multiple files on the command line and it will list all of them cclpinfo can now read levelsets that use pgchip Bug fixes: fixed signature checking on 64-bit architectures removed some assumptions about endianness -- cclpinfo should now work on big-endian architectures fixed heap corruption when parsing certain invalid files (found with afl-fuzz) In other news, cclpinfo has a new home on Github: https://github.com/magical/cclpinfo Download it from Github (https://github.com/magical/cclpinfo/releases/tag/1.4), or the Yahoo! group, or my website.
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