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  1. Not really, I prefer pineapple. Find x.
  2. It is a strange presence. We sense its hunger... Not infant race, not unbound; something other, something older... Something from outside. It tears at us, rewriting song, devouring memory, turning our bodies against us; binding us. This...cannot be! We will not be bound! What's the Melinda time on CCLP2 #140?
  3. Due to the recent economic crisis, shares and stocks in "hurt" are currently at an all time high, in contrast to the fiscal crash of "heal". Simply put, there is not enough love to go around. What is the medical term for "memory loss"? Is it: [a] amnesia amnesia [c] amnesia [d] The Declaration of Independence
  4. This is a great idea for figuring out how to solve a particular section of any level, especially if said section is difficult or time-consuming to get to when playing the level proper. While playing through the CCLP1 voting packs, for the longest time I too was stuck on this same puzzle, and this method eventually helped me solve it. Of course, when by the time CCLP1 was released, I had forgotten the solution and had to repeat this process again (:
  5. This post is roughly 6 and 1/2 hours after the previous post. Please may I have ~13/1488 of a point?
  6. What about numbers 0-9 and punctuation marks? And are there different tiles for upper and lower case? (:
  7. My mind cannot contemplate the brilliance of this idea. 12/10
  8. CCLP4 appears twice - as option 5 of "This will never end?" and also option 5 of "...NOW!!!" I'm just saying, that's a lot of coverage for a set that doesn't exist yet
  9. Why hello, April 1st 2015 - You're a bit early aren't you?
  10. CCLP4 submissions will not open until someone completes "the end of all time"
  11. I think I've ended up in every trap in that level at least once now
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