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  1. YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I can't agree with you more ChiaraW. I am still fully supportive of Chip's Challenge 2 and will continue to wait for it's release, whether that be 50+ years from now on. It really irritated me that for the 25th anniversary for this game, Beth and that game development company of hers did absolutely nothing to acknowledge it. It's like the game is just sitting in their hands with no care, slowly dying as the years pass. Just know if anyone does want to contact Beth, you're going to need A LOT of patience, as other users have also noted. You'll have to be really persistent, but I hope someone out there will be able to get something out of her better than we did.
  3. I finally received a reply from Beth. This was her response: Does this mean we'll see CC2 someday? Who knows. Does anyone still care? Probably not, especially with Chuck's Challenge. I think this is the best information we can get from them regarding the fate of the game, so I won't email her any further. It's back to the waiting game for now.
  4. Not at the moment. Only pictures of the first 20 levels from the original Chip's Challenge in Chip's Challenge 2 form. Here is the page I got it from: http://www.facebook.com/ChipsChallenge?hc_location=stream I suppose we can call this the official Chip's Challenge Facebook group. EDIT: I decided to send that email to Beth after all, but I doubt she will reply, especially since it's been a year. I'll let you guys know if there is a response.
  5. I'm not sure if anyone else has seen this yet, but it seems a new image of Chip's Challenge 2 has emerged on Facebook: This is the first level of Chip's Challenge 2. Notice that dirt section is the same from another CC2 image posted a long time ago by Archie on his website.
  6. I should note, which I will edit into my first post, that I have absolutely no knowledge on writing a business proposal whatsoever, so this strikes as a problem...
  7. Hello CC Zone Community. Some of you are probably aware that Chuck Sommerville has moved on from CC2 and is working on Chuck's Challenge. I am unsure if the people of CC Zone have moved on from the anticipation of CC2, but to those who still have hope, I need your help. The rights to Chip's Challenge and CC2 belong to Bridgestone Multimedia Group and Alpha Omega Productions. For the past two weeks, I have sent a few emails to them and received a response from Beth TeGrotenhuis, the president of AOP (I asked for them to forward my messages to her). This is her reponse: After reading multiple posts on various other forums, many people never received a response from AOP or Bridgestone, so I was shocked to see this. I understand Chuck has been under a lot of stress about CC2, but I decided to message him about this the next day. He directed me to his buisness manager, Barn Cleave, who sent me this: I had a feeling there was a catch, and I was unaware they wanted $1,000,000, which I originally thought was $100,000. However, in my messages to Beth, I told her that $100,000 was unreasonable and if there was another way Chuck could release the game, and from her reply in the first quote, it seems she might be willing to cooperate... [Please note I have no knowledge on writing a business proposal and need help with it!] I was hoping the community of CC Zone can give me their insight on this. What would you suggest I can add to the business proposal to convince AOP to release CC2? If they are willing to cooperate with us,this can be our chance for CC2 to finally be publically released! It is either now or never, so please leave me your insight. It may be highly unlikely AOP will agree, but it doesn't hurt to try. Thanks guys.
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