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  1. 2 new levels have been added to KefrithLP1.dat! Please give 'em a try!
  2. I can't verify what you are saying about my Level 5 score due to a broken keyboard key, but I'll take your word for it. As I told Miika, I will update the scoreboard soon.
  3. Glad you liked them! I'll update the scoreboards soon. I am planning to add more levels to KefrithLP1 eventually...
  4. Today, I learned the word "Pangolin".
  5. His Dark Materials trilogy (AKA The Golden Compass and its sequels) Also, House of the Scorpion
  6. FYI, I just started this related-but-different thread: http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/489-what-creeped-you-out-when-you-were-little/
  7. So, we already have a thread for present-day phobias, but what about things that creeped you out when you were a kid? I for one was creeped out by people with tattoos or multiple or non-ear piercings (all of which I eventually outgrew). What about you?
  8. Kefrith

    CC/TW Artwork

    Actually, pretty much my entire "Chip's Carnival" levelset is made up of artwork levels, although the most artistic in it is the "Entrance Arch".
  9. I'm afraid of heights, but mostly natural ones more than man-made heights. I'm also slightly afraid of the dark, but not so much that it stops me from doing things at night.
  10. Kefrith

    CC/TW Artwork

  11. I have trouble connecting names to display names so I have to say Holly Willoughby. Hayley Williams or Emma Watson?
  12. Kefrith

    CC/TW Artwork

    Inspired by Flareon350's TW illustrations of his favorite Pokemon, Flareon, I decided to do the same thing with my own favorite pokemon, Farfetch'd. Here is the result: Now, use this thread to share your CC/TW artwork!
  13. Just fixed a busted level in KefrithLP1. Please download the updated set here: http://kefrith.meinwald.info/KefrithLP1_Scores.php
  14. Hello again, Chipsters! I want to make a CC-related video, but I need ideas! I definitely want it to be something that hasn't been done before, so no LPs. I'm thinking I should do a live-action parody of CC, but I could use some additional inspiration. Please respond with ideas for creative CC videos, especially a live-action parody! Thanks!
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