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  1. Bingo!! Got it! Thank you!! Now I have to try and beat that time. I literally have nothing better to do on my vacation, haha. Just trying to figure out the levels I haven't been able to beat. Thanks again! Melissa
  2. Hello again, wonderful Chipsters! I find myself at a loss once more, this time with Gimmick Isle, which is one of the levels I have been unable to complete for many months. I can get almost to the end (I think). I have all the chips, plus gravity boots, a yellow key, and a green key. I've used only about half the available time, so I'm thinking there must be something major I'm missing. There seems to be one more yellow key than there are yellow locks--at least, I haven't been able to find another yellow lock. Could that be the key to the exit? I don't see how it could be the the red key, because if I get the red key, the bug gets trapped in the force floor and blocks the obvious exit, whether I open the gate or not. Not looking for the answer...just a nudge in the right direction. Thanks! Melissa
  3. I got it--FINALLY! Thank you guys so much for helping me to think it through! You are the best! ~Melissa
  4. Indeed it does! I will mix it up a bit and see what I can accomplish. Thank you so much! Melissa
  5. Here is a link to a video of what I am doing. What am I missing?
  6. Since I have been working on this for so long, I did read your hidden post. I actually thought of this as a solution, but I cannot figure out how to do it (I won't say what it is because I don't think my response is hidden). When I place the block, there is no way out of the upper chamber without the green key. I can't get the green key without placing the block where the tank is, but I need those yellow keys to retrieve the block.... Okay, I am going to keep working at it. If I can't figure it out in a couple of weeks, I will come back. By the way, I am not (I don't think) your typical (if there is one) CC player. I am an over-50 woman who started playing the original Chip's Challenge when it was a Windows game. I passed many a happy hour working as a secretary playing that game! I discovered Tile World maybe 10 years ago and have been downloading and playing all of the new CC levels for the past several years. Kudos to all of you very creative and talented level designers!
  7. I am STUMPED by Propaganda. I can't think of a way to hold down the trap button at the lower left (where the 2 yellow keys are). If I use the block, I render the block unusable for detonating the bomb up top. I don't see any other way to detonate that bomb, so I need to save the block. If I use the tank, then the tank turns around when I hit the blue button, and I can't get out of the room. Can someone help me out? Thanks, Melissa
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