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  1. (ignore this post - didn't read andy's message fully)
  2. I'm not good at yes-or-no questions, sorry. Where does ice go when it melts? Does it go to heaven?
  3. The Chips wiki is now at https://wiki.bitbusters.club/, and you should be able to see an image of the level on any level page you go to.
  4. Oh fuck, right now? (except not a crappy youtube upload)
  5. No, he wasn't allowed to bring a hacksaw. Why doesn't Chip get an electric shock when he stands on an active wire?
  6. I would add a Vladimir player, to compliment Chip and Melinda. Vladimir would be able to cross ice without slipping and walk on dirt/gravel, and also always moves at double speed, and has a gun he can shoot hte enemies with, and he has a health bar that can be refilled by picking up boots. Also if a thief tries to stael his things he gets in a fistfight with him. Why doesn't Chuck just take over development on Tile World 3?
  7. Yep, which is why I suggest you suppress your ability to heal a broken heart and never attempt to practice it. Abstract concepts like time tend to be very controlling, sometimes abusive lovers. Never mind what horrifying half-corporeal beings you'd produce if you ever decided to have kids together. If a thousand men can screw in a thousand lightbulbs in a thousand years, how many minutes does it take for a hundred men to screw in a hundred lightbulbs?
  8. Per empirical evidence, there are three possible outcomes: 1. The two instantly combust into nothingness, as though antimatter and matter had collided. (Scratch that: the exact same reaction as when antimatter and matter collide.) 2. The two conversators gradually swap identities, the gradual nonsense conversator becoming the gradual sense conversator and vice-versa. Halfway through the conversation, they are one mind split between two bodies. If you had enough gradual nonsense and gradual sense conversators involved, they would, for a period of time, be combined into a hivemind representative of humanity itself. That or a really efficient think tank. 3. The sense-making and nonsense-making spiral off into infinity. That is, the second guy eventually starts making so much sense that he is wiser than the Dalai Llama and Larry the Cable Guy combined, and the first guy eventually forgets how to feed himself. Say I stick a fork with a rubber handle in an outlet. Can I take the fork out and stab a piece of bread to instantly toast it?
  9. Bandcamp? Do we do Bandcamp here? Yes, no? Okay. https://ridiculon.bandcamp.com/track/fundamentum
  10. Chip steps on the dirt so fucking hard the dirt doesn't even get on his shoes, it just nopes out of existence. The electric stuff does get damaged when dirt gets on it, but the auto-replicating nanobots inside every tile repair it instantly, hence why dirt blocks work just fine with force floors and the like. As a bit of bonus trivia, the exit is actually a jacuzzi, and the water is so hot that it creates constant ripples through heat-based sonarpulsular hydric deformation inertia conservative preservation reestablishment. This also explains why everyone refuses to push dirt blocks on it: don't want to ruin your hot bath to take after the level's over, do you? What is your name? What is your quest? What is your favorite color?
  11. No. Blobs are just malformed plastic discs with glitter inside. Chip is allergic to plastic. Why do the ghosts have human hands? Are they just white guys wearing sheets with eyeholes? Is Chip fighting the KKK?
  12. The red teeth aren't just racist towards the blue teeth, they're racist towards pretty much everyone. One of them once called Chip a "perfect set of pearls on a rotting bag of meat". The only reason they run away from Melinda is because girls have cooties. The blue teeth don't appear often because they have social anxiety, and constantly worry that their presence might be dragging down the level, the way blobs drag down Blobnet. The blobs don't care, of course, and would happily ruin any level they can get their green sticky fingers which they totally have on, but that's a story for another time. Blue teeth only run towards Melinda because they think she might be an introvert like them. (She's not. She does improv in her spare time.) In response to Gavin's answer -- so just about every Bit Buster is a body double for either Chip or Melinda? Are they just really obsessed?
  13. What you don't understand is that Stolp's username is not to be read as "pie guy", but rather "pi eguy" - that is, an internet guy who talks about pi. Any evidence to the contrary (e.g. http://davidstolp.com/old/pie.php) is simply the exception that proves the rule true. How do the bandits steal Chip's boots and keys if they're stuck in the floor? Doesn't it hurt when Chip steps on them? And how did they get themselves stuck in the floor?
  14. Because whereas all the other buttons are amazing, the green button is just boring. Brown button: Frees trapped creatures from their cages. Promotes environmental concern and the welfare of our ecosystem. Red button: Creates new matter at no cost, potentially reversing entropy or something sciencey. Blue button: Reverses tanks. Can be used to stop wars. The president ought to have one on hand. Green button: Makes some walls pop up or down? Lame. For that matter, pink and black buttons can generate free electricity, orange buttons can deactivate flamethrowers, yellow buttons allow you to control tanks for yourself (letting you decide the outcome of wars) and gray buttons are fucking awesome. If chip has to go pee or poo where does he go pee. or poop.....
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