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  1. Does a bear poop in the woods? Does a rover on teeth mode with speed boots still move at half speed? Does Allack not know Four Plex is a CC1 level? Anyway, Chip is far too innocent a lad to go out throwing wild teen parties, since that would expose the existence of the clubhouse and its many impossible creatures. In his free time, as revealed by Alphabet Soup's decade message, Melinda comes over to his house to "help him study". Because he apparently isn't good with school or social life. Clone machines replicate matter at no major energy cost. Why doesn't Melinda sell or abuse this technology and get rich?
  2. There are less high-quality eyeglasses being sold at affordable prices, as such, people with bad eyesight are gradually becoming blinder and blinder. Why does Melinda treat gravel as a solid tile, even if she's being hurled at it by a force floor? Do her shoes expel some sort of force field that prevent her from moving onto rough surfaces?
  3. A glider is actually a man with an unusually shaped hang glider. The cyan spot is just really ugly decoration. He can fly over water, but fire (and slime) makes him really nervous so he either steers away from it or loses his grip and falls in. Why does chip *need* chips?
  4. Copy-pasting from Discord is broken as shite, but since this doesn't make sense without the reactions, here goes nothing: [12:50 PM]Tyler Sontag {Ban Invalid Tile}: dont talk to the banned woman [12:51 PM]Block N Roller: excuse me [12:51 PM]Block N Roller: I thought I was the banned one [12:51 PM]Evil Nutella: Are women invalid tiles? [12:51 PM]Tyler Sontag {Ban Invalid Tile}: nutella mommy is the banned one [12:51 PM]Evil Nutella: She's not even on the server [12:52 PM]Evil Nutella: But yes, I'd ban her too [12:52 PM]Evil Nutella: Also, Nutella mommy doesn't like nutella [12:53 PM]Tyler Sontag {Ban Invalid Tile}: Sad! [12:53 PM]Evil Nutella: Good for me, I get to eat all the Nutella [12:55 PM]Heymuti: nutella mommy > nutella daddy 3 [12:55 PM]Heymuti: i don't make the laws i just enforce them 3 [12:55 PM]Heymuti: [12:55 PM]Heymuti: i just realized i have another crush on a cop [12:55 PM]Heymuti: leftist cred destroyed [12:58 PM]Evil Nutella: Yes, Nutella mommy>Nutella daddy [12:58 PM]Evil Nutella: Just don't tell her I said that [1:00 PM]Heymuti: is there a nutella baby [1:03 PM]Evil Nutella: Not yet Because 2 [1:03 PM]Bouncycles: Two of them are enough [1:03 PM]Bouncycles: We don't want more Nutella spread around the planet
  5. The key thief uses the keys to break into Chip's house and steal all of his money. Much easier than the tool thief trying to sell off his random boots. (Though if the tool thief gets a bribe - a treasure chest full of gold and alcohol - key thief will be wishing he'd gotten a different profession.) Why doesn't the tank just shoot Chip? Why does it let Chip control it, anyways? Who's driving the tank?
  6. No, it means the tank is always hilariously tilted over. What does Vladimir look like? Need to know because a guy who knows a friend of mine is writing a CC2 fancomic.
  7. Hey, Melinda wasn't feeling up to it that day. Why are the light switches in CC2 placed on the floor? Do Chip and Melinda have to kick them on and off?
  8. I don't see why we have separate pages for Danny Field and Richard FIeld.
  9. [7:51 PM]Inzane: you can't preserve things in a chat [7:51 PM][CC2]Sharpeye468: We cant even link channel names [7:51 PM]Flareon350: no jokes allowed here [7:51 PM]Inzane: which is what the cczone skype thread was for [7:51 PM]Inzane: but we don't even preserve shit anymore lmao [7:51 PM]Inzane: discord quotes thread is dead as fuck 2
  10. @mobiusWhere did you get the Atari Lynx CC1 music rips used in this pack?
  11. Chip's Challenge 3 will be based off of Puzzle Studio and allow users to create and use their own custom elements through lua, so this might be plausible.
  12. She's underage! Why are people convinced that BBC stands for something other than Bit Busters Club?
  13. [8:57 PM]ncrecc 455: anyway how does steal stuff, he doesn't have hands [8:58 PM]RedSlash: plucks off your shoes with his teeth [8:58 PM]RedSlash: when you step on him [8:59 PM]The Architect: The sheer terrifying epicness of his dark-glassed stare knocks the items right out of Chip's pockets (Chip has timid pockets).
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