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  1. Drop an image named preview.png in the file folder.
  2. Other games with level editors

    The ones I'd recommend for level making and playing: Knytt Stories is nice. I have a few well-received levels for it, and I've helped push a collab level up to second place in a high-stakes level designing contest. There is a mod for it that adds a lot more content and functionality, but nobody really cares whether your levels are made vanilla or with the mod in mind PuzzleScript is a special case, because by its very nature, all games designed in it are open-source (unless you're using a hack) and can be very easily tweaked, such as adding/replacing levels. Celeste has a fan-made editor that's still in the making, but is still fairly capable and easy to figure out. The only scripting involved is minimal (so far) and should be easy enough to figure out if you poke around the Discord server and ask the right questions. The ones I wouldn't: Knytt Underground is well-equipped for hard platforming, but it's designed differently than Knytt Stories such that you have to put a lot of decorative props and effects everywhere if you want your level to be aesthetically pleasing, and figure out an undocumented Python-based scripting system in order to include teleports or items. I haven't made anything with it yet, for these reasons. No-one else really cares about making custom levels for it, since the only working editor was near-impossible to find for a while. Portal 2 has Hammer and the in-game editor; hard to use but very capable and easy to use but very limited, respectively. Unless you're fluent in Hammer, however, I wouldn't recommend getting it just for the custom level capabilites. There's a lot of elitism by people who create maps in Hammer, not helped by the fact that a majority of the public level submissions made with PeTI are horrible. VVVVVV similarly has an elitism issue: your level is seen as shovelware if it doesn't have advanced scripting and manually placed tiles. Both primary editors are equally capable, though. Super Meat Boy has a large collection of custom levels, but the editor isn't very intuitive, and doesn't even include aligning objects to a grid (which makes me question how the >280 main levels were built).
  3. Super Meat Boy Retraux Music Pack

    I don't know how that works. Just use 7-Zip, it might handle compressing and decompressing .7z files in a way that hasn't been picked up by Winzip yet.
  4. Mods: if this goes against some CCZone policy, snip the download link below ASAP - I don't know myself. It contains musical content which may infringe upon some sort of copyright law, since these are all rips from the two Super Meat Boy soundtracks. https://i.frogbox.es/kiz A music pack containing some songs from Super Meat Boy, from both the DannyB and the Ridiculon soundtracks. The songs that play in levels are retraux songs associated with certain chapters' glitch levels, plus an unused Chapter 6 retraux song by Ridiculon. The intro and "story" song is DannyB's Super Meat World/Teh Internets in-game theme, similarly retraux. The outro song is DannyB's Chapter 7 dark world menu theme, which is not retraux, but should provide a nice feeling of accomplishment. To install this, update to the latest version of CC2, then replace the "Win" folder at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Chip's Challenge 2\data\music with the "Win" folder contained inside of the 7z file, then switch the in-game music pack to To open 7z files you'll need 7-Zip. Note: I have distributed the 11 in-game songs among 26 track slots, as to make this song-pack compatible with playcc2x.c2g (the default mappack). Since I could not distribute them evenly, four songs will play 1/26th more of the time than others. These are the songs that I personally think fit best for average CC2 levels.
  5. Super Meat Boy Retraux Music Pack

    Do you have the latest version of 7-zip? In Windows 10, at least, you should just be able to right click on it and choose this: And you'll get the files all in C:\Users\[you]\Downloads\Win\ The files themselves are fine, must be an error with 7-zip trying to open the archive.
  6. CC2 Minor Revamps Tileset

    This makes Chip's Challenge look a lot more consistent in many ways. Misalignments and miscoloration are gone, all objects now have shadows except blobs, ghosts, and players, and the swivel doors in particular are neater.
  7. Ask a dumb question, get a dumb answer

    Actually, turns out Melinda is more interested in Vladimir Gerajkee. Who knew? What do the enemies do to blue keys, exactly?
  8. new tile ideas

    A spool of wire that would leave wire wherever the holder walked, like in the level editor. This would affect the logic of the level in real-time. Wire still wouldn't be place-able on colored floors, recessed floor panels, etc. Cursed medallion that, when picked up, would prevent the holder from dropping any items. Could only be taken away by a red thief. Some kind of block that doesn't activate pop-up walls or sink turtles. Green CC2+ chips/bombs that don't add to the total chip count. Wire that's deadly while it's active. It would be red while inactive, and yellow while active, so it could be easily distinguished from normal wire. Bowling ball-esque item that doesn't have an inventory, but moves at a speed boots pace, and if it hits something that can normally be destroyed by a bowling ball, it instead causes the thrower and the target to swap places. If it's fired from a clone machine, it causes the target to switch places with whatever is currently inside of said clone machine. Trapdoor that turns to normal floor once any moving object falls into it. Some item (blessed medallion?) that, if its holder is Chip or Melinda, does not cause the player to lose if the holder dies and there's still another Chip or Melinda to switch control to. Gauntlets. When the holder has these on, they can push against an enemy to change its direction. This would also give Chip and Melinda immunity to enemies while pushing against them. Forklift or something. When the holder has this, they can push directional blocks in directions they're not meant to go, and can push any combination of multiple types of blocks (including dirt blocks). When used with a hook, this can pull directional blocks in directions they're not meant to go.
  9. Ask a dumb question, get a dumb answer

    No, he should sue Bridgestone Multimedia Group. (Too soon?) Shouldn't the OSHA be doing something about Melinda's ridiculously dangerous 149-floor labyrinth?
  10. slide1.wav?

    There's a sound effect called slide1.wav in the game files for both CC2 and the Steam version of CC1, yet it doesn't seem to play anywhere in the games. The first second is just slide.wav (the normal sliding loop), then it's slide.wav randomly decreasing and increasing in frequency as instances of splash.wav play over it, then it ends with one more second of slide.wav and two seconds of silence. Can this actually be heard anywhere in CC1 or CC2, or is it just unused?