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  1. Chip's Challenge 2 - MSCC Tileset

    I can't seem to find the tiles you're talking about. Can you post a link, please?
  2. Count to 1,000

    Forty score and five.
  3. Pokemon Go

    Is anyone still playing? I am, as it released only in December in India. Chose Pikachu, Team Mystic. Currently at level 15.
  4. CC Image Resources

    No no, I just put up a file list (I don't think I'm allowed to put up the actual files) - if anyone can identify where these are from, please tell!
  5. CC Image Resources list

    Over the years (I've been on CC Zone since 2012, and on the Yahoo group for considerably longer), I have downloaded (more like saved and archived) many CC resources available on the internet, and in the process collected a lot of tilesets as well. The problem is however, I didn't bother to remember where I got them from and changed the filenames too -- made a big mess of the whole thing. (In my defence, I was a kid.) I'd like to maintain this collection now. I put up the list at http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/blog/6/entry-98-cc-image-resources/ If anyone knows who the original creator of the files is/are, and where the files are available on the net (if they still are), do tell!
  6. CC Image Resources

    200.BMP - probably changed to digits.bmp BACKGROUND.BMP CHIPEND.BMP INFOWND.BMP OBJ32_1.BMP - Monochrome - probably changed to monochrome.bmp OBJ32_4.BMP - Tileset - probably changed to tiles.bmp OBJ32_4E.BMP - Alternate Tileset - probably changed to alternate.bmp ------------------------------------------------- filename, size Normal file sizes in KB, as shown in Windows Explorer. File sizes inside .zip files in bytes, as shown in WinRAR. == Atari Lynx == atiles.bmp, 4429 Readme.txt, 2 == Blurry == atiles.bmp, 625 (Not Lynx) background.bmp, 137 chipend.bmp, 244 digits.bmp, 29 infownd.bmp, 136 monochrome.bmp, 625 tiles.bmp, 625 == Boulder Dash == by BDS4 Boulder_Dash-TW_Theme.zip atiles-BD.bmp, tiles-BD.bmp rc - BD, rc - BD-gfx_only messages_BD.txt BD_{blub,collect,crack,crack2,earth,earth-old1,explode,explode2,magic,magic-old1,MSdie,pickup,rock,sewwp,tele,time,time2,win}.wav == Cam's Challenge == tiles.bmp, 625 == CC2 == background.bmp, 137 monochrome.bmp, 210 tiles.bmp, 833 == CCCheat == CCCheat-budugoo.bmp, 625 (I modified the other file because there was some shadow mismatch and the (revealed) blue walls were actually interchanged) CCCheat.zip, 25 CCCheat.bmp, 68672 == Challengo == background.bmp, 47 chipend.bmp, 325 infownd.bmp, 46 monochrome.bmp, 210 tiles.bmp, 833 == Chip's Workshop == tileworld-32x32.bmp, 337 tileworld-48x48.bmp, 757 TW_a.bmp, 337 TW_b.bmp, 337 TW_m.bmp, 15 TW-48_a.bmp, 757 TW-48_b.bmp, 757 TW-48_m.bmp, 34 TW-48-compat_a.bmp, 757 TW-48-compat_b.bmp, 757 TW-48-compat_m.bmp, 34 tileworld-48x48-compat.tis, 1 tileworld-48x48-compat.tis, 1 == DOS Chips == by Techokami (Chris Trumbour), Version 1.0.3 retroremixcc.zip, 45 atiles.bmp, 501886 atiles2.bmp, 1971358 readme.txt, 1932 == Drawn Tiles == _Drawntiles_v4.bmp, 1009 == Felix Challenge == by Charles Burnham, v1.0 tiles.png, 32 tilesBig.png, 42 readme.txt, 1 == Greyscale == tiles.bmp, 625 == Island == tiles.bmp, 625 == Kayu Enhanced Interface == kayu_interface_v2_2.zip, 500 Alternate Tileset.bmp, 73742 Color Tileset.bmp, 852024 Info Window, 184856 Monochrome Tileset.bmp, 214072 Tiled Background.bmp, 182416 Readme.txt, 1502 == MSCC - Original == Large MS - by geodave.bmp, 757 ScuzzStuff.zip, 65 readme.txt, 458 tiles.bmp, 344118 (TWMS style, balls are coloured red instead of pink) CHIPS.DAT, 108569 (uh oh) -- Default -- alternate.bmp, 67 background.bmp, 7 chipend.bmp, 18 digits.bmp, 8 infownd.bmp, 7 monochrome.bmp, 833 (oddly high, the keys are differentiated by dots) tiles.bmp, 73 I think these are the files I exported from my copy of CHIPS.EXE using CCHack, I'll have to confirm -- Faulty -- alternate.bmp, 833 tiles.bmp, 833 These files are similar to the other ones in 'Default' but there is some shadow mismatch -- Ice Block -- monochrome.bmp, 27 tiles.bmp, 73 == Natural == by KeyboardWielder natural-TW.zip, 822 natural-TW-patch.zip, 166 natural-MSCC-patch.zip, 129 natural.txt, 5 natural-MSCC.bmp, 625 (I think I created this using patchbmp) == NES Tileset == by 263739 tiles16x.bmp, 30 tiles16x2.bmp, 114 == New Age Tile World for MSCC == background.bmp, 721 digits.bmp, 8 infownd.bmp, 136 monochrome.bmp, 210 tiles.bmp, 625 == New MS for Lynx == New MS.bmp, 1981 New MS - Ice Block.bmp, 1981 (Don't know why this is there, considering TW does not support Ice block levels) == Red Tileset == RedTileset.zip, 28 Red Color Tileset.bmp, 67354 Red Digits.bmp, 6742 Red Info Window.bmp, 5808 Red Tile Background.bmp, 139606 == Sheila's Challenge == by geodave tiles.bmp, 337 == Silly World == atiles.bmp, 741 tiles.bmp, 127 (TWMS style) sillyworld.zip, 155 (Contains sillyworld.bmp, size 639030, MSCC style) == Super Mario == SuperMarioTiles.zip, 39 BACKGROUND.bmp, 22542 CHIPEND.bmp, 41998 INFOWND.bmp, 48142 OBJ32_4.bmp, 341518 == Teeth's Challenge == monochrome.bmp, 210 Teeth's Challenge.zip, 69 Bug.bmp, 214070 (Bug instead of Teeth) Color Tileset.bmp, 69584 == Tile World - Original == tiles.zip, 790 atiles32.bmp, 2252514 atiles48.bmp, 5037602 stiles32.bmp, 344118 stiles48.bmp, 774198 tiles-32x32-8bpp.zip, 134 tiles-32x32-24bpp.zip, 263 tiles-48x48-8bpp.zip, 256 tiles-48x48-24bpp.zip, 553 TWL without animation - SimonL.zip, 335 atiles.bmp, 4534366 == Yoshi 11 == Yoshi11 - Chip.bmp, 4920 (Lynx) Bugs.png, 28 Fireballs.png, 20 Paramecia.png, 22 Planes.png, 27 Tanks.png, 27 Walkers.png, 24 ---- Backgrounds ---- background.zip, 62 (Contains Blue, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Dusty Yellow, Gray, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow, all .bmp, all except Green size 139606, Green size 6670 (bytes) ) ---- Digits ---- by Jacques chips challenge digits readme.txt, 1 blackandwhite.bmp And files of the form {blue,cyan,green,magenta,red,yellow}-{blue,cyan,green,magenta,red,yellow}.bmp excluding blue-blue, cyan-cyan, etc., all size 7 except yellow-green, which is size 8 (Total 2+30=32 files)
  7. Count to 1,000

    794. Why this Kolaveri Di?
  8. I have that tileset (Teeth's Challenge, I think it was called) in my files -- I once sat down and downloaded all Chip's Challenge resources online that I could find, something which I am quite happy about because quite a few of them are no longer available. Shall I upload it? I don't remember who was the original creator, though. Is it just me, or are the pink balls *red*?
  9. I think I play cookie clicker too much.

    I just made a 131072 in 2048... they should get about to changing the name of the game.
  10. Help a New Chipster Design! [LEVEL PROJECT]

    But if it is HIS name on the cover, won't it amount to stealing a lot of credit from others? Also, even parts of levels are intellectual property, right? If you pick up 5 different pieces and piece them together in a different way, it doesn't become yours...
  11. Help a New Chipster Design! [LEVEL PROJECT]

    I am confused -- why will someone donate their own work to you? It seems highly unlikely that anyone will give you their own levels, if you are the only body responsible for the levelset. People are anyway busy with CCLP1 these days. If you set the rules, the deadline, everything, how is it supposed to be a community effort? For all you know, you can just waltz away with them! (Not that you will, but still)
  12. Was Close Enough. Maybe.

    Would a witty one-liner message be exempt from that condition? XD
  13. I still have some apprehensions to only one definition of 'simple' -- just because one person can't solve the levels doesn't mean the others can't too, right? Also, there will be different types of newbies -- people who just take to the game by instinct, the normal ones and the people who, no matter what, just can't get the hang of it. How do you plan to accommodate everything? Also, if you want, I can try to help out with your collab...
  14. Down My Memory Lane - Part I: Earliest

    @M11k4: Thanks, man. @BlazingApollo: You said it, dude.
  15. Wierd Questions (sic)

    I've been using DacGen for a long time (it's a GREAT thing BTW) - It always worked - but suddenly it stopped working on both my laptops - so I have no idea