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Found 74 results

  1. All CCLP1 staff now have their own exclusive group on CC Zone named "CCLP1 Staff" (Which are highlighted in "Green"). This is only temporarily, so when CCLP1 is released, their original status will go back. Also, the only member I have left to find is The Architect, so if anyone lets me know who that is I'd be very grateful. Thanks!
  2. Ok guys, here are the results for the March 2012 Treasure Hunter. 1st: M11k4 (15 points) 126 + (66) = 192 points (Time: 330 seconds remaining) 2nd: Markus (12 points) 126 + (65) = 191 points (Time: 325 seconds remaining) 3rd: ajmiam (10 points) 126 + (58) = 184 points (Time: 292 seconds remaining) 4th: paulgilb (8 points) 126 + (57) = 183 points (Time: 285 seconds remaining) 5th: geodave (7 points) 121 + (52) = 163 points (Time: 212 seconds remaining) Congratulations M11k4, you are our March 2012 Treasure Hunter winner! Winning TWS videos by M11k4 now up on CC Zone's channel! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEHMvmKyBgo
  3. Ok guys, here are the results for the March 2012 Time Trial. 1st: jblewis (15 points) 299 and 227 = 526 seconds remaining (Time: 2 minutes 4 seconds) 2nd: M11k4 (12 points) 297 and 227 = 524 seconds remaining (Time: 2 minutes 6 seconds) 3rd: Markus (10 points) 297 and 226 = 523 seconds remaining (Time: 2 minutes 7 seconds) 4th: paulgilb (8 points) 294 and 224 = 520 seconds remaining (Time: 2 minutes 10 seconds) 5th: PB_Guy (7 points) 264 and 212 = 476 seconds remaining (Time: 2 minutes 54 seconds) 6th: geodave (6 points) 187 and 204 = 391 seconds remaining (Time: 4 minutes 19 seconds) Congratulations J.B, you are our March 2012 Time Trial winner! Winning TWS videos by jblewis now up on CC Zone's channel! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKuhV2YOwnI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPwK7fGWFdo
  4. So, people have been wondering if there could be CC Zone awards for completing specific custom level sets. I am not 100% sure on this so far, but I'll leave this thread open for ideas. I think it would be great for it to be levelsets of 149 levels and all of them to be solvable, but it may not be a requirement yet, so I'll keep this open for opinions.
  5. Mine is Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon. In fact, I think all of my avatars have been dragons so far.
  6. Hey everyone, I'm not exactly the best at this -- I am more familiar with regular CC than Tile World. I was wondering how exactly do you change the graphics from Tile World to CC graphics -- I know you need to change the files. [Also, I'm using Tile World 2 (who uses 1 anymore? )] The two tile world graphic files are named tiles and atiles that are running my TW2, and here is the tileset that I have for Chip's Challenge --- Am I missing a CC tileset .gif? [i have this one for CC and this one only] Seeing how TW2 uses the regular tiles.gif and the atiles.gif I need help and I know everyone else probably knows how to do this. Thanks
  7. Treasure Hunter March 2012 Name of level: Chip Plank Galleon To be played in Lynx Time Limit: 400 Created by Tom Patten Deadline: April 15th, 0:00 ET (GMT -5) Link: http://cczone.invisi...ter-march-2012/ Rules of the competition: - Your TWS recording should be sent to: rocket_rg@msn.com - This focuses on item collecting. - Using keys on doors deducts points. - It's not necessarily the fastest time that wins. - Collecting specific items give your points. - A global leaderboard will be used to judge the final winner. - You MUST finish the level. - The points are: Green Key - 2 points Red Key - 3 points Yellow Key - 5 points Blue Key - 10 points Time bonus - 1 point for every 5 seconds left on the clock.
  8. 89 downloads

    The level for March 2012's Treasure Hunter competition. Lynx ruleset. Designed by Tom Patten.
  9. After examining the awards again yesterday, I realised that the post award milestones might not be needed. Rockdet did mention this earlier I admit, but now I find that they clutter the user awards over the real achievements and perhaps it's best for it to be limited to the level 149 awards. What do you guys think?
  10. Time Trial March 2012 Name of levels: "Chiptropolis" and "My Friend's Maze" MS or Lynx: MS Time Limit: 400 and 250, respectively "Chiptropolis" - by Tom Patten "My Friend's Maze" - by Josh Lee Deadline: April 1, 2012 - 12:00 a.m. GMT Download: http://cczone.invisi...ial-march-2012/ TWS solutions and AVIs will be accepted for this competition. Please send them to rockdet at rocket_rg@msn.com. The participant with the best combined time - the most seconds remaining across both levels - will be declared the winner. Enjoy, and have fun chipping!
  11. Hello everyone. It is my decision to promote one staff member this month on CC Zone. Rockdet, I have promoted you to Senior Staff on CC Zone for your contributions and activity to the CC Zone forums. Because of this, there is a new slot avaliable for the Moderator staff block because of a switch. EDIT - All slots have been taken.
  12. With permission from ChipHome5. CC Zone has chosen to add ChipHome5's Delivery Ship as the award for February 2012! "The Adventures of Chipchip" Beat ChipHome's "Delivery Ship" from ChipHomeIS.dat! Well done, ChipHome5!
  13. All CC Zone January 2012 competition entries from today onwards are no longer accepted. The winners will be announced in less than a week. If you are still interested in trying the entries out, they are now in the "Archived" section of the Download database.
  14. CC Zone now officially has a YouTube channel! This is where CC Zone competition entries and other Chip's Challenge Zone related material will go. http://www.youtube.com/user/CCZoneOfficial
  15. Here's the only page of it left on the internet. December 2008. http://web.archive.o...w.cczone.co.nr/ RIP CC Zone V1.0 Hard to believe it was four years ago already.
  16. CC Zone is going to have a new set of skin themes! The ones I am currently working on are: Teeth Green - A green skin Pink Ball - A pink skin You can change skin by clicking on the "Change Theme" button at the bottom of the page. Beware, these are still under construction! More to come soon. It's a bit of trial and error to get it right so let me know if there's something you don't like in these skins. Thanks!
  17. Hey everyone! I just added a custom tileset section on the CC Zone download database so you can now upload your custom BMP tilesets! For obvious reason, it'll have to be moderated first before it's up. Enjoy!
  18. Does anyone else think we should make a CC Zone channel on Youtube? This way we can post the winning competition entries on Youtube.
  19. Here it is, everyone! The big level solution image I had stuck on my computer for many years on solving my Final Destination level. This should help anyone trying to get the "Cheating Death" award on CC Zone.

    © AdrenalinDragon

  20. As you level up in the CC Zone Forums, give you say on the level you're currently on while posting in this topic. One sentence to describe it would be perfect. Scavenger Hunt - A great maze like level finding certain objects that I personally found not boring at all!
  21. After playing on my Xbox 360 yesterday, I realised that the achievements in the games were worth points. What do you guys think of CC Zone awards having points, like the easy ones could be worth 5 chips and the harder ones could be worth 50 or something?
  22. Hey everyone! The gallery section on CC Zone is now open. Feel free to upload level images of your upcoming levelsets or solutions into the gallery! For obvious reasons, your image will have to be moderated first before it is posted. Make sure the file is either JPEG or PNG as well. Enjoy! B)
  23. If you have any emoticons you'd like to add in CC Zone, please request them here. It would probably be better if they were related to Chip's Challenge though.
  24. Hello Chipsters! I decided to revive the competitions from the old CC Zone. You may already recognise two so far. They are: Create: Chipsters will have to make a level based on specific requirements and will be judged overall as the best. Time Trial: Fastest to complete a level, or a specific group of levels at once. I would also like to introduce a new competition. Treasure Hunter: Collect as many chips, keys, and boots while finishing the level at the same time. More announcements and competitions to come soon!
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