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Found 53 results

  1. jblewis


    Version 1.0.0


    The third community-produced official level pack for Chip's Challenge, originally released on March 28, 2014. This set contains 149 levels that can be played in the MS and Lynx rulesets and is meant to serve as a legal alternative to Chip's Challenge 1 that introduces new players to the game. Key features: - 149 levels that will tickle your brain and your fingers - An all-new, epic story with new characters who reveal more about Melinda the Mental Marvel and the Bit Busters Club - Lots of amazing CHALLENGES - Rooms to explore that are so spacious, you'll want to pack up and move into one - This one really hard puzzle that you won't get but you'll look it up online and not tell anybody - All your hopes and dreams
  2. It's been several months since the release of CC2, and it seems like a lot of chipsters have generally enjoyed it, particularly the expanded selection of game elements and new level ideas to experiment with. One of the reactions to the game I've heard the most has been that the "stock" pack of levels is somewhat inconsistent in design quality. It's understandable - after all, the levels were made before many custom levels were even created for CC1 and level design evolved to what it is today. Personally, I enjoyed CC2 as a nostalgia trip back to the late '90s era of design when designers felt more free to experiment randomly, but I get that it may not be for everyone. Many designers have already begun creating their own levels and anticipating the creation of an official set for CC2, either as an alternative to the stock pack or as an outlet for their creativity. So, I thought we should probably at least start having some sort of conversation about what we'd like to see with respect to future official sets. There are several options we could pursue, each with its own pros and cons, and a number of salient points have been raised in favor of each option throughout the occasional discussions among chipsters on Skype about this topic. (For clarification's sake, I will be referring to the potential next official custom set for CC1 as "CCLP4" and the potential first official custom set for CC2 as "CC2LP1," though I hope we don't have to feel bound to use that name.) 1. Make CCLP4 for CC1, then make CC2LP1 a different set for CC2. This option is appealing for at least a couple of reasons: many designers have built CC1 levels in the hope of seeing them in CCLP4, and CC2 design hasn't quite brought about the same amount of activity or variety of design tools yet. With this approach, CC1 as we've known it can have one last hurrah before everyone fully moves on and makes the adjustment to building levels for CC2. It would also allow for some time for additional editing programs be built, not to mention a free Tile World-esque alternative to the official version of CC2 like CC1 had. The downside is that the focus would initially be placed on a game that isn't exactly "active" in the sense that CC2 is. 2. Make CCLP4 and CC2LP1 basically the same set, without the use of CC2 elements in CC2LP1. Arguably the biggest argument for getting an official custom set for CC2 built sooner than later is that unlike CC1, CC2 is not a "dead" game. It's available for purchase on Steam, and as such, we as a community are facing an opportunity to bring in new members and grow even further by maintaining the game's momentum through some evergreen content. The question is how. A few designers have already ported some of their CC1 levels to CC2. One could argue that anyone who wishes to see their compositions in a future set that badly could easily use Chuck Sommerville's conversion program to port their work over to CC2. Those who would still like to make CCLP4 a reality could get on board with this if the set is compatible across all of the games - but there are a few issues with this. Even though many of the CCLP4 submissions were compatible with both MS and Lynx rulesets, that's not a guarantee that they would work in CC2. Tile World's Lynx emulation was more lenient about arbitrary clone and trap connections, whereas CC2 requires the reverse reading order connections used in CC's original, pedantic Lynx mode. 3. Make CCLP4 and CC2LP1 basically the same set, with the use of CC2 elements in CC2LP1. This option would allow designers to implement workarounds in situations like the aforementioned clone / trap connections (such as pink buttons and wires), as well as give them the freedom to build levels slightly differently if a mechanism would be better suited to CC2 game elements. Of course, there are two rather glaring issues with this option and Option 2. One is whether or not CC2LP1 would allow item dropping in levels, and I'd like to believe that either choice would be consistent throughout the set. Not doing so would prevent designers from placing non-CC1 collectible items (and would be rather sad for an initial CC2 official custom set), whereas doing so would break a number of levels that may be more difficult in CC1. The other problem is that anyone who has been introduced to the CC level designing world through CC2's release would have to build their levels for CC1 and get familiar with its mechanics, which would just be extra work. 4. Forget about CCLP4 and move on with CC2LP1 instead. This is the option I've been in favor of the most. It allows anyone who wanted their levels to be in CCLP4 the opportunity to submit them for consideration in CC2 instead, providing they're still active in the community. It gives them the freedom to build their levels in any way they want using whatever elements they want without having to worry about compatibility with another game and its ruleset(s) or multiple versions of their work. (This would especially be nice for optimization and scorekeeping as well.) Of course, it would mean that we wouldn't be making CCLP4 - but I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing when the submitted content could be made even better with the trappings of the new game. We'd be making a commitment to supporting CC2 and making sure that it has new material instead of clutching onto something that's arguably obsolete. What do you think? Which option sounds appealing to you? Do you have another suggestion not listed here? Feel free to sound off in this thread!
  3. CheeseT1 View File Levelset for CC1 by Gavin Duncan. Submitter Gavin Submitted 01/18/2018 Category CC1 Levelsets  
  4. Version 1.0


    A CCX file including Decade Messages, Special Dispatches for Chip's Challenge 1
  5. Sorry for being out (once again) too long... I don't really play CC1 or CC2 these days. And I was surprised that the newsgroup is finally gone. Anyway... I have had played CC1 on Lynx and MS (through TW and the latter through the original 16-bit version), and as a Steam game. What do you think which engine is the closest best to the original gameplay as intended? Thoughts, opinions and differences do count.
  6. Cyberdog


    Version 1.5


    This is a CC1 levelset with 61 levels, all of which are solvable in MS, and should be Lynx compatible (except the last level). I would like these levels to be considered for CCLP4 (except levels 30 and 53). The difficulty of the levels ranges from easy to hard. If any busts or other issues are discovered, I'll be sure to fix them as quickly as possible. I want to thank Michael for his help playtesting the set. I hope everyone enjoys. B)
  7. This about the CC2 game engine compared to CC1. Not the levels or game elements. First of all, years ago; When I was first forced to start using tileworld [because MS chips challenge doesn’t work on 64 bit Operating systems] I used the MS rule set. That’s what I was used to and I liked it better. Lynx seemed very weird at first and I didn’t really like how a few amount of seemingly simple rule set changes really made for some major changes in level design. After a while however I got used to Lynx and grew to like it better. Now, I pretty much prefer it and I can’t really stand MS anymore. The main reasons; smooth animations not only look nicer, they make it much easier to play, to see where monsters are going and easier to follow chip around as well. Now whenever I play MS it feels so choppy and annoying. Secondly the glitches in MS are a pretty big hassle. Most notably slide delay and the controller/boss glitch. So it’s really nice to not have to deal with that. But now that CC2 has been released I must say that I like that so much better than either MS or tileworld’s Lynx. Not only because the game and the new features are awesome, but I like the game engine better. I feel like movements are slightly smoother and more fluid. It also feels like the hit-detection on enemies is friendlier than Lynx. So often when playing in tileworld I die while trying to step into a line of enemies or get caught by a monster when I wasn’t expecting it. I often misstep, either moving too far or not enough. If I’m really honest my playing experience with Tileworld’s lynx has been quite frustrating. Since I started playing CC2 I haven’t found any of these frustrations, at least not nearly to the degree of tileworld. The hit detection is very nice imo, the controls are slightly easier and feel better. I like the ability to reveal walls while passing by them, and the “splash delay” is minimal too. This was another nuisance in Lynx.* CC2 has its share of glitches too of course; some of which while I haven’t run into yet myself, I would image may be quite frustrating. But so far, nothing I’ve encountered has been as game-breaking as the MS glitches. Overall I really feel the improvements on CC2 far outweigh any negatives verses CC1. So for the most part I’ve stopped playing CC1, though I still play a level or two occasionally, I haven’t deleted the game forever or anything like that. But from now on it’s primarily CC2 for me. And any level sets I make will be for CC2. What other people’s thoughts on this? *this is a side point but that splash delay is weird imo. I recently saw a video of the Amiga version of chips challenge [which in graphical quality looks very similar to the Lynx] there is no splash delay at all!
  8. This is a CC1 set, not a CC2 set. I began building it almost immediately after releasing C1059-1. Currently, it has about 40 levels. I hope to release it when I have 50. The set will be solvable in Lynx and MS, but not in pedantic Lynx. I have no immediate plans to make it work for the Steam ruleset, but it may come eventually. I am currently searching for playtesters for the set. If you would be interested, please send me a PM. Thanks!
  9. Version 1.0


    This TWS file proves that I have solved all 149 levels of CC1 in the MS ruleset. It has not been optimized.
  10. The Bracket Vote for the level you want to become the winner! Deadline for the Final round is 24th April 2015 11PM GMT
  11. The Bracket Vote for the levels in each matchup you want to proceed to the Champion round! Deadline for the Elite Four is 20th April 2015 11PM GMT
  12. The Bracket Vote for the levels in each matchup you want to proceed to the Elite Four! Deadline for Top 8 is 17th April 2015 11PM GMT
  13. The Bracket Vote for the levels in each matchup you want to proceed to the Top 8! Deadline for Round 2 is 13th April 2015 11PM GMT
  14. The Bracket Vote for the levels in each matchup you want to proceed to Round 2! Deadline for Round 1 is over!
  15. Version 1.0


    This is a TWS file for CC1 in the Lynx ruleset. All levels have been solved, with the exception of Thanks to...,which is impossible due to invalid tiles. This means I qualify for the Old School award.
  16. Version 1.0


    The dat file I played this on is called CCLP1_LYNX.ccl. It is CC1 with lynx ruleset. Score 5,920,440 - 72,500 for Thanks To... = 5,847,940.
  17. Good evening, Chipsters! As the deadline has passed, I will now share the 2014 CC lists spreadsheet to all of you! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1M8GV_JWHjuzpEmlnQQtjldR973rgtkFHqL8L9Js-VeA/edit?usp=sharing Thanks to the participants submitting their lists and allowing this to happen. Enjoy!
  18. Simplified graph, superposed on a full map of the level.
  19. So I wasn't sure where to start this thread, but then realized that since my Let's Play tries to contain the quickest solutions it could fit right in here with all the other High Scores-threads. So I'm posting the best routes known to me for CC1 in Lynx to YouTube but not bothering to make individual videos for each level. I'll post each new video in this thread as I upload them for easy reference from one place. Hope you enjoy and any comments and suggestions are welcome! Episode 1, levels 1-22: http://youtu.be/6_WBYSF1pkQ Levels and scores in this video: CC1#1 - Lesson 1 - 82 (bold, ms-1) CC1#2 - Lesson 2 - 89 (bold, ms-1) CC1#3 - Lesson 3 - 88 (bold, ms-1) CC1#4 - Lesson 4 - 116 (bold, ms-0) CC1#5 - Lesson 5 - 84 (bold, ms-1) CC1#1 - Lesson 6 - 93 (bold, ms-1) CC1#7 - Lesson 7 - 135 (bold, ms-4) CC1#8 - Lesson 8 - 96 (bold, ms-0) CC1#9 - Nuts and Bolts - 299 (bold, ms-7) CC1#10 - Brushfire - 51 (bold, ms-0) CC1#11 - Trinity - 204 (bold, ms-7) CC1#12 - Hunt - 269 (bold, ms-1) CC1#13 - Southpole - [981] (bold, ms-1) CC1#14 - Teleblock - 196 (bold, ms-8) CC1#15 - Elementary - 87 (bold, ms-2) CC1#16 - Cellblocked - [971] (bold, ms-1) CC1#17 - Nice Day - 82 (bold, ms-1) CC1#18 - Castle Moat - 552 (bold, ms-1) CC1#19 - Digger - 171 (bold, ms-0) CC1#20 - Tossed Salad - 340 (bold, ms-0) CC1#21 - Iceberg - 115 (bold, ms-4) CC1#22 - Forced Entry - 288 (bold, ms-5) Episode 2, levels 23-31: http://youtu.be/2fvG-36k6gw Levels and scores in this video: CC1#23 - Blobnet - 427 (bold-5, ms-9) LIVE! CC1#24 - Oorto Geld - 425 (bold, ms-0) CC1#25 - Blink - 422 (bold, ms-13) CC1#26 - Chchchips - 254 (bold, ms-0) CC1#27 - Go with the Flow - 144 (bold, ms-3) CC1#28 - Ping Pong - 235 (bold-1, ms-4) CC1#29 - ArcticFlow - 286 (bold, ms-16) CC1#30 - Mishmesh - 454 (bold, ms-0) CC1#31 - Knot - 3 (bold, ms-3) That's it for now! More to come! -Miika
  20. Alright, so, I know it's been nearly eleven months since I posted the first and *only* entry in my blog. That was probably for the blog award, right? Yeah, sort of. I never really had anything to write about other than CC1 experiences when I was younger, and that's the first thing that came to my mind when I wrote that first entry last March. So, I said I would continue this blog, so... I'm gonna continue it all these months later! So, what's there to write about? One of my favorite things that I remember from playing the original Chip's Challenge in MSCC on a Windows 98 OS was probably.. well, the levels I admired the most. I never had a level editor at that time, as I didn't even know they existed and thought that the 149 levels at my disposal (in which I accidentally discovered the ctrl+k shortcut, and that's how I had access to all the levels..) were the only ones ever made for that game.. I was wrong! At this time, CCLP2 had been out for a good four and something years, and I never found out about it until around the time of CCLP3's release. Wow, I sure did miss a lot when I lost access to CC for a good 3 to 4 years, between 2007 and 2010-2011. My favorite two levels in CC1 at that time were probably ALL FULL and ICEHOUSE. ICEHOUSE is definitely on that list, as I dedicated some of my time to drawing maps of the ice corner ring structure that the majority of that level is made of. I liked racing and racing-type video games when I played CC back then, and ICEHOUSE was a great way to implement the fun of racing with the monsters sliding around in the circular pattern on Icehouse. I had a lot of fun on that level. ALL FULL was namely for design, as that's why I enjoyed it the most. I loved the upper section that was full of chips - when looted, I felt like I had accomplished something by gathering all of those collectible chips. The force floor ring and fire section in the southeast was also a signature location in that level for me, as it attracted my attention as I experimented with it from time to time. All in all, it was just a fun, nice-looking enjoyable and comfortable level that I could play almost endlessly (before going back to Icehouse) without ever knowing that the C/B glitch had any effect.. I didn't know what it was, of course. Honorable mentions must go to UP THE BLOCK, as it puzzled me as to how to get the gliders exactly down in the bombs - of course I knew how, but at first I couldn't grasp the concept. Once I got to the lower sections, the open areas felt like a nice touch as I could practically free-roam through the two or three rooms that those areas provide. The level itself when I play it or think about it instantly makes me feel some nostalgia, although not as much as I used to experience. I definitely felt the same way about FOUR PLEX, as it was probably my third or fourth favorite level in the set. I loved the aesthetics of the water and fire in some areas, and it presented a nice challenge (the glider room, specifically). Overall, I love the design of the level and hopefully I can revisit it one day whether it be in the CC1 level or a recreation that I might make of it that the original level itself inspired me to make. Overall, both of these levels deserve the mention and are for sure in my top 5 CC1 levels, if I have a list.. of top 5 CC1 levels. Other than that, there are definitely a few more experiences from the past that I could dream up and remember, but for now, that's all I mainly wanted to get out of my head and express. Hopefully it doesn't take me another ten to eleven months to post another blog entry, but I don't know. Hopefully my CC interest rises as it's been in a state of decline lately as I've had a large lack of level ideas for my second ZK3 levelset. Anyways, that's all for now. Stay tuned for (hopefully) another entry in three or so years!
  21. +1 for the level you want to heal, -2 for the level you want to hurt. A level will be eliminated from the round when it hits 0. Copy and paste the latest post reply, then make your changes with +1 and -2 to your choices and numbers. Rules - No double posting! Wait until at least three different people after you have responded minimum before you play again and post! NOTE - If a level you want to give a -2 score to has only 1 remaining, the -2 vote must be shared with another level. Round 1 Elimination Levels 9-18 TELEBLOCK, CELLBLOCKED, HUNT/CASTLE MOAT, BRUSHFIRE, NICE DAY, TRINITY, SOUTHPOLE and ELEMENTARY Winner - NUTS AND BOLTS Round 2 Elimination Levels 19-28 BLINK, ICEBERG, BLOBNET, GO WITH THE FLOW, OORTO GELD, PING PONG, FORCED ENTRY, TOSSED SALAD and DIGGER Winner - CHCHCHIPS Round 3 Elimination Levels 29-38 ON THE ROCKS, SCAVENGER HUNT, MISHMESH, SEEING STARS, ARCTICFLOW, CYPHER, KNOT, SAMPLER and LEMMINGS Winner - LADDER Round 4 Elimination Levels 39-48 REFRACTION, PIER SEVEN, BEWARE OF BUG, GLUT, I.C. YOU, FLOORGASBORG, MONSTER LAB, THREE DOORS and LOCK BLOCK Winner - MUGGER SQUARE Round 5 Elimination Levels 49-58 I SLIDE, DIGDIRT, DEEPFREEZE, TRAFFIC COP, LOOP AROUND, STRANGE MAZE, GRAIL, PROBLEMS and POTPOURRI Winner - THE LAST LAUGH Round 6 Elimination Levels 59-68 RINK, SLO MO, BLOCK FACTORY, CHIPMINE, SCOUNDREL, HIDDEN DANGER, VICTIM, SPOOKS, and EENY MINY MOE Winner - AMSTERDAM Round 7 Elimination Levels 69-78 MORTON, REVERSE ALLEY, FORCE SQUARE, BOUNCE CITY, INVINCIBLE CHAMPION, PLAYTIME, NIGHTMARE, STEAM, and CORRIDOR Winner - FOUR PLEX Round 8 Elimination Levels 79-88 CITYBLOCK, WRITERS BLOCK, TELENET, VANISHING ACT, WARS, SPIRALS, DRAWN AND QUARTERED, SOCIALIST ACTION, and SUICIDE Winner - UP THE BLOCK Round 9 Elimination Levels 89-98 BLOCK BUSTER, NOW YOU SEE IT, JUMPING SWARM, METASTABLE TO CHAOS, SHRINKING, FOUR SQUARE, PLAYHOUSE, VORTEX, and ROADSIGN Winner - PARANOIA Round 10 Elimination Levels 99-108 CATACOMBS, JAILER, APARTMENT, KABLAM, SHORT CIRCUIT, COLONY, BALLS O FIRE, ICEHOUSE, and MEMORY Winner - BLOCK OUT Round 11 Elimination Levels 109-118 OVERSEA DELIVERY, DECEPTION, THE MARSH, TIME LAPSE, BLOCK BUSTER II, FORTUNE FAVOURS THE, CHILLER, OPEN QUESTION, and TORTURECHAMBER Winner - MISS DIRECTION Round 12 Elimination Levels 119-128 BLOCK N ROLL, SKELZIE, TOTALLY FAIR, PERFECT MATCH, SLIDE STEP, THE PRISONER, ALPHABET SOUP, ALL FULL, and MIXED NUTS Winner - FIRETRAP Round 13 Elimination Levels 129-138 PAIN, ICE CUBE, DOUBLEMAZE, TOTALLY UNFAIR, BLOBDANCE, LOBSTER TRAP, TRUST ME, GOLDKEY, and MIX UP Winner - PARTIAL POST Round 14 Elimination Levels 139-149 Thanks to..., STRIPES?, ICEDEATH, PENTAGRAM, CAKE WALK, MIND BLOCK, SPECIAL, FORCE FIELD, YORKHOUSE, and FIREFLIES Winner - UNDERGROUND Final Round Elimination Winners from all rounds 14th - NUTS AND BOLTS 13th - UNDERGROUND 12th - PARTIAL POST 11th - FIRETRAP 10th - BLOCK OUT 9th - AMSTERDAM 8th - CHCHCHIPS 7th - MISS DIRECTION 6th - FOUR PLEX 5th - THE LAST LAUGH 4th - UP THE BLOCK 3rd - MUGGER SQUARE 2nd - LADDER Overall Winner - PARANOIA (even though Four Plex is the best CC1 level...) Round 1 Levels 9-18 NUTS AND BOLTS [11] +1 BRUSHFIRE [10] TRINITY [10] HUNT [10] SOUTHPOLE [10] TELEBLOCK [8] -2 ELEMENTARY [10] CELLBLOCKED [10] NICE DAY [10] CASTLE MOAT [10]
  22. jblewis

    CC1 #54 - Grail

    Hadn't seen a map of this yet, so I figured one wouldn't hurt.
  23. IceyLava108

    CC1 Blobs comic

    Blobs are lovely creatures.

    © Zane Kuecks

  24. Version 1.0


    This is a collection of 21 CC1 levels that I adapted and/or altered in 3 levels from my set LizzyB1. Set details are included in the hint of the first level and the last level created to aviod a set crash error thing in MS. Enjoy!
  25. M11k4

    Kicking into Gear!

    So the year 2013 is upon us! Lots of things seem to be happening in the CC world! The CC1 lynx board is up and running! I have been pleasantly surprised by the reception it has had. So far quite a few players have posted scores, and many have already seriously started optimizing in lynx too! I expect most of the levels to be close to optimal before the summer! Considering that the set has been out for decades, this is pretty rapid and focused progress! Though of course the library of ms routes doesn't hurt. What doesn't come across quite as evidently is if this also gets more people to play the set casually in lynx. I hope it does, and that those people will also post their casual scores. I believe this lowers the bar for others to report scores too, and eventually helps bring and keep more players in the community! So keep the score reports coming! Another thing that has been on my mind are the Time Trials for this Spring. I will be running them for the few coming months. I have most of the levels ready, and a few need some work, but hopefully I will have time to do that and still play test the levels before release. I'm hoping to encourage more players to participate than ever before. This means that YOU should also try out the levels! http://cczone.invisi...ccz-tt-1301ccl/ Even though I obviously made the levels, I have to say I like them. They are short and not too complex, but they still hopefully have enough variance to elect a winner. Part of this is that there are ten levels, so maybe even some of the best players will miss something on at least one level. I certainly welcome all casual solutions to the levels, as they are interesting too! There won't be this many levels next month, so don't worry! I'm going to try and make each month a bit different in its own way, so if you want to the maximum fun out of it you need to participate each month for that unique experience! Of course there are other things I should focus on too. One of them is a (not-so-)super-secret CCLP2 lynx project, but more on that some other time. Another is that I've always meant to go back and update the set I submitted for CCLP1, called kidsfair. I could easily write a full blog post about it, so I won't go into much detail, but basically many of the levels were not really meant for CCLP1 and many of the ones I would hope might have a chance really need some changes made to fully bring the concepts to where I wanted them to be. I bring this up now, because I heard a small rumor that CCLP1 voting shouldn't be that far away anymore... at least compared to say half a year ago. I guess I should also visit the topic of what kinds of goals and expectations I have for the year, as this is the first post of the year. First, I do not intend to play lots of CCLP3. I spent to much time on that during the last two years! Maybe I will thus have time to go back and look at where I stand on the CC1 and CCLP2 score boards. Hopefully I will also be able to participate in CCLP1 voting, which should be fun. And, comparing CCLP1 to the CCLP3 schedule, I have to hope that we will have a new official set out before the year is out, so that should be fun too! On that hopeful note, I leave you all to die by Glider. Have a good one! -Miika P.S. will post a new blog post quite soon! EDIT: just checking how the editing function works.
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