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Found 33 results

  1. jblewis


    Version 1.0.0


    I'm joining my fellow designers and releasing a pared-down level set for my CCLP4 submissions. This set features 67 levels from JBLP1 with 3 levels I've entered in Create Competitions.
  2. Version 1


    A CCLP4 candidate set for Daniel Bouwmeester's levels. Contains 78 levels, and is an updated version of DanielB-Lynx with CCLP1 levels, incompatible levels, and levels that rely heavily on guesswork removed.
  3. I know, I know. You're all on steam. But this is exactly what I (and possibly J.B.) was talking about. We "put off" CCLP4 and suddenly interest in good ol' Charlie Brown, I mean Chip's Challenge, loses the interest of people. OK, so we can take a bit more time enjoying the fabulous release of CC2. (The luster is sort of fading for me personally.) But the truth is still true -- we have LITERALLY THOUSANDS of levels that would be good candidates for CCLP4. Can we at least THINK about starting on this thing? Let's not wait another year. Or two.
  4. M11k4


    Version (0.51)


    Welcome to enjoy the pain that is funfair0! This set contains 25 (plus one) new levels and a bunch of bonus levels that I've made for CC Zone over the years. I do not recommend this to be played in order and blind, so sneak a preview in the editor to pick which level you might like to try. I'm pretty sure there is something here for everyone, though I think not all the levels are for everyone. There are many levels with pop-up walls. There are some mazes. There are lots of puzzles. All the main levels work in both MS and Lynx, though sometimes with different solutions. I also enjoy sequels, so there are a couple in here and more in the works. This set is about half done compared to how I envisioned it originally. I also started a competition that involves solving some of the levels. The first 26 levels may be used for CCLP4, and if someone likes some of the other levels, I will not mind if they are used too, but they should be nominated by someone first (or however that may work). (I actually think some of the later levels are some of my best work, but they have already been featured in the competitions in some way, so I am not sure if they are the right levels to include in a CCLP4, so that's why I'm not making that call myself.) I love to hear any feedback and reactions to the levels. Thank you in advance! Enjoy! -Miika
  5. Greetings everyone! I am pleased to announce that a decision has been made to continue releasing official level packs! With CCLP1 just released, we are ready for CCLP4! To submit your levels, please upload them to CCZone, the Yahoo! group or Pieguy's site and put CCLP4 in the name or the description of the set. Make sure your levels are solvable in both Lynx and MS. Pedantic Lynx is optional. The first levels of CCLP4 will be the equivalent of Graduation in CCLP1 and Nuts and Bolts in CC1. The last few levels will be about as hard as You Can't Teach An Old Frog New Tricks. The CCLP4 Staff will be announced soon. Thank you for your interest!
  6. February 9, 2002. Many CC veterans and long-time community members will recognize the significance of this date. It was the release day of CCLP2. Excitement pierced the online air. After years of playing and optimizing CC1 and being disappointed with the lack of release for CC2, the CC community finally had something different and official to get behind. New levels! New challenges! New records to set! It was all so fresh, teeming with possibilities to be explored. After the set was released, the first few months brought about a flurry of activity on the newsgroup. Scores were being reported every day. Busts were discovered. Records were being broken. People were threatening to rip each others' heads off if their records were broken. It was a level of involvement for the game that I still hope can be rivaled in the years to come. And in the wake of the optimization rush, people started thinking ahead: where do we go from here? What will CCLP3 be like? Let's start collecting levels and build something new! It should be fairly simple. It wasn't. CCLP3 wasn't released until almost nine years after CCLP2. Much of the delay has been attributed to the waning community involvement of the original staff and the piling up of submissions that took place over that time. Even though submissions didn't start until 2006, many sets were already created specifically for CCLP3 in the years beforehand that immediately followed CCLP2's release. When a new staff was finally formed, it took a mammoth undertaking to play catchup and test the gigantic mound of levels. But it finally happened at the end of 2010, and a new official set was born. Fortunately, CCLP1 managed to avoid many of CCLP3's delays by positioning itself as a specific kind of set, with a specific goal to achieve. Even though the work was plentiful, it was much more manageable. So...where does this leave us with CCLP4? After looking back at how the previous CCLPs were constructed, what the level design scene was like in the past, and what it looks like now, I've come to the conclusion that CCLP4 needs to become a reality sooner rather than later. This isn't normally where I'd land on an issue like this. Many of you reading might know from previous comments I made during CCLP1 production that I'm the last person who would ever want to rush production on a new CCLP, and that is still true. But I think we're dealing with a very specific set of circumstances this time around that need to be recognized. I'd like to dedicate this blog post to explaining my reasoning. Please note that although I'm not mentioning any other potential level packs that could be built in the near future (like a "hardcore" set, CCLP0, etc.), I'm still behind the idea of making them at some point. - We've already got a solid collection of levels from CCLP1 voting. This is probably the most understandable reason. We can all agree that the CCLP submission periods are typically kept open for a while so plenty of levels can fill up the pool, and thus, there can be plenty of options from which to choose when voting. But there's a difference here between what these pools theoretically looked like between CCLP3 and CCLP1, in which many new levels congruent with the set's purpose had to be created, and CCLP1 and CCLP4, in which there are (so far) no such restrictions, and many existing levels can be submitted again. It's especially worth noting that a lot of deserving difficult levels were given the shaft for CCLP1 for a number of reasons: they were too complex to begin with and didn't even make an appearance in voting, some of the ones that did were perceived by voters as less beginner-friendly than others, and the staff's attempt to establish a gentle difficulty curve meant limiting the number of difficult levels in the final tier of the set. So although there are also plenty of levels in this bunch that didn't make the cut by virtue of being poorly designed or not very fun, there is a very strong collection that could perform quite well in CCLP4 voting. - We've already got a solid collection of levels created after CCLP1 voting. The term "level factory" has been tossed around in reference to some very active designers in our midst, but it's also an interesting statement on the state of level design in general today. Although the number of designers may have decreased since, say, the age of heavy activity on pieguy's site, the rate at which levels - specifically quality levels - are saturating the potential submission pool is quite astonishing. The past year and a half has seen the release of and/or additions to sets like JoshuaBoneLP, The Other 100 Tiles, JBLP1, TS2, ZK2, ZK3, Ultimate Chip 3, JoshL4, JoshL5, and many more, with even more additions to some of these and entirely new sets on the way. What's really encouraging for a CCLP staff is that many of these sets have tried to incorporate some kind of difficulty curve, which helps introduce a form of variety into the submission pool. One of the indicators that can be an effective way to determine when it's probably a good time to start looking at working toward a set's production is to see if it's theoretically possible to construct a decent 149-level set from the levels available, especially if it's difficult to choose between a number of quality options. Personally, I think CCLP4 submissions are already at this point, though it doesn't hurt to keep them open for at least several more months. - The set needs to be constructed with CCLP5 in mind. This may seem like an odd reason, but it's an important one. If CCLPs are meant to represent the best of what the community has to offer, waiting too long can end up putting deserving levels under the bus - not only during the current set's production process, but also during the next's as well. Many designers who walked away disappointed after not seeing a favorite level of theirs in a CCLP have been encouraged to submit it again for the next. And as levels like Lazy Hourglass, Yet Another Yet Another Puzzle, Rhombus, Double Diversion, and Traveler show, it is indeed possible. But it's much more difficult when these levels are up against a brand new bunch that's taken the spotlight. Alongside that, waiting too long will bring about way too many "147 candidates" (read: ultra-difficult levels) from which to choose. Of course, the staff would need to be responsible for maintaining a proper difficulty curve for the set, but it would be that much harder for them and voters to make the difficult choices when there are so many of them. Plus, again, the levels that get shafted will have a much harder time competing for a spot in CCLP5 with so many new options available by then. I don't think we need to have CCLP4 submissions open past the end of 2015. In fact, I'd even go as far as to suggest that they should be closed in the middle of 2015. We've got the components for an amazing set at our disposal right now. Let's move forward. Though I personally don't intend to get involved with its production, I hope we see interest in staff positions from the community in the days to come.
  7. Chipsters, What a year it’s been! We’ve seen the end of CCLP1 voting, the release of CCLP1, the integration of the remaining CC elements into Chuck’s Challenge, competitions left and right here on CCZone, and much more. As the CCLP1 staff coordinator, I just wanted to write one final announcement-style message to close out 2014 and look at what’s to come. First, to everyone who voted on, downloaded, and played CCLP1, thank you! On behalf of the CCLP1 staff, I hope you’ve enjoyed the set and the story that accompanied it over the past several months. We certainly had a fun time voting alongside you, tabulating the results, and debating about what the final selection was going to look like. Second, to everyone who’s looking ahead to CCLP4: although I’ve mentioned this in various messages here on CCZone, I just wanted to make it official for anyone who’s wondering - I do not intend to be the staff coordinator for CCLP4. I’d like to focus my efforts in the months ahead on grooming someone new for this position and passing the torch to whomever the community selects as their candidate to lead the CCLP4 project. For now, I just want to use my past experience with CCLP3 and CCLP1 to work with the community to determine what the process of building CCLP4 will even look like so we have an idea of what the time commitment for the staff in turn might look like before moving forward. Hopefully, that additional definition will inspire some within our community to step forward and volunteer for the staff. Basically, I’d like to do as much as I can to make the process, particularly pre-voting, much simpler than it was for sets past so there won’t be a huge burden or time commitment on the staff and, by extension, voters. You can see some of the ideas we’ve been tossing around in the “For anyone who’s on the CCLP4 staff” thread, which is located here. Feel free to contribute and join the discussion! Also, for those who may have missed it, Michael Warner posted a call for CCLP4 submissions on the newsgroup. I’d like to second that call and post about it here so hopefully it gains a bit more exposure. Although there is no CCLP4 staff, website, or official list of submitted levels in place yet, this is more for the benefit of designers, particularly those who aren’t active community members, who’d like to go ahead and enter their creations into the submission pool without having to wait even longer for that period to open. You can see a spreadsheet I’ve created with many of the submitted sets (particularly those from the CCLP1 process) listed here. In the months to come, as more sets are submitted, I hope we can all contribute as a community and playtest these levels for compatibility / bust issues to lighten the load on the future CCLP4 staff. This is arguably what’s held up the production of past sets the most, so if we can make this as easy on the staff as we can, that would be amazing. I’ve also written a blog post about why I believe we’re in a good place to go forward with CCLP4 in the near future here. Be sure to give it a read and let me know what your thoughts are! Here’s to another fine year of chipping. Happy 2015, everyone! J.B. Lewis CCLP1 Staff Coordinator
  8. M11k4

    Future Community Sets

    CCLP1 is old news. A cry goes out in the night: What next?!! It's good for us as a community to produce something together. Granted, it is not easy to work together, but so far the sets that have resulted from community collaboration have been well worth the effort. So what is the next project we should embark on together? Below are a few options. CCLP2 Lynx So this project is nearing its end, as the release date has been announced as August 9th. Fortunately, there are still things you can do to contribute. Stay tuned for more info upon release! CCLP4 This is the next natural set to work on as a community. However, when it will become a reality and in what form has yet to be decided. There are some who would like to get it started straight away, while others would gladly wait years before doing so. One side of the argument is that we already have tons of decent levels that just were not right for CCLP1 but could go in this set, while the other side is saying that we don't have enough new levels since the release of CCLP1 for this project to be useful just yet. Perhaps some of the staff members of CCLP1 (and CCLP3) are just worn out by the previous process, while some others are eager to be part of something communal. In the end, at this time, it is hard to say what the right next step is, as a common understanding of what goals this set should be are yet to be discussed. Is there a way for invalid tiles to make an appearance? When should the staff be assembled? Will there be teeth on level #123?? I believe these things will sort themselves out and this set will eventually happen, but it is possible some of these other ideas in this post will be finished earlier. Veteran Pack Another direction to go after CCLP1 is to make a set for experienced players. The exact difficulty of the levels in the set is not set in stone, but it could match the hardest ones from CCLP3. Having this set would open up CCLP4 to be easier, while still finding something for the audience who cares for difficult puzzles. I think this set would work with as few as a dozen levels. It could have a sequel every two or three years. I also imagine that there could be a ban on releasing solutions to the levels, so that solving the set would really be a challenge and a badge of honor. A major issue that should be addressed as soon as possible would be to settle upon a good name for this set. It should be succinct, different from CCLPn, and still be immediately descriptive. Post your suggestions below! CCLP3 for dummies This is a fun idea that I like a lot. The concept is to take a bunch of high concept levels, break down the key concepts and build them up again into something that a beginner could solve. In other words, take each level of CCLP3 and dumb it down. I think the key for this project to work would be to act more as a homage to CCLP3 by people who love that set, rather than just making fun of how difficult it is overall. It's hard to say if this will ever happen, but it would be fun to see a few levels designed in this vein. This is also another project where we could experiment with a different way to compile a community made set other than just voting from a large pool of candidates. CCZone-1 Over the years many levels have been made for the competitions here at CC Zone. I feel many great levels in those competitions are sadly soon forgotten. They are of course still available in the collected sets, but the presentation there is different from normal. Those collections do not provide a narrative or a difficulty curve, as they just lump together levels mostly chronologically. On the positive side, we now have the option to take a look at those levels again and try to see when we would have a critical mass of levels needed to build a new set from them. I imagine that point has not yet been reached, but perhaps soon we could attempt to select about 50 levels and create something cool. Stay tuned, and keep submitting your creations to the competitions! Remember, you can also try to make a Time Trial or Treasure Hunt level, and someone on the staff can use your level in a competition. Secret Project I can't say much about this one. If you want to be part of it, just hope you are in the right place at the right time. Deadline for this thing is way, way in the future, so don't expect it and it might just manage to surprise you. (Okay, a short hint: tentacle cornea) CCLP0 So by almost all fronts, CCLP1 was a success. I think a lot of this had to do with two things. First, the set had a clear goal in mind, and everyone knew what it was. Second, the set went back to the basics and emphasized the core of what is Chip's Challenge. Is the correct next step for us as a community to make an extra difficult CCLP4 after this success? I don't think so. Either CCLP4 has to be much easier than CCLP3, or else we need to make something else first. The name of this set hints at the idea that it would be even simpler than CCLP1. Or it could just be at the same difficulty level, but in an alternate universe. The point is that we still have a decent name to use for another set full of simple levels. So don't be afraid to make more fun and easy levels! Something Completely Different I am by no means a master of knowing how the wind turns, so I don't pretend to know how the community feels in five years, or what the next community project should really be. Perhaps someone already has a collaboration in the works that I have no idea about. What project would you like to see happen? How do you think we should keep compiling new sets for others to play? I feel that the way to make the next sets we produce together great, is to have some good discussion about them as well as some hard work. Talk more! And then go grab a friend and start experimenting with ideas for what would make you happy. Let's see what we all come up with! -Miika
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