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Found 74 results

  1. Total number of lists received so far - 44 Good evening, Chipsters! Here's a chance for you to participate in sending in your top 50 CC levels privately on all four official sets to determine a consensus of the best CC levels by the CC Zone community. How this will work is that each Chipster submits a top 50 for each official set - CC1, CCLP1, CCLP2, and CCLP3. When the final results are in, the top 50 lists will merge together and create an overall best CC level list. UPDATE - After talking with some Chipsters on Skype, the final decision is ALL Chipsters are allowed to participate, regardless of their own levels being in specific CCLPs or not. The following levels are NOT allowed to be included in any top 50 lists at all - Chip's Challenge 1 LESSON 1 LESSON 2 LESSON 3 LESSON 4 LESSON 5 LESSON 6 LESSON 7 LESSON 8 Chip's Challenge Level Pack 1 Key Pyramid Slip and Slide Present Company Block Party Facades When Insects Attack Under Pressure Switcheroo Swept Away As these results will be better and more surprising if you don't make them public, could you please login on CC Zone and Private Message your list(s) to member "CC Zone" by clicking HERE. You may do multiple levelset lists in the same PM if you wish. The deadline for the final results has not yet been determined. If you participate, a CC Zone award will be waiting for you. Thank you! UPDATE - Submit all four top 50 CC levels lists (CC1, CCLP1, CCLP2, and CCLP3) to gain the privilege of being able to check the rankings of your favourite CC levels every day!
  2. The CC Zone guides section has been added! You can use this to create your own walkthroughs for your own levelsets and other tutorials/guides related to Chip's Challenge with this feature. http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/tutorials/ There is a CC Zone Award for uploading a guide too. Enjoy!
  3. For solving all puzzles related to CCLP1 over the last couple of weeks, the CCLP1 staff have decided to give you one last surprise before release. Enjoy!
  4. So, which do you use to chip? I use mostly CHIPS.EXE (although it is less fluent on Windows 7). For everything that is non-competitive level playing for fun, modifying, and level playtesting and other things. However, when I want to keep a .TWS for whatever reason, I use tile world. And as for Tile World 2, I don't use it, because, well, I haven't tried it yet .
  5. Hash1

    Goomba CC

    Hey guys!... I made 8-bit Goomba with CC tiles for the Spyro the dragon award!
  6. In my "CCHack crazy" days, I've been told about CCINI, a fine program for modifying Entpack.ini setting for Chip's Challenge. I remember it's very easy to use, as long as you know how. The thing is that since those days ended, it's been sitting in my "CC" folder, untouched. The other day I was thinking of using it, but, I forgot how. Comes with ccini_export, ccini_import, ccini.exe, and ccini.dll I think the only thing you have to touch is ccini_export, and I tried just that, but didn't succeed. Can anyone tell me how to use it, again? I won't forget again, promise.
  7. For all CC Zone members, as we have had some issues with voting this month due to site errors and vote backups at inconvenient times for some members, the CCLP1 Staff has decided to allow votes to be submitted by Private Message through CC Zone if required. Just log into your account and send the votes you want using this link below: Send votes through Private Message Please note however, that any submitted or changed votes posted past 1st January 2014 12:00am GMT will not be counted,
  8. Well, the CC Zone arcade is almost half a month old already, and it's pretty fascinating to have that included in CC Zone. More people are signing up just for the arcade alone, and that's a good thing, There is a problem though. These arcade games are pretty big in size. One of the staff on my board provider Invision warned me that the reason the upgrade failed the first time was because I ran out of space! The solution was to upgrade my hosting packaging but the trouble is the costs will go up and I'm barely getting through monthly on this due to current unemployment. Nevertheless, I also have trouble with games that don't install the first time like Pac-Man for example. I currently have the most arcade awards out of everyone, but my high scores are getting beaten every day, which is a bummer. Overall, I've been wanting to have the arcade since the beginning of CC Zone, but thanks to newer technology implementation, it's now all possible to do.
  9. So, the new award system brings achievements to the table, but some may prefer the old system where it was just awards and they only appeared if you had them. The achievements permanently stay there, so everyone can see them and only light up when you get them. What do you guys think? Should we go back to the old system or keep the new achievement system up? I personally like the achievements to stay, and I made them smaller so they didn't take up too much room. Also, to let you guys know now there won't be anymore achievement icons popping up. What you see now is the maximum there will be on CC Zone. Also, the idea I had for the achievement system (Inspired by the video game TimeSplitters 2) was to give you a specialised title when you hit a certain amount: Bronze Chipster - 8 achievements lit Silver Chipster - 12 achievements lit Gold Chipster - 16 achievements lit
  10. I have to admit, the old awards system was getting a little dated. One of the things I disliked were the square borders around the images. They looked kind of ugly so in the last two days I changed every award with a smooth corner edge and boy did it make a difference! Shortly afterwards, I had to list every single member's award in notepad to get working on converting them to the new system. This took about 6-8 hours to do. After uninstalling the old system and installing the new one, I wrote down all the awards again one by one and then implemented the new achievements system in. I figured the ones most people would be able to get should be the ones that appear, as anyone including the guests could view them and all they'd have to do is highlight the locked image to see how to get it. The hard awards are still there, but appear in the standard awards column, meaning they don't show up until you get them. Overall, the new award system was worth it, but at the price of having to upgrade the entire board, most of the whole process went pretty smooth I think. Also, the auto awards don't appear to be working yet as the blog award isn't being triggered for some reason, but a future update will probably fix that.
  11. So, this is my first ever blog on CC Zone. Took over a year to get started, but as I don't feel an introduction is needed for myself, I'll get straight to it. I've got something just as funny as last year's April Fools cooking up. No one will guess what it will be, but it's based around another Chipster. Last year's April Fools was hilarious. Andrew R joining in was not part of the plan, but it sure confused everyone, including me. Also, CC Zone is already 1 year old. Man, how time flies when you're having fun, eh?
  12. Good news everyone! The CC Zone award system has been upgraded! There is now an achievements section. The difference between achievements and awards is that achievements always show, even if you don't have them. When you get them, their icon lights up. Awards never show up unless you have them. The file upload now has auto-award meaning the "Feeding the Teeth" award should be automatic now. Hopefully, I've transferred all the awards over correctly, but if I've missed any from the old system, please let me know!
  13. As of 5th March 2013, CC Zone will use its own web email for submissions. This makes it easier for staff members to reach submitted files for submissions. The email for competition submissions is cczonenextlevel@gmail.com Thanks!
  14. Ok guys, here are the Valentine's Day 2013 Treasure Hunter results! Hopefully I added all the items and points correctly. It was tough work! First digit on each entry is time remaining, the second is treasure score and the third is time bonus. The green is Chip Cup 2013. pieguy: 310 (131 + 62 = 193 points) + 15 points jblewis: 309 (131 + 61 = 192 points) + 12 points random_8: 298 (131 + 59 = 190 points) + 9 points (tied third place) Markus: 303 (130 + 60 = 190 points) + 9 points (tied third place) M11k4: 313 (126 + 62 = 188 points) + 7 points AdrenalinDragon: 278 (124 + 55 = 179 points) + 6 points Flareon350: 308 (95 + 61 = 156 points) + 5 points Michael: 296 (62 + 59 = 121 points) + 4 points geodave: 321 (51 + 64 = 115 points) + 3 points IceyLava108: 380 (25 + 76 = 101 points) + 2 points Well done, pieguy UPDATE - M11k4 did send a second TWS solution, but the deadline had passed so it was not allowed for the competition. His new route would have scored 193 with 313 seconds left. UPDATE - Added random_8 on the scoreboard. UPDATE - Scores have now been checked.
  15. I've been trying to figure out how to upload this onto CC Zone since last year, but with some luck at last in the coding, I worked it out! If you're a registered member, you can play the games by clicking on the Arcade game at the top. Don't worry! It's all free and I admit, some of them are really basic, but it's just a bit of fun. Enjoy!
  16. CC Zone now has a top 10/bottom 10 list for official Chip's Challenge levels. Just go to your profile and click the Edit Profile button! You could originally write down your favourite/least favourite Chip's Challenge levels, but due to spambots filling the lists with nonsense/swear words, I had to restrict it to drop down meaning only the official levels could be listed. If you can think of any other profile lists you want to add then let me know.
  17. Treasure Hunter Valentine's Day 2013 Name of level: First Date To be played in MS Time Limit: 400 Created by Tom Patten Deadline: 18th February 2013 12am GMT Link: http://cczone.invisi...tines-day-2013/ Rules of the competition: - Your TWS recording should be sent to: rcttom@hotmail.com - This focuses on item collecting. - Using keys on doors deducts points. - It's not necessarily the fastest time that wins. - Collecting specific items give your points. - A global leaderboard will be used to judge the final winner. - Chips are not required to finish the level. - You MUST finish the level. - The points are: Chips - 0 points Red Key - 1 point Green Key - 2 points Blue Key - 3 points Yellow Key - 5 points Time bonus - 1 point for every 5 seconds left on the clock.
  18. 62 downloads

    The level for Valentine's Day 2013 Treasure Hunter competition. MS ruleset. Designed by Tom Patten.
  19. As suggested by M11K4 through email, I've decided to put donations for CC Zone: The Next Level. Any money contributed though the Paypal button located on the top right side of the main CC Zone board page will go towards CC Zone's monthly costs and nothing else. I understand there may be an overseas transaction fee with Paypal donation which is kind of annoying but you will receive a CC Zone award that is not listed on the "Awards" section on this site for your contribution. Thank you!
  20. Version 1.0


    All the old CC Zone Time Trial levels that were made during the original CC Zone era back in 2008. All levels designed by Tom Patten and SugarHue123. If there are any levels missing from the original CC Zone, please let me know. This set does not include any 2012 and beyond levels.
  21. Time Trial NOTE: Version 1.07 of the December 2012 Time Trial is the latest release. This is the version that must be used for the competition! December 2012 Name of levels: "The Cage" and "Ice Cap" MS or Lynx: Lynx Time Limit: 500 and 800, respectively "The Cage" - by Tom Patten "Ice Cap" - by Tom Patten Deadline: 25th December 2012 - 12:00 a.m. GMT Download: http://cczone.invisi...-december-2012/ TWS solutions and AVIs will be accepted for this competition. Please send them to me at AimRCTtom@aol.com. The participant with the best combined time - the most seconds remaining across both levels - will be declared the winner. Enjoy, and have fun chipping!
  22. Version 1.07


    The two levels for December 2012's Time Trial competition. Designed by Tom Patten.
  23. For the first Christmas competition on CC Zone, the level that needs to be designed is a... Large Christmas Tree The level must have a minimum of 16 chips and one socket. Keys and recessed walls are optional, but the only monsters allowed are Bugs, Paramecium, Pink Balls, and Walkers. Blocks are allowed but not block cloners. Door switches and trap buttons are allowed. Tanks and tank buttons are not permitted at all. No monster cloning at all, but dirt, gravel, water, and two thieves are allowed. The time limit must be exactly 300 seconds. The exit is a requirement and the level must be solvable in both MS and Lynx. Bonus marks include adding the following: Custom tileset graphics (MS minimum) Random Force Floors All uses of boots/footwear Star on top of Christmas Tree Tree stump and ground The deadline for the competition is 24th December 2012 12am GMT. Please send your submissions to AimRCTtom@aol.com
  24. Any ideas for new Christmas images, emoticons, or other things for CC Zone please post them in this topic. Thanks!
  25. Hash1

    Wait a minute!

    My first comic, I'll just put it here because I can't put it in "comics". Chip is going through a level when he starts to see it has a hidden message. Warning: it contains a very mild insult.
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