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Found 29 results

  1. So I want to play the MS ?Windows? version of CCLP3. I've download the CCLP3 files (off this website) to my computer, but I can't figure out how to get the files to make them work with MS. I have already downloaded the original CC and CCLP2, but I don't understand (after at least a day of trying to figure it out) how to connect the CCLP3 files with the original CC game. I went to a different site and downloaded Chip's Controls (formerly ChipPlay), but I couldn't figure out how to use it. Any help would be massively appreciated. Thank you.
  2. miniCCLP3 View File Here are some levels inspired by CCLP3 that were made for the October 2018 Mini Create Competition. The concept was to "make about a 9x9 (or a shape that is as small as appropriate for the level) version of a level in CCLP3." People who sumitted levels include: Indyindeed geodave chipster1059 Flareon350 Ihavenoname248 M11k4 As of this first release, the set contains 45 levels, based on a quarter of the full set. Honestly, these were fun to work on. Thanks for everyone for taking part! And you know what? You can still join in and make more of these (send them to me!), and perhaps in some future on some possible time line, there exists a full set of CCLP3 made out of mini versions of levels Submitter M11k4 Submitted 01/05/2019 Category Competitions  
  3. M11k4


    Version (0.45)


    Here are some levels inspired by CCLP3 that were made for the October 2018 Mini Create Competition. The concept was to "make about a 9x9 (or a shape that is as small as appropriate for the level) version of a level in CCLP3." People who sumitted levels include: Indyindeed geodave chipster1059 Flareon350 Ihavenoname248 M11k4 As of this first release, the set contains 45 levels, based on a quarter of the full set. Honestly, these were fun to work on. Thanks for everyone for taking part! And you know what? You can still join in and make more of these (send them to me!), and perhaps in some future on some possible time line, there exists a full set of CCLP3 made out of mini versions of levels
  4. CC Zone October 2018 Create Levels Packaged View File Here are the levels submitted to the October 2018 Create Competition - Simple as CCLP3. This first version does not contain designer information, so you can form your opinions on the levels before that and the results are revealed. Thanks to all participants! Thanks for playing too! Hope you enjoy! Submitter M11k4 Submitted 11/13/2018 Category Competitions  
  5. Version 1.1.0


    Here are the levels submitted to the October 2018 Create Competition - Simple as CCLP3. This first version does not contain designer information, so you can form your opinions on the levels before that and the results are revealed. We had about seven people make a total of about twenty levels. They are ordered in this set according to the order of their inspirations in CCLP3. Thanks to all participants! Thanks for playing too! Be sure to share your takes on the levels! Hope you enjoy!
  6. The three first posts in this thread pretty much follow the same layout as J.B's score thread - one post per ruleset that contain a list of all my scores. I'll try to keep it somewhat up to date, but it's not high priority. Green=bold, red=non-bold. MS ruleset scores: CC1 #1 (LESSON 1): 83 #2 (LESSON 2): 90 #3 (LESSON 3): 89 #4 (LESSON 4): 116 #5 (LESSON 5): 85 #6 (LESSON 6): 94 #7 (LESSON 7): 139 #8 (LESSON 8): 96 #9 (NUTS AND BOLTS): 306 #10 (BRUSHFIRE): 51 #11 (TRINITY): 211 #12 (HUNT): 270 #13 (SOUTHPOLE): [982] #14 (TELEBLOCK): 204 #15 (ELEMENTARY): 89 #16 (CELLBLOCKED): [971] #17 (NICE DAY): 83 #18 (CASTLE MOAT): 553 #19 (DIGGER): 171 #20 (TOSSED SALAD): 340 #21 (ICEBERG): 119 #22 (FORCED ENTRY): 293 #23 (BLOBNET): 429 #24 (OORTO GELD): 428 #25 (BLINK): 435 #26 (CHCHCHIPS): 254 #27 (GO WITH THE FLOW): 147 #28 (PING PONG): 239 #29 (ARCTICFLOW): 302 #30 (MISHMESH): 454 #31 (KNOT): 6 #32 (SCAVENGER HUNT): 379 #33 (ON THE ROCKS): [459] #34 (CYPHER): 297 #35 (LEMMINGS): 577 #36 (LADDER): 232 #37 (SEEING STARS): 597 #38 (SAMPLER): 462 #39 (GLUT): 17 #40 (FLOORGASBORG): 195 #41 (I.C. YOU): 172 #42 (BEWARE OF BUG): 187 #43 (LOCK BLOCK): 126 #44 (REFRACTION): 146 #45 (MONSTER LAB): 292 #46 (THREE DOORS): 222 #47 (PIER SEVEN): 231 #48 (MUGGER SQUARE): 277 #49 (PROBLEMS): 162 #50 (DIGDIRT): 318 #51 (I SLIDE): 655 #52 (THE LAST LAUGH): 382 #53 (TRAFFIC COP): 478 #54 (GRAIL): 326 #55 (POTPOURRI): 70 #56 (DEEPFREEZE): 162 #57 (STRANGE MAZE): 229 #58 (LOOP AROUND): 550 #59 (HIDDEN DANGER): 368 #60 (SCOUNDREL): 288 #61 (RINK): [930] #62 (SLO MO): 282 #63 (BLOCK FACTORY): 477 #64 (SPOOKS): 548 #65 (AMSTERDAM): 395 #66 (VICTIM): 292 #67 (CHIPMINE): 518 #68 (EENY MINY MOE): 489 #69 (BOUNCE CITY): 229 #70 (NIGHTMARE): 136 #71 (CORRIDOR): 355 #72 (REVERSE ALLEY): [955] #73 (MORTON): 485 #74 (PLAYTIME): 359 #75 (STEAM): 479 #76 (FOUR PLEX): 416 #77 (INVINCIBLE CHAMPION): 481 #78 (FORCE SQUARE): 480 #79 (DRAWN AND QUARTERED): 220 #80 (VANISHING ACT): 733 #81 (WRITERS BLOCK): [416] #82 (SOCIALIST ACTION): 969 #83 (UP THE BLOCK): 298 #84 (WARS): 580 #85 (TELENET): 236 #86 (SUICIDE): 381 #87 (CITYBLOCK): [430] #88 (SPIRALS): 317 #89 (BLOCK BUSTER): 379 #90 (PLAYHOUSE): 318 #91 (JUMPING SWARM): 367 #92 (VORTEX): 444 #93 (ROADSIGN): 650 #94 (NOW YOU SEE IT): [896] #95 (FOUR SQUARE): 335 #96 (PARANOIA): 320 #97 (METASTABLE TO CHAOS): 290 #98 (SHRINKING): 338 #99 (CATACOMBS): 380 #100 (COLONY): [890] #101 (APARTMENT): 240 #102 (ICEHOUSE): 177 #103 (MEMORY): 488 #104 (JAILER): 235 #105 (SHORT CIRCUIT): 255 #106 (KABLAM): [904] #107 (BALLS O FIRE): 260 #108 (BLOCK OUT): 278 #109 (TORTURECHAMBER): 133 #110 (CHILLER): 276 #111 (TIME LAPSE): [963] #112 (FORTUNE FAVOURS THE): [985] #113 (OPEN QUESTION): 462 #114 (DECEPTION): 172 #115 (OVERSEA DELIVERY): [796] #116 (BLOCK BUSTER II): 712 #117 (THE MARSH): [940] #118 (MISS DIRECTION): 260 #119 (SLIDE STEP): 210 #120 (ALPHABET SOUP): [945] #121 (PERFECT MATCH): [968] #122 (TOTALLY FAIR): 272 #123 (THE PRISONER): 272 #124 (FIRETRAP): 667 #125 (MIXED NUTS): [828] #126 (BLOCK N ROLL): 438 #127 (SKELZIE): 453 #128 (ALL FULL): 315 #129 (LOBSTER TRAP): 286 #130 (ICE CUBE): [931] #131 (TOTALLY UNFAIR): 26 #132 (MIX UP): 678 #133 (BLOBDANCE): [833] #134 (PAIN): [137] #135 (TRUST ME): 293 #136 (DOUBLEMAZE): [832] #137 (GOLDKEY): 392 #138 (PARTIAL POST): 240 #139 (YORKHOUSE): [911] #140 (ICEDEATH): 263 #141 (UNDERGROUND): [968] #142 (PENTAGRAM): [968] #143 (STRIPES?): [760] #144 (FIREFLIES): [827] #145 (Thanks to...): [990] #146 (CAKE WALK): 705 #147 (FORCE FIELD): [464] #148 (MIND BLOCK): [462] #149 (SPECIAL): 949 Total score: 5,977,120 117 bolds (110 timed, 7 untimed) CCLP1 #1 (Key Pyramid): 168 #2 (Slip and Slide): 180 #3 (Present Company): 183 #4 (Block Party): 207 #5 (Facades): 232 #6 (When Insects Attack): 185 #7 (Under Pressure): 185 #8 (Switcheroo): 230 #9 (Swept Away): 228 #10 (Graduation): 318 #11 (Basketball): 226 #12 (Leave No Stone Unturned): 289 #13 (The Monster Cages): 260 #14 (Wedges): 206 #15 (Twister): 311 #16 (Tetragons): 278 #17 (Tiny): [990] #18 (Square Dancing): 264 #19 (Feel the Static): 351 #20 (Chip Suey): 378 #21 (Generic Ice Level): 175 #22 (Repair the Maze): 330 #23 (Circles): 226 #24 (Chip's Checkers): 342 #25 (Mind Lock): 139 #26 (Trafalgar Square): 173 #27 (Teleport Depot): 283 #28 (The Last Starfighter): 269 #29 (Sky High or Deep Down): 326 #30 (Button Brigade): 219 #31 (Quincunx): 131 #32 (Nitroglycerin): 263 #33 (Spitting Image): [956] #34 (Just a Bunch of Letters): 289 #35 (Mystery Wall): 379 #36 (Rhombus): 219 #37 (Habitat): 332 #38 (Heat Conductor): 479 #39 (Dig and Dig): 237 #40 (Sea Side): [962] #41 (Descending Ceiling): 166 #42 (Mughfe): 416 #43 (Gears): 206 #44 (Frozen Labyrinth): 360 #45 (Who's the Boss?): 279 #46 (Sapphire Cavern): 286 #47 (Bombs Away): [919] #48 (Sundance): 180 #49 (49 Cell): 421 #50 (The Grass Is Greener on the Other Side): 167 #51 (H2O Below 273 K): 254 #52 (The Bone): 309 #53 (Start at the End): 405 #54 (Mini Pyramid): 230 #55 (The Chambers): 322 #56 (Connect the Chips): [963] #57 (Key Farming): 290 #58 (Corral): 319 #59 (Asterisk): [970] #60 (Guard): 263 #61 (Highways): 421 #62 (Design Swap): 346 #63 (New Block in Town): 174 #64 (Chip Kart 64): 43 #65 (Squared in a Circle): 428 #66 (Klausswergner): 285 #67 (Booster Shots): 292 #68 (Flames and Ashes): [947] #69 (Double Diversion): 288 #70 (Juxtaposition): 422 #71 (Tree): 292 #72 (Breathing Room): 183 #73 (Occupied): 417 #74 (Traveler): 346 #75 (ToggleTank): 243 #76 (Funfair): 374 #77 (Shuttle Run): 8 #78 (Secret Passages): 533 #79 (Elevators): [957] #80 (Flipside): 390 #81 (Colors for Extreme): [865] #82 (Launch ): 94 #83 (Ruined World): [970] #84 (Mining for Gold Keys): 474 #85 (Black Hole): 971 #86 (Starry Night): 306 #87 (Pluto): 555 #88 (Chip Block Galaxy): [905] #89 (Chip Grove City): 337 #90 (Bowling Alleys): 325 #91 (Roundabout): 349 #92 (The Shifting Maze): 820 #93 (Flame War): 323 #94 (Slime Forest): 475 #95 (Courtyard): 308 #96 (Going Underground): 405 #97 (Gate Keeper): 363 #98 (Rat Race): 323 #99 (Deserted Battlefield): [983] #100 (Loose Pocket): 332 #101 (Time Suspension): [819] #102 (Frozen in Time): [944] #103 (Portcullis): [977] #104 (Hotel Chip): 597 #105 (Tunnel Clearance): 255 #106 (Jailbird): 369 #107 (Paramecium Palace): 329 #108 (Exhibit Hall): 292 #109 (Green Clear): 430 #110 (Badlands): [804] #111 (Alternate Universe): [953] #112 (Carousel): 481 #113 (Teleport Trouble): [967] #114 (Comfort Zone): 313 #115 (California): 414 #116 (Communism): 518 #117 (Blobs on a Plane): 241 #118 (Runaway Train): 97 #119 (The Sewers): 318 #120 (Metal Harbor): [775] #121 (Chip Plank Galleon): 280 #122 (Jeepers Creepers): 650 #123 (The Very Hungry Caterpillar): 60 #124 (Utter Clutter): 531 #125 (Blockade): 210 #126 (Peek-a-Boo): 354 #127 (In the Pink): 415 #128 (Elemental Park): 566 #129 (Frogger): 271 #130 (Dynamite): [807] #131 (Easier Than It Looks): 105 #132 (Spumoni): 441 #133 (Steam Cleaner Simulator): 466 #134 ((Ir)reversible): 332 #135 (Culprit): 365 #136 (Whirlpool): [850] #137 (Thief Street): 179 #138 (Chip Alone): 513 #139 (Assassin): 258 #140 (Automatic (Caution) Doors): 811 #141 (Flush): 249 #142 (Bummbua Banubauabgv): 383 #143 (Amphibia): [788] #144 (The Ancient Temple): 414 #145 (Chance Time!): 235 #146 (Cineworld): 379 #147 (Thief, You've Taken All That Was Me): 834 #148 (The Snipers): 370 #149 (Clubhouse): 418 Total score: 6,001,010 69 bolds (59 timed, 10 untimed) CCLP2 #1 (A Fleeting Memory): 347 #2 (Naomi's Bug Collection): 243 #3 (Bea's Den): 109 #4 (Force World): 237 #5 (Suction Ride): 377 #6 (Fixing the Toggle Switch): 163 #7 (Slightly Mad): 254 #8 (Use the Fish): 302 #9 (Maze of One Way): 197 #10 (Who Needs a Flipper?): 368 #11 (Deconstruction): 406 #12 (Mazed In): 354 #13 (The Serial Port): 342 #14 (The Parallel Port): 258 #15 (Debug File): 237 #16 (Paw-Print Isle): 313 #17 (Double Trouble): 256 #18 (Elemental): 237 #19 (A Sample of Things to Come): 301 #20 (Ranger Denmark): 293 #21 (Block Away!): 264 #22 (How Goes?): 27 #23 (Traps I): 254 #24 (Sudden Death): 305 #25 (Race for the Chips): 269 #26 (Work Fast): 128 #27 (Frozen Floors): 276 #28 (Madness I): 266 #29 (Fire and Water): 169 #30 (Chase Race): 246 #31 (Well of Wishes): 365 #32 (Tele-Portion): 377 #33 (The Big Button Quest): 76 #34 (Cypher II): 404 #35 (Mirror): 446 #36 (Spy): 447 #37 (The Mystery of the Seven Chips): 322 #38 (Mads' Rush I): 11 #39 (Yike-o-Matic): 231 #40 (Traps II): 249 #41 (Ladder Needs a Wash): 207 #42 (Hmmm!): 246 #43 (Ray of Light): 19 #44 (Fun House Rink): 205 #45 (Breaking the Rules): 138 #46 (Hurry Up, Chip!): 40 #47 (Tele-Rooms): 270 #48 (And Then There Were... Four?): 125 #49 (Just a Minute!!): 30 #50 (Smorgasbord): 428 #51 (The Lake in Winter): 395 #52 (Oracle I): 313 #53 (Security Breach): 58 #54 (Killer Rooms): 302 #55 (Dangers of Fire and Beasts): 77 #56 (Planet of the Teeth): 236 #57 (Quad-Boot): 266 #58 (Reversi): 301 #59 (Lot of Danger): 351 #60 (Internal Clock): 566 #61 (Icy Moat): 421 #62 (Chips on the Blocks): 256 #63 (Jungle): 128 #64 (Loop Holes): 348 #65 (Beware of the Teeth!): 38 #66 (Hobgoblins and Chimera): 233 #67 (The One Sensible Chip): 255 #68 (Madness II): 268 #69 (So Many Chips!): 238 #70 (Killer Spiral): 220 #71 (Mads' Rush II): 25 #72 (Checkerboard I): 370 #73 (Bumble Boy): 232 #74 (Chip Search): 253 #75 (BuggyWall): 113 #76 (Fire Bugs): 241 #77 (Madd Maze): 243 #78 (The Search for the Exit): 295 #79 (Cra-zy): 114 #80 (Frost Swirl): 316 #81 (Just Enough): 318 #82 (The Block Stops Here): 252 #83 (Warehouse I): 371 #84 (Crypts of Aganorak): 426 #85 (Follow the Glacier Brick Road): 305 #86 (Creative One-Ways): 249 #87 (The Walker Machine): 20 #88 (Don't Get Lost): 317 #89 (The Ghetto Defender): 381 #90 (Marjolaine's Maze): 204 #91 (Tutti-Frutti): 468 #92 (Abandoned Mines): 443 #93 (Exit Chip): 388 #94 (Checkerboard II): 707 #95 (Learn): 314 #96 (Glider and Fire): 397 #97 (Roller Coaster): 258 #98 (Loop): 37 #99 (One-Block Sokoban): 269 #100 (Torch): 345 #101 (Hard As Rock): 918 #102 (Chip's Fight): 366 #103 (Island Hopping): 347 #104 (Pyramid): 341 #105 (Yet Another Puzzle): 147 #106 (Bounce): 342 #107 (Joyride I): 6 #108 (Tricks): 344 #109 (Blocked Trap): 565 #110 (It's a Kind of Magic): 456 #111 (Monster Factory): 375 #112 (After the Rainstorm): 144 #113 (Oorto Geld II): 636 #114 (Joyride II): 81 #115 (Counter Clockwise): 353 #116 (Turn Turn Turn): 262 #117 (CircleMaze): 459 #118 (High Security): 189 #119 (Teeth): 271 #120 (Frost Rings): 335 #121 (Flame Boy): 283 #122 (Warehouse II): 182 #123 (BlockSlide): 701 #124 (Paramecia): 228 #125 (Blocks 'n Bombs): 232 #126 (Dodge!): 156 #127 (Escape from Chipkatraz): 112 #128 (Fantasy Island): 336 #129 (Miscellaneous): 593 #130 (Frozen Birdbath): 385 #131 (Time Bomb): 241 #132 (Captured): 246 #133 (Block Maze): 832 #134 (Microcosm): 361 #135 (Zartacla): 402 #136 (Switch Hit): 422 #137 (Iron Mysticus): 397 #138 (Patrolled): 481 #139 (Frostbite): 370 #140 (Keep Trying): 418 #141 (Oracle II): 426 #142 (Chomper Romp): 518 #143 (Trapped): 495 #144 (Wormwood): 533 #145 (Gauntlet): 456 #146 (Run-a-Muck): 220 #147 (Cloner's Maze): 754 #148 (Neptune): 530 #149 (Key Color): 397 Total score: 6,037,690 105 bolds CCLP3 #6 (Thieves and Teleports): 93 #72 (Fireball Tourism): 117 Total score: 41,100 1 bold (1 timed, 0 untimed) CCLP4 (to come later)
  7. I'm starting a new thread for all my official set score reports. These first three posts - one per ruleset - are a complete score list that will be updated as new reports are added. Bolds are marked as green, while non-bolds are marked as red. Edit: I've decided to remove this part of the post, since the high score site now has scorecards.
  8. Version 1.0


    This is a TWS solution file for CCLP3 in Lynx. All levels have been solved, but there are no bolds.
  9. Version (1.0)


    These are the levels from the February 2016 Create Competition. Gnome & The Trouble with Mirrors by chipster1059 The Salt Mines & Solitary Refinement & Mathematical Mastermind by Ihavenoname248 Mental Marvel Monastery & Tropical Hibiscus & Fire is My Enemy by Flareon350 Coda Liabli & Cornerstone by KeyboardWielder Tesseract & Sonic Resonance by RB3ProKeys Ice Block Corner by M11k4 The levels are based on the wall arrangements from CCLP3. Thanks to all the participants! Enjoy! -Miika
  10. Version v2


    See the competition thread for details. NOTE: I recommend that when you decide to use one, you should recreate the template from the original CCLP3 set, in case i made errors. The general appearance should be the same, but please let me know if you find out otherwise.
  11. The Bracket Vote for the levels in each matchup you want to proceed to the Champion round! Deadline for the Elite Four is 20th April 2015 11PM GMT
  12. The Bracket Vote for the levels in each matchup you want to proceed to the Champion round! Deadline for the Elite Four is 20th April 2015 11PM GMT
  13. The Bracket Vote for the levels in each matchup you want to proceed to the Elite Four! Deadline for Top 8 is 17th April 2015 11PM GMT
  14. The Bracket Vote for the levels in each matchup you want to proceed to the Top 8 Deadline for Round 2 is 13th April 2015 11PM GMT
  15. The Bracket Vote for the levels in each matchup you want to proceed to Round 2! Deadline for Round 1 is over.
  16. M11k4

    A Quick CCLP3 Review

    Shortly after Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3 was released three years ago, I promised to write a review of the collection of 149 custom levels. As the next such set is upon us, I thought it is finally time to make good on that promise. I'll try to recall my initial feelings for the set, as well as how it felt going back to the levels and optimizing them. I have a few comments on what I think are great aspects of the set, and a couple about its shortcomings. I have to admit that I am a bit biased to write this review, because I just simply love the set. I further claim that there is nobody in the world that has played it as much as I have, since I have actively been working on improving my scores in both MS and Lynx modes for quite some time. If you can forgive me for these two faults, read on! It was Christmas. We were visiting my in-laws and the only computer I could use was in a room with two teenagers sleeping. It was just before 2 am. As quietly as I could, I snuck in the room and I turned on the computer. The room filled with a sharp whirl of the fan that luckily soon died down to an acceptable level. I downloaded the set and the accompanying fresh version of Tile World. For the rest of the night I immersed myself in exploring the challenges Chip faced and the story presented in new screens between levels. I was excited after each level to see what the next one was. Every level I had not played earlier was particularly enjoyable.1 I was not concerned with optimal times, but rather just wanted to first see how the set felt. The newsgroup was vibrant with score updates from others. Those updates did not come in level order and many of the records were from the CCLP3 staff. Clearly not all people were playing the set through in order and without an editor, as I had chosen to do. As everyone else started waking up around me, I had to suspend my progress. I had had a great first night and had no doubt that the set would be a great success. As the holidays progressed, I only had limited amounts of time to work on the levels and it seemed every day I could only advance a few more levels. This was also due to how involved the levels were becoming, and I was not even to the half-way mark yet.2 The set was getting crazily difficult, but as I was familiar with most of the difficult levels I managed to complete the set in a month. I was exhausted but wanted to revisit many levels to see on which ones I could match the records. This turned out to be a learning experience and a lot of work that is not yet complete. I was lucky enough to etch out a few scores under my name, but the speed and consistency that the veterans were doing the same was on a completely different level. At some point I turned to playing in Lynx and slowly started reporting those scores too. There are still many Lynx scores there for others to improve upon, though I hope I haven't made that too easy. So that's my first contact with the set. I was there at the release and all of that was a new experience for me. I don't imagine anything can quite match the novelty of that first time again. I don't want to get into analyzing individual levels here, so I will stick to five general points about the set. 1) The levels included in the set are all very well designed. There were over 2,200 levels in the initial voting pool and clearly some of the best individual levels made it into the set. As Chip's Challenge is a puzzle game at its core, many of the highest voted levels turned out to be puzzles. It's apparent in the final product that the staff was very restricted by the voting results of a community that could only see one level at a time, and not the full experience of what the set would feel like. This resulted in a set that feels very heavy, particularly if one does not know what to expect. Later levels in the set that deviate from a heavy puzzle emphasis are very welcome. The flow of the set has it's positives too though, like the throwbacks to CC1 levels in certain slots. Among these, the results of the Level 1 and Cypher Level Contests were nice to see. 2) The updates made to levels, in particular the name changes and time limit re-evaluations, were inspired. I loved the new names of levels. Connecting the Jumble and Replay levels as series was neat. All the time limits worked well, being tight enough on levels where it made sense. It was a good move to allow some levels to be untimed, which was not a given as CCLP2 did not choose to do this. Several levels were updated to avoid busts, but in some cases this resulted in a very different level than the one that was voted on. I was surprised that no updates were made to levels after the release, even though some designers requested this and new major busts were discovered. I understand this in a way, but would have preferred that such a thing would have been made clear during the release. For example, saying that an update may be made during the first three months, but after that time no updates will be considered would have worked very well. Overall I felt the set was put together expertly and connected to a story very well. 3) The Tile World update was also a very welcome thing. The user interface was an improvement, though I missed some keyboard shortcuts. The ccx-files allowing a story to be told and crediting the designers was an essential upgrade. Some things were missing, like clear indication of odd/even step, or even random force floor direction at the start of a level in Lynx. The death messages were cool. I missed a simple way to change the graphics and a good way to compare one's scores to the bold. At least some love was shown for competitive play with the "copy score" function. The best new thing in my opinion was the ability to fast-forward replays of solutions, though a full map view during playback is still just a dream. The biggest let downs were the lack of a simple all-in one download which I thought was promised, as well as the lack of even the smallest update later on to fix small yet annoying bugs.3 4) I truly admire the work done on the scoreboard at the release of the set. Everything worked just like it should. There was a reasonable restriction on how many scores one could report at first, and the restriction of releasing solutions only after three people had completed the set was a step in the right direction. Maybe it should not have limited casual solutions, though, but only competitive ones. After the initial ban on solutions, I still felt there was not clear enough stance on which routes should be allowed to be released and which would be better left for players to discover for themselves.4 It is my understanding that the staff did not optimize the levels before the release, which sounded fair but probably let a few unfortunate details on some levels slip through the cracks. Too many levels that contain randomness require almost perfect luck. Some other levels are simply ridiculous to optimize due to other factors and might have been better off if they were untimed if they had to be included at all. 5) If I take a step back from the set itself, I can see that the process of creating it was not simple. The people that announced the opening of submissions were not the same as those that released it in the end. I am glad J.B. stepped up to the plate and organized a team around him to get the job done. There had to be a tremendous amount of work to be done behind the scenes between the closing of the voting and the release of the set. It is too bad that after this point some of the follow-up work was a bit sloppy. I've already mentioned the lack of an update to the set or Tile World, or clear guidelines on competitive play, but also there was no information released about the voting results. These results and other information about the formation of the set would have been interesting to hear and possibly could be useful to know for future projects. Additionally, there was no decent support for new players trying to solve the levels for the first time, like perhaps with proper hints and help on the Chip's Challenge Wiki or a page explaining what to expect within the set. As far as I know, there was very little promotion of the set anywhere. Maybe everyone was too busy enjoying the set itself to think about these things. At least I was. In the end, I am a sucker for difficult puzzles (in the right context), so I felt this set was made for me. I still love it, but I kind of fear it as well.5 I felt the staff did an outstanding job compiling the set and I appreciate all their efforts. I want to thank the CCLP3 staff and anyone else who was part of realizing this whole experience for me. There are some aspects of the set that understandably people do not like as much as I do, unfortunately to the extent that some seem to hate it entirely. I like to think that in the right context and time, anyone could learn to love this set as one of the greatest works humanity has ever produced. I would not trade it for anything. -Miika Toukola 1 I had taken part in the voting process of CCLP3 but I did not get to play even half the levels in the voting pool. Almost a third of the levels in the set were new to me when I played it for the first time. 2 I have since learned that the half-way mark is at level #75 if you count by level number, at #95 if you count by how long it takes to watch the quickest solutions, at about level #100 if you are solving through the set after knowing the solutions, and at about level #140 if you are solving the levels for the first time without help. 3 Literally as I write this, an update like this has been released! 4 For example, maybe the second person who scores a route shouldn't be allowed to release the solution. This would allow the first scorer some say in the matter and yet once enough people, like three, have scored the route successfully, then it could be released if they want. 5 I have fewer than half the bolds in MS and still need to work on all the others. It is such a tremendous task to optimize the whole set that its proportions are hard to comprehend.
  17. quiznos00


    Version 1.0


    A Lynx-compatible set that contains 40 levels created by Tyler Sontag. Contains many well-received and well-known levels such as The Sewers, Plug In Baby, Lounge Act, Repugnant Nonsense, etc.
  18. Could someone give me a hint on the sokoban section of Freezer (CCLP3 level 99)? You need to get 7 blocks out of the checkerboard into the water, and I've only been able to manage 6.
  19. random 8

    stupid death 2

  20. random 8

    stupid death zelgon's lair

    Chip is underneath the fireball.
  21. So this week I worked on a level in CCLP3 and it seems I've just scored a new record! Now, before I report it, I'm giving you a chance to guess which level it is! Here are some hints: -the solution works in ms and lynx, and is a record in both -the time remaining has three digits, at least two of which are the same -the first digit is not larger than the last digit Now I don't want to give away too much, but maybe someone can still guess at least the level in question? And of course you should also take a guess at the time remaining as well! My birthday is coming up in about a week, so I'll reveal the answer then :-) -Miika
  22. M11k4

    Back in It

    This is not how this blog is supposed to go. I'm not surprised nor do I need to apologize for the long lapse in new entries, but just so you know that's not what I intended or intend from here on either. So the natural thing to post about now is what I've been upto in the last half a year or so. The answer is not much and a lot at the same time. I've played through some custom sets, most of which I have commented on in the forums. I have really enjoyed many of the levels that will likely see the light of day in CCLP1 as well. I do wish I had more time to explore some of the older classic sets that I never played. I also took some time to release my first level set. It's called kidsfair.ccl and can be found in the download section. As with any designer, I would love to hear any feedback or experiences you have with those levels. (So is far I haven't really heard anything.) I do intend on updating a few of them, both for more enjoyable game play and better execution of some concept. I bought a headset with a microphone, so I'm planning on filming some of my CC playing with comments and uploading it on Youtube. Stay tuned for more information as the year progresses :-) Any requests or suggestions regarding this? I'm also looking to get some work done on a lynxified version of CCLP2, but for some reason that project has been stagnant for the time being. I'm sure it's time will come, but it's not here quite yet. I also really want to get back to optimizing CCLP3. I've worked on a couple of the levels in the past week or so, but I still have like twenty levels left, most of them in the 100+ area. Those levels just take so much work, and in the end it's even likely that the public route is about the same was what I come up with. I'm going to try to do it anyway, and in both ms and lynx. That does take some extra effort, but I've come to like working on a level in two different rules and spotting the small differences they create. Maybe others are interested I could write something short opinions on each of the levels and their best routes, and stuff like that here as a continued feature. Would you read that? -Miika P.S. If this post gets three comments before my next entry, I'll write two entries within a week!
  23. From what I've played, which is roughly 2/3rds of CCLP3. As of this time of posting, my least favourite CCLP3 levels are: 1. Caves - This level drove me insane as this one seemed luck based and took forever to finish, despite being short. 2. Coal Mine - Another level which drove me insane and took forever to finish, despite being somewhat easy. 3. You Can't Teach An Old Frog New Tricks - Not fun to play or finish anymore. However, it does have the frog cam. 4. Toggle Bust - Really boring. Ran out of time a few times and got me raging. 5. Lot In Life - Luck based. Similar to Caves, but not as frustrating. Be aware the list will change in the future, so some of these might drop out of the list.
  24. I was interested in calculating the average of how far in CCLP3 a designer's levels are, giving a feel for how difficult thier levels were on average. The ranked the seven designers with the most levels in the set. Joshua Bone is not in the above questions, because his 15 levels were much easier, despite having a couple placed much later in the set than their actual difficulty would indicate, with an average of 63. I'll post the exact results, but thought it might be fun to first ask people how they feel it should go.
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