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Found 29 results

  1. M11k4

    Back in It

    This is not how this blog is supposed to go. I'm not surprised nor do I need to apologize for the long lapse in new entries, but just so you know that's not what I intended or intend from here on either. So the natural thing to post about now is what I've been upto in the last half a year or so. The answer is not much and a lot at the same time. I've played through some custom sets, most of which I have commented on in the forums. I have really enjoyed many of the levels that will likely see the light of day in CCLP1 as well. I do wish I had more time to explore some of the older classic sets that I never played. I also took some time to release my first level set. It's called kidsfair.ccl and can be found in the download section. As with any designer, I would love to hear any feedback or experiences you have with those levels. (So is far I haven't really heard anything.) I do intend on updating a few of them, both for more enjoyable game play and better execution of some concept. I bought a headset with a microphone, so I'm planning on filming some of my CC playing with comments and uploading it on Youtube. Stay tuned for more information as the year progresses :-) Any requests or suggestions regarding this? I'm also looking to get some work done on a lynxified version of CCLP2, but for some reason that project has been stagnant for the time being. I'm sure it's time will come, but it's not here quite yet. I also really want to get back to optimizing CCLP3. I've worked on a couple of the levels in the past week or so, but I still have like twenty levels left, most of them in the 100+ area. Those levels just take so much work, and in the end it's even likely that the public route is about the same was what I come up with. I'm going to try to do it anyway, and in both ms and lynx. That does take some extra effort, but I've come to like working on a level in two different rules and spotting the small differences they create. Maybe others are interested I could write something short opinions on each of the levels and their best routes, and stuff like that here as a continued feature. Would you read that? -Miika P.S. If this post gets three comments before my next entry, I'll write two entries within a week!
  2. I was interested in calculating the average of how far in CCLP3 a designer's levels are, giving a feel for how difficult thier levels were on average. The ranked the seven designers with the most levels in the set. Joshua Bone is not in the above questions, because his 15 levels were much easier, despite having a couple placed much later in the set than their actual difficulty would indicate, with an average of 63. I'll post the exact results, but thought it might be fun to first ask people how they feel it should go.
  3. I should be done with CCLP3-ms by now, but I keep dying in stupid ways. Are my fingers just that lame? Were five years of piano lessons just a big waste?
  4. M11k4

    The Beginning of 2012

    So what did I do in January regarding Chip's Challenge? One of the first CC related actions I took this year, was to sign up to a cool new forum I found. Since you're reading this post, I'd venture a guess that you've found said forum yourself. The activity on here has been incredible! We've had more than a thousand posts per week! And some of those have even been about Chip's Challenge During the first week I worked on finding some levels in CCLP2 that could be modified for Lynx play while changing as little as possible. I'll probably be sharing more thoughts on this subject in the future, so I won't say more quite yet. I also played some CCLP3 in Lynx. I had been saving the last thirty levels for a while. It felt great to play the same levels again that I had just worked on exactly a year ago, except this time in a different format. It was nice to spot some small differences in between how the levels worked between the two rulesets. So finally during the third week I managed to solve the whole set! My score is 6,030,400 but there's a lot of levels I could go back and optimize. I only played through them casually and plan on going back to optimize if someone else actually starts posting competative scores. Then I built a level! I haven't touched a blank page in an editor since CCLP3 came out, so it was about time to try doing that again. I was inspired by a conversation on the newsgroup about block slapping, so I guess I needed a little nudge to get back to building stuff. Now that I've mentioned it, I'll have to share it with you guys as soon as possible. I'll see if I can do that this month, and then I'll talk more about it and the other levels I've made. Hopefully I can find about ten that are worth releasing. And pieguy posted new records for the original levels. Yes, you read that right, not just one record, but the plural with an s! Incredible. Let's see someone else match that, even for CCLP2. I also recorded some avis for levels in CCLP3. You can get them on Mike's site, but here's a link to all of them at once: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?r1pdq6197hrr95c They are mostly alternate bold routes to levels that already had their bolds made public. It would be interesting to see if someone else has still found other routes that score the same on some of these levels (like Pac Man). Amidst doing that, I took a look at the new CC Zone time trial and treasure hunter competitions. Man, that was quite fun as well! The treasure hunt was fun, and the time trial levels were just the right difficulty. I didn't get an idea for a level to enter into the create competition untill the very end of the month. Can't wait to hear the results from that or see the other entries! And of course it will be fun to try out the new ones this month as well. Hopefully lots of people enter all the competitions. Now that I wrote all that, I really wonder where I found the time to do it all? Looking back, I don't really know, particularly since I mainly procrastinated for the last week in the month. It's been a crazy start to the year. Here's for hoping it won't get much worse! Next time, I'll be thinking about the competition formats, but maybe writing about that topic will have to make way for something more current. See you around! And leave comments! -Miika Where did I find the time to do that? Looking back, I don't really know. It's been a crazy start to the year. Here's for hoping it won't get much worse!
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