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Found 4 results

  1. Hey everyone, I wanted to say that I posted a new set on CCZone and pieguy's site titled NeverStopGaming. You are more than welcomed to post anything related to the levelset here.
  2. I included the link because for some reason I can't link to the file normally. http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/files/file/495-cc2-level-manager/ CC2 Level Manager is a program for creating c2g files. It allows you to select levels and music and add quotes. Set directory button sets the default directory for the purpose of setting up the subdirectories properly if they are being used. Always add music after adding the quote or level where music is desired, never before. Quotes must be added as per the format in the c2g file with the exception of the word "script" which is added by the program. The format is something like 4 or 5 words per line to display right. Everything in quotes and and two quotes together for breaks. Add return adds the colon ";" character which I noticed in c2g files. Let me know of any bugs or problems that occure wiith usage. The program is located in the dist folder.
  3. quiznos00


    Version May 2, 2019


    This is my first Chip's Challenge 2 level set. It has 40 levels.
  4. I've decided to introduce my WIP chip's challenge hack, Cam's Challenge! Noteworthy Stuff This uses a custom .DAT for the MSCC, and the .DAT is NOT designed the Tile World. I am not sure if the .DAT works with this. This uses custom music. Put said music in the same folder as the .DAT! Please have fun! This might be easy, but please note that I haven't even gotten close to beating "NUTS AND BOLTS". Screencaps And all sorts of screencaps. Pictures, who would live without them. Can't live with or without them. A snap of a sort-of-long puzzle level from early in the game from the editor (I use CCEdit) Some pictures of new tiles! You may notice Chip got turned into me (Yes, my real name is Cam) as well as some red paint. (Well, I like Red!) And green spys too! Some Other And Possibly Useless Notices A release date is unset, and likely wont have a release date. It'll probably be released when its done. Some pixels are unchanged on Cam/Chip, so bits of blue shirts and green pants will be visible. I will likely fix these.* Coming soon** to a CC Zone near you *if i dont procrasinate too much or forget **actually, at random, as with the first useless notice's text
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