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Found 46 results

  1. http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/files/file/297-nebuchadnezzar-beta/ Here is my second level pack of ten levels. Feedback is much appreciated as I'm very bad judging my own levels. This one doesn't contain any tricks or jokes. It's a little more influenced from newer levels I've played and watched LP's of recently. It's intended for playing under either rule-set, except for one level; Perpetual which works but doesn't look as cool in MS. Please let me know of any other inequities or busts. It's "beta" because I always anticipate problems I forgot and intend to fix things when people report them. I may be adding one or two more levels to it. Or I might just put them in my third set. Since I’ve been playing all kinds of new levels in this voting and watching videos of various well designed level sets, I’ve gotten a much better idea of what makes a fun chips challenge level. It may take longer, however, to actually begin designing better levels of my own. Taking a look over it now that it's done, there seems to be a lot of bombs and dodging type levels. However, it's nothing like blob net or really difficult dodging. Most of my levels are on the easy side. Also thanks to those that played my first one and gave input. and happy 100th post to me!
  2. Nebuchadnezzar beta

    Version 1


    Here is my second level pack of ten levels. Feedback is much appreciated as I'm very bad judging my own levels. This one doesn't contain any tricks or jokes. It's a little more influenced from newer levels I've played and watched LP's of recently. It's intended for playing under either rule-set, except for one level; Perpetual which works but doesn't look as cool in MS. Please let me know of any other inequalities and busts. thanks for playing.
  3. The Elevator Levels

    Hi everyone, just stopping by CCZone: The next level now and then, and this time I'm here to announce a future levelset I have in mind with a theme: The elevator levels. Now, don't ask me why, but lately I have been thinking of elevators (or, how Tom P would say: lifts ) And one day I had, not a brainstorm, but more like a "brain-hurricane" about ideas for elevator themed levels. I hope all of those ideas survive until the day I decide to start making this levelset, because although I'd love to start right now, I'm in a sort of "study or die" situation. But soon, I'll be spending most of my free time on this levelset. I don't know how difficult it will be, depends on my inspiration and how my level-making skills will be (if they improve or stay the same), and, most importantly, on ideas. However, since I've been already having ideas, I think it'll end up a pretty good and fun levelset. I think it'll be realesed in the late months of this year or early days of next year. I estimate it'll be in between 30 and 50 levels, I hope no fewer, because I find less than 30 a little too short. I am looking forward to finishing and sharing this levelset, I'm saying this because my other one which I keep talking about, however, doesn't proceed. About that one, I'll start talking about it again when I see that I'm really going to work on it and put effort into it because I may be getting people's hopes up, for nothing, or for something that's not going happen until a long time. I've been having personal troubles with it (such as lack of inspiration, impatience. doing something else instead of CC, etc.) so that's why it has not been advancing. So , there was a bit of stuff offtopic in that paragraph, now I'm back ontopic. The story will be something like: Chip was just about to exit the Bitbuster's building, he takes the elevator, it stops and stays stranded for some time. He waits. Nothing happens. He lays down. He stares at the ceiling, and is slowly becoming asleep, then he falls asleep, and has a long dream about the levelset, in other words, the levelset is the dream Chip has while sleeping, trapped in the elevator. The rest of the story, I haven't thought of yet, or maybe I have, or maybe,... it's a surprise? Well, there went some of the levelset infomation now, here's an interesting part; I will list some of the possibly future levels' titles: -The right floor... -Riding with other riders -A building with no elevator -A/The secret elevator -An elevator with mirrors -Freefalling elevator nightmare -Going up, going down -Destination: rooftop -Emergency exit -Get to floor 4 b4 4 (before 4 o'clock, this is probably gonna be a race-against-time level) -The need to insert a key -Jump to car #02 -Elevator music -Ding! -Elevator on fire -Shafting -Runaway elevator/(the) escaping elevator/the elevator escapes! If you have any ideas, or title names, feel free to post them! (or questions, suggestions, etc.)

    Version 1.0.2


    This is my latest levelset. Now has 20 levels including one Decade Message and one level which begs for a name.
  5. Jacques.dat

    Version 0.986.1


    986 levels. That's right, 986. The levelset with the largest number of levels. For a levelset including only the good levels in this set, I recommend JacquesS1, but Jacques.dat has 763 more levels for you to... enjoy, I guess.
  6. Hello everyone! I know it's been a long time since I put a new version of To100T on CCZone, but I've gotten back into level designing lately, and here are 30 new levels for you to play! As always, have fun and report any praise or criticisms (or bugs or busts) in this thread. This version introduces, alongside many original levels, some levels that are sequels to levels in Pit of 100 Tiles. It also adds as a use for the Secret Hints, so be sure to pay attention to them. The levels have also been reordered. Finally, two of the levels I added contain song lyrics in the titles since the songs were stuck in my head and made me think of the level concepts I would like to thank J.B. Lewis and Michael Warner for playtesting the new levels as I create them. Michael in particular found busts all over the place in Level 62.... The set can be downloaded here: http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/files/file/230-the-other-100-tiles/ Current version (as of 3:32 PM 9/6/2014): 0.630
  7. The Other 100 Tiles

    Version 1.101


    "The Other 100 Tiles" is the sequel to my first levelset, "Pit of 100 Tiles". This features 100 levels, a few of which are in CCLP1. I submit all levels in this set for CCLP4 consideration. However, Level 50 relies on hints in other levels, so I don't want it to be in CCLP4 unless a similar idea is implemented there. Some of these levels introduce new concepts I thought of, and some others are remakes of levels from some of my levelsets from before Pit of 100 Tiles, which were lost in computer failures. Still others feature highly unusual and experimental designs, and some revisit concepts from Pit of 100 Tiles in a more difficult way. Some things to note about this set: This is significantly harder than Pit of 100 Tiles, especially near the end. I recommend you play that set first along with either CCLP1 or CC1 before playing this set. As you are playing, you might come across some "secret hints." Make sure to remember or write down what they say! They'll help you a lot in Level 50! I would like to heartily thank Michael Warner, J. B. Lewis, Tyler Sontag, Ryan J., and Josh Lee for playtesting this set and providing feedback. Their efforts kept probably a dozen busts out of the final product. Also, thank you to Jeffrey Bardon for streaming the set and providing his feedback; in addition to being fun to watch, the stream helped me find a few minor issues and frustrating parts that I've now taken efforts to correct.
  8. ZK2

    Version 2.0


    This is the second of my levelsets. In the winter of 2016 it was revamped to improve overall level quality and become much more pleasing to play. If you wish to play the original version, it can be found under the oldest version below. It may have some unresolved issues! The new version contains 80 levels, many of which are minor and major edits to existing levels, but also some replacements for levels deemed unworthy for my liking. Enjoy!
  9. MO2

    Hello everyone, MO2 has been released. The set contains 28 levels. All levels have been playtested in lynx and should work in MS as well. There is no real difficulty curve, except the hardest levels are at the end. Don't forget to discuss the levels or report any problems in this thread. Have fun! Download -Markus
  10. MO2

    Version 1.0.2


    My third level set, containing 28 levels. Some levels were already in my CCLP1 submissions set, some are new. Enjoy!
  11. ZK1

    Hello all, ZK1 has been released. You can download it right here at CCZone: http://cczone.invisi...wnload/153-zk1/ or over at the Yahoo group: http://f1.grp.yahoof...qkQgO1w/ZK1.zip Feel free to discuss the levelset in this topic. Thanks and enjoy, Zane/IceyLava108 [note --- for the latest version, please use the CCZone download; the Yahoo version will not be fully updated until the final versions of the set. Thanks ]
  12. ZK1

    Version 2.0


    This is the first of my levelsets. In the fall of 2016 it was revamped to become a much better project and not reflect some of my old and rather awful level design. If you wish to play the original version, it can be found under the oldest version below. It may have many unresolved issues! The old version contains 149 levels. The new version contains 110 levels, many of which are based on the old model of the same level, but many are also completely new. Enjoy!
  13. Bowman2

    ...It's coming... Didn't think I'd start it so soon. The goal is simpler ideas and all pedantic compatible. Got 3 levels so far, might release it at 10. Really like the way things are looking.
  14. Markus_CCLP1

    Version 1.0


    My levels for CCLP1. Enjoy!
  15. Bowman1

    Bowman1 is my set, the only one I've made. I just updated it on the yahoo groups; it has 50 levels and this will be the final version of it pending some minor updates. This forum is just to get the word out about it and see what comments people may have. This set is my submission for CCLP1. Levels 27 and 32 were in CCLP3 (Good Advice and Elite, respectively). Soooo....what do you think?
  16. MO1.dat

    Version 1.11


    My first levelset, including 60 original levels
  17. MO1

    MO1.DAT has been added to the downloads. It is my first levelset, with 60 original levels, all created by me between December 2011 - March 2012. The levels and their titles are not finalised. Some levels are unnamed, suggestions for titles will be appreciated. This set is not being submitted for CCLP1; I will create a set with my best levels from here for that. If there are any levels that you found particularly fun or CCLP1-worthy, tell me. The levels are mostly easy-medium, with a few harder puzzles All levels except 61 (the dummy level) should be possible on both rulesets. The earlier levels are worse quality than the later levels as those were some of the first levels I ever made. If you encounter any problems or find any busts, please tell me. And lastly, don't take level 59 seriously, it is meant to be unfair . Current version: 1.0 Have fun!
  18. ChipHomeRejects.dat

    Version 2011-11-17


    A set of levels which were not fun/good enough to be included in my other sets - last update Nov/17/2011 Warning! Some levels may be unsolvable (however, most levels has been tested and proved to be solvable).
  19. ChipHomeMS.dat

    Version 2012-09-02


    ChipHome5's MS-compatible only level set - last update Feb/09/2011
  20. TomP4Demo

    Well, might as well make a topic about this. This was my first attempt at bringing new levels to an MS/Lynx ruleset scale, so what did you think of it so far?
  21. BigOto Returns

    Version 1.2


    You have downloaded BigOto Returns v1.2. BigOto Returns, or BigOto7.ccl, is © Trevor Hedges (BigOto) 2012. The set may be used for consideration in CCLP1 and all future level distributions whether "official" or not. DO NOT redistribute these levels individually or under anyone else's name; all credit for these levels used in any distribution must go to me. To play this level set, simply download Tile World and then merge the folders in this download with it's folders. It will then show up at the main menu. I have mainly tested the set in Lynx but if I am suspicious that a certain part may not be MS compatible I test it there too; thus I am almost sure that every level is compatible in both rulesets. CCLP1 staff please confirm that all levels are solvable in both rulesets, and I will apply the appropriate fixes when needed. The levels start out easy with simple lesson concepts (some of which are admittedly stupid), and gets much harder as the levels get higher. There are 100 levels in total, but at some point I may expand to 149. Some levels were originally in my older set PB Gourami Levelsets (PBGA.dat) and have been modified to work in Lynx, while others are completely new and have never been seen before. If you have any questions, concerns, or fixes that you want me to make, please post at the CCZone level discussion forum here: http://cczone.invisi...vel-discussion/ You can also contact me there, at the username BigOto2. Please do not contact me on YouTube as such messages will be ignored.