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Found 2 results

  1. Sup, everyone! Havent posted in here for a while. Because I'm trying to focus creating my levelset which unexpectedly took about 18 months or so (I can't remember) to create 35 levels. But my target is about 45 levels. Which means it will took another 18 months to build them. Yeah, I know, I suck at CC, both in playing or creating them Anywaybythewaysubway, right now I'm struggling to finish designing a level named 'Hypercomplex Maze'. This level, apparently, the toughest, and the most frustating level I ever made so far. The main concept of this level is a complex maze. But what makes this level so hard to make is because, this level, described in a mathemathical formula... (Triple Maze x 2) + (Sokoban + Steam) + Key Swapping That's right. I created something which is more painful than a 'Triple Maze' level! I bet it's not easy to create a complex and confusing maze like 'Triple Maze'. It's because the fire, water, and force floor tile are very confusing to be placed in the right location. You have to make sure every single chips is obtainable. Some of them have to be placed in the right place to make sure there's a few places that can only be visited with only one type of boots. You have to make sure the level is also solvable, whether without or with a time limit. Yeah, Pieguy, you've done a brilliant job. Back to my under-construction 'Hypercomplex Maze' level. Trying to expand a highly creative level like 'Triple Maze' is a difficult one. I kept thinking if it's possible to create a more complex level like 'Quadruple Maze'. Since it's a bit hard to use every elemental tiles together as a maze (especially with the ice tile). I decided to make a Triple or maybe Quadruple Maze made of Buttons. First thing to do is, I have to make a mechanism where the player can't press different colored buttons in one phase. And on the next phase, the player must press a different colored button, and they can no longer press the first ones. And this continues until the fourth phase. Of course, the mechanism was quite hard to create. Took a couple days to figure out such mechanism. And here goes the crazy idea. Since I remembered there's a limit of using the clone and the trap buttons, the maze won't be very large. Aaaand, I decided to put some keyswapping stuff in there. Not enough, I decided to mix the level with Triple Maze concept in it! Not enough! A sokoban is also present in the level now. Oh, almost forgot. A teleport also exist there. A mixed, messed-up salad :/ ..... It will turn out into a great level, I think (Five-Star design, ONE STAR for fun :/). Though, a great level comes a great messing-up. The maze is very confusing to look at. I mean, there's a bunch of blue, green, red, and brown button, with fire, water, and force floor tile, AND various locks PLUS a sokoban inside the very maze. I messed up my first attempt of creating the maze, of course. I restarted building the maze, and it's 45% done now. Step-by-step. Very slow. Hopefully everything is done by tomorrow, so I can test it (hopefully it's solvable, if not, I'm gonna rage ). That's my experience in creating a level. What about you guys? Do you have a hard time creating a single level?
  2. Version 1.0


    By request... This is the evil level that I've mentioned working on recently. The time limit is 900 seconds and my best time is 123 seconds. You should have no problem beating this, right? Good luck.
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