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Found 1 result

  1. Okay, so I've played through about half the packs, and generally I start at 4 and go up and down from there. An atrocious level may still get a 2 from me, because I'm nice like that. However, a few levels left such a bad taste in my mouth that they got the "kiss of death". As follows: Yoshi Coal Mine -- Flouncy Level 8 I found this level exceedingly dull and tedious. It's not complicated, but it has really no redeeming value. I've made plenty of levels like this and I'm not proud. Water Slide -- Flouncy Level 44 These slide-type levels are not my favorites to begin with, but this one in particular is annoyingly hard. I think we do need some TORTURE CHAMBER-style levels, but not this one. Finding -- Giraffe Level 18 and Puzzling -- Helmet Level 29 Okay, this was mostly just on principle. However, I have played these levels before and yes, I hated them then also. Death Box -- Giraffe Level 32 Could not figure this out. Seems like a re-hash of "Commit Suicide?" with no solution. I'm sure it's there somewhere, I was just not interested in figuring it out. Blocked Block -- Lipstick Level 13 This level is, for me, completely unsolvable. And not in a good MORTON "there's some trick to this right?" kind of way. The Inner Plague -- Vermillion Level 23 OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG TEEEEEEEEETH!!!!!! Flareon -- Dragon Level 6 Really? Pokémon? I mean, it's not even a fun level to play. Teknopathetic -- Roadcone Level 42 Honestly, this is supposedly a great level. I could not get off the start tile in Lynx. It passed testing, so I'm sure it's possible, but if my old fingers cannot manage it, then it has a BA of 0 and that's just how it is. In conclusion, I judge levels based almost solely on how I feel about them, rather than some external list of features or requirements. So, if you happen to make me ill, you will feel my wrath.
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