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Found 8 results

  1. M11k4


    Version (19.2)


    This set collects all the levels used for Time Trials. It was initially compiled by Tom Patten, but now kept up to date by Miika Toukola. New levels will be added in here for your convenience. This set is also included in the Goodie Bag, though that version might not always be quite as recent as this one. You can also get a ccx file for this set in that release. So far the set contains 94 levels that have been used for competitions, some more than once. The designers of the levels included have been Tom P SugarHue123 Andrew R Dave V J.B. L Josh L Rock G Lessinath Ben H random 8 Ihavenoname248 Miika T BlazingApollo Lookatthis James A Thanks to all of the above, as well as anyone who participated in the competitions. Without you, this set would be pretty meaningless
  2. 21 downloads

    The palettes of allowed tiles for the January 2016 Create Competition. More information can be found in the thread.
  3. Version v 1.0


    The 3 levels for the September 2015 Time Trial Competition. These levels are: 1. See No Evil 2. Hear No Evil 3. Speak No Evil
  4. Version second release


    It is finally here! Inside this download you will find all the entries to the Create Competitions for the first four years from when CC Zone was created, as well as all the Time Trial levels to date. These are split into three sets that each come with a ccx file summarizing some of the info related to the competitions. A total of 28 people made these 123 unique competition levels that were part of 48 competitions. That's quite a bit Update: now added the next two years worth of competition levels too! I didn't do the exact calculations like above, but there are 74 new Create levels and about 20 new Time Trial levels as well. So the sets you are getting (along with their accompanying ccx and dac files) are: CCZcreate2008-2011.dat CCZcreate2012.dat CCZcreate2013-2014.dat CCZoneTT.dat Thanks to all the people who created these levels! They are an important part of CC-history. This compilation will be updated when needed. Like if you want to comment on one of your designs included in this release, it can be added into the ccx file. You can also expect us to add more files to the collection once there is enough material. All feedback is appreciated. Enjoy!
  5. 47 downloads

    This small set contains the levels submitted to the Valentine's Day 2014 Mini Create Challenge, where the task was to redesign two small levels from CCLP2 for Lynx play. These were levels #87, The Walker Machine by Hank Lin, and #120, Frost Rings by Tyrethali Ansrath. Three people submitted ideas, Reynaldi, Markus, and chipster1059. I also threw in a few basic ideas of my own that had been previously released as well. Enjoy! -Miika
  6. Did you ever wish to take a look at some of the old entries to the Create Competitions, or experiment for yourself how you might have fared in an old Time Trial? Well, now you can: http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/files/file/305-cc-zone-competition-goodie-bag/ This zip-file contains three sets, totaling over 120 competition levels by 28 different creators over 48 different competitions. How can you call yourself a Chipster and not get a copy? When you need a break from CCLP1 voting, look no further than this The first set collects the create levels from 2008 to 2011. These are kept as close to the original submissions as possible (with one exception). The second file contains all the create levels from 2012. Some of these have been updated, since the original submissions are mostly still available elsewhere. The third set is an updated CCZoneTT.dat which was originally compiled by Tom P but now with his permission I'm keeping it up to date with all the latest Time Trial levels. Each set comes with a ccx file that has information on the competitions themselves. Hopefully these will be informative and fun. The one for the Time Trials is not yet quite as extensive as the ones for the create sets, but I didn't want that to slow the release and will get back to updating that later. I hope to correct any mistakes in the other files as well, so do tell me if you spot anything amiss. If you are a designer of one of the levels, you can also send in comments that might be added to the ccx-file, or ask for changes, such as being referenced by a different name or your full name. The idea for this "Goodie Bag" is not to just be a one time release, but something that grows and improves with time. The files could be (and probably will be) available individually as well, but together they make form a whole that clings together thematically and conveniently. Hope you enjoy! Feel free to share your reactions and suggestions here! -Miika
  7. I'm wondering what people think of this thing... It's kinda a long shot but hey, it's worth asking.
  8. The kerfuffle with Andrew at Chip's Portal bringing up claims of copyright over works submitted there made the issue of licensing a more pressing issue. I would not want to allow my levels to appear in a community levelset if the works that I produced would be used in commercial works. So the question is, to what extent does the community think that explicit licensing is an issue? I'm sure it's not the intent of anyone to do anything unwanted with other people's works, but what constitutes "unwanted use" is contentious and requiring people to be specific on what they want to allow is a good way to avoid problems. Submitting levelsets for inclusion in a community levelpack would at minimum involve allowing CC Zone to host it and the CCLP1 team to redistribute it in a "derived" form. I would hope something like Creative Commons licensing (without the no-derivative-works clause) would be compatible enough. Since CC Zone accepts .zip files for uploads, it'd be entirely possible to include a separate copyright notice on each set. Though, I would think that'd require distributing future community levelsets with an extensive copyright file attributing every contributor and his or her own specific license, which would get pretty onerous if contributors did not stick to common licenses and roll their own. The honor system of public-domain-use-it-as-i-say-you-can licensing seems fine, but these questions are better addressed before a problem arises rather than after.
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