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Found 38 results

  1. CC1 Lynx: #24 (OORTO GELD): 431 (+4, b) #63 (BLOCK FACTORY): 473 (+2, b) Total Score: 5,897,930
  2. Version 1.2.0


    It's here. After a 3 year hiatus, TomB1.dat, known as Tom Brown's first official levelset, is finally receiving updates. It currently has 90 levels, which may be expanded at some point in the future. The levels start out with some beginner levels, and slowly gets harder as you go on. It has somewhat of a difficulty curve, so it is possible to come up on perhaps a challenging level later in the set. Some of the levels are levels that I originally created in my past, and have been modified to work in both rulesets. Most of the levels in this set are brand new and have never been created by me before 2015. All of the levels in this levelset are compatible in both rulesets, so you are able to choose which ruleset you would like to play for the levelset. Some of the levels in this levelset might be suitable for future official level packs. If you're interested in reporting scores for the set, the scoreboard can be found on pie guy's site. In other words, I guess that is all I have to say here. I hope you all enjoy it and if you have any suggestions or fixes that you want me to make, feel free to let me know on twitter, discord, and such.
  3. 350 downloads

    This is the MS/Lynx compatible version of Final Destination, made for CCLP voting. This set can be used to obtain the "Cheating Death" award on CC Zone. Version 2 of Final Destination will also be released in the upcoming "TomP2Remix" compilation set. Enjoy!
  4. Hi guys, it's time for a different type of competition! During the past few years I have made some levels that have not yet been released in any form. I envisioned compiling a set with 50 of them eventually. I now have 25 that can be released and figured I might as well put them together for an early taste of the set. I am now announcing a countdown for this release: it will be uploaded on Saturday May 9th at 4:00 a.m. GMT, so that's just short of three full days from when I post this message! To maximize the possible experience for you guys, I realized I could craft a competition around some of the levels. We haven't had a pure 'solve this level and win something'-type of competition that didn't care about how you solved the level, and as I have a few tough puzzles in the set, I thought I'd grasp the opportunity to do just that. I want to keep this a 'mini challenge' (which generally gives out a maximum of 5 Chip Cup points, and usually the participants are scored individually instead of being compared to each other), so that I don't give away too many Chip Cup points for something that can be seen as simply promoting one's own set (which is way down the list in my own goals with this effort). I will state the rules in more detail once the levels are available, but the basic idea is that you will be awarded 1 Chip Cup point for solving a tough level. For this Mini Challenge you must solve these levels in the set funfair0.ccl: #12 - Dodecaphobia #15 - A Slapstick Tragedy #21 - Seven Queens #25 - Five by Five #27 - Class is in Session I'm excited to soon release this thing and see if there is anyone out there who likes any of my creations Will you be up to the challenge? -Miika
  5. Version 1


    This is rockdet's challenge for an award if you can provide proof of completion, as offered by AdrenalinDragon. This is an horrible yet very famous level created as a joke, to protest against the concept of lucky timings. Good luck!
  6. Version 1.2


    You have downloaded BigOto Returns v1.2. BigOto Returns, or BigOto7.ccl, is © Trevor Hedges (BigOto) 2012. The set may be used for consideration in CCLP1 and all future level distributions whether "official" or not. DO NOT redistribute these levels individually or under anyone else's name; all credit for these levels used in any distribution must go to me. To play this level set, simply download Tile World and then merge the folders in this download with it's folders. It will then show up at the main menu. I have mainly tested the set in Lynx but if I am suspicious that a certain part may not be MS compatible I test it there too; thus I am almost sure that every level is compatible in both rulesets. CCLP1 staff please confirm that all levels are solvable in both rulesets, and I will apply the appropriate fixes when needed. The levels start out easy with simple lesson concepts (some of which are admittedly stupid), and gets much harder as the levels get higher. There are 100 levels in total, but at some point I may expand to 149. Some levels were originally in my older set PB Gourami Levelsets (PBGA.dat) and have been modified to work in Lynx, while others are completely new and have never been seen before. If you have any questions, concerns, or fixes that you want me to make, please post at the CCZone level discussion forum here: http://cczone.invisi...vel-discussion/ You can also contact me there, at the username BigOto2. Please do not contact me on YouTube as such messages will be ignored.
  7. This is Felix Challenge, my complete redraw of the MSCC tileset, see the readme for instructions http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/files/download/238-felix-challenge/ Edit May 2016: version 2.0, now with animated Lynx compatible version! old version: I made this set mostly for myself and friends as an improved version of the MS original graphics, I used the original graphics as a reference and most of the graphics follow the same silhouette/ placement. (As of version 2.0 a lot more tiles are now made by me from scratch) Happy Bit Busting!
  8. Happy Valentine's Day! We already have a create competition going on centered around CCLP3, but let's start another smaller one! You may have noticed that the wiki has great information on CC1 and CCLP2, but many of the pages for CCLP3 are lacking by comparison. Let's help our friends out and do something about this! And maybe at some point we can do the same for CCLP1. Your task, should you accept, is to improve the individual level pages of CCLP3. For each level you substantially improve, you will receive 1 Chip Cup point as thanks, up to five points. The edited pages do not need to be perfect, but useful. You can come up with your own approach and voice if you feel, but the main point I think is to make the level page useful for someone working on the level. This may include hints on how to solve the level, or how to optimize it, or just generally interesting tidbits about the level or its history (or scoring history). You can include pictures, maps, videos, links, and even comics if you want to go all out! Don't stress it though, as just getting the basic information out there will often improve the pages a great deal. Deadline for this task, if you want credit for it here, is the end of February. Post your progress below so we know what's been going on I will figure out the Chip Cup points and awards for participating in March. If you wish, you can even use the hashtag #Valentine in your reason for updating the page -Miika
  9. Version 1.0


    This is a TWS file for CC1 in the Lynx ruleset. All levels have been solved, with the exception of Thanks to...,which is impossible due to invalid tiles. This means I qualify for the Old School award.
  10. The CC Zone guides section has been added! You can use this to create your own walkthroughs for your own levelsets and other tutorials/guides related to Chip's Challenge with this feature. http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/tutorials/ There is a CC Zone Award for uploading a guide too. Enjoy!
  11. So, which do you use to chip? I use mostly CHIPS.EXE (although it is less fluent on Windows 7). For everything that is non-competitive level playing for fun, modifying, and level playtesting and other things. However, when I want to keep a .TWS for whatever reason, I use tile world. And as for Tile World 2, I don't use it, because, well, I haven't tried it yet .
  12. For solving all puzzles related to CCLP1 over the last couple of weeks, the CCLP1 staff have decided to give you one last surprise before release. Enjoy!
  13. Happy Valentine's Day to all Chipsters! Did you realize we have an award here at CC Zone for participating in a Valentine's Day competition? Here's your chance to get one! Valentine's Day is all about remembering those people that are dearest to your heart and making sure they know how you feel about them. I want to give you all the chance to express your love towards a classic set, CCLP2. To do this, all you have to do is redesign two small levels from CCLP2 for Lynx play. The levels in question originally use invalid tiles in a way that is hard to translate over to Lynx. The first level is #87, The Walker Machine. This level uses chips hidden under fake blue walls and a cloned stream of walkers to make your collecting job harder. In addition, the chips form the shape of a castle. To make a similar level for Lynx, you can consider hiding chips under blocks, enlarging the size of the castle, and whatever you can think of that recreates the feeling of the original for Lynx. Don't be afraid to keep it simple, but you may also go crazy and do something totally different as long as you explain the connection to the original. The second level is #120, Frost Rings. This level uses ice hidden under chips to create a puzzle that seems open to easy collecting of chips, but actually limits your movements more and more as the ice is uncovered. The level is symmetric with the exit in the center. To make a similar level for Lynx you might want to use pop-up walls to restrict the movement of Chip, or enlarge the level just a bit, or come up with something else that feels like the original. If you can make the puzzle be about the same difficulty as the original, that would be a plus. This challenge is open for a week, so the deadline for submissions is Feb 21st where you live. Send your submissions to me at valeosote at hotmail dot com. The submissions will then be published for everyone's enjoyment. This is not a standard create competition for the Chip Cup, but rather a mini challenge, so the scoring is a bit different. Participants can earn up to 5 Chip Cup points, on a scale that measures successful effort roughly like this: 1 point - you submit something. 2 points - your submission meets the requirements. 3 points - you have clearly put effort into creating something that works. 4 points - you submit one great level and the other one is pretty straight-forward. 5 points - you have grasped what this task was about and created two levels that feel like the originals. At this point you might guess that this task has something to do with the CCLP2 Lynx Project, and you would be right. The main connection is the motivation for running this thing. I have seen some attempts at making lynxified versions of these levels, but I want to find out if someone out there still can come up with a new take. At it's best this might produce something great we could use, and at it's worst we will have more versions of the levels to compare to each other. However, this challenge is otherwise disconnected from that project in the sense that if you want to participate and not have your creations utilized for the project, you can do so. If we wish to use any of your ideas we will discuss it with you separately. If you have any questions, please ask! Have fun! -Miika
  14. +1 for the level you want to heal, -2 for the level you want to hurt. A level will be eliminated from the round when it hits 0. Copy and paste the latest post reply, then make your changes with +1 and -2 to your choices and numbers. Rules - No double posting! Wait until at least three different people after you have responded minimum before you play again and post! NOTE - If a level you want to give a -2 score to has only 1 remaining, the -2 vote must be shared with another level. Round 1 Elimination Levels 9-18 TELEBLOCK, CELLBLOCKED, HUNT/CASTLE MOAT, BRUSHFIRE, NICE DAY, TRINITY, SOUTHPOLE and ELEMENTARY Winner - NUTS AND BOLTS Round 2 Elimination Levels 19-28 BLINK, ICEBERG, BLOBNET, GO WITH THE FLOW, OORTO GELD, PING PONG, FORCED ENTRY, TOSSED SALAD and DIGGER Winner - CHCHCHIPS Round 3 Elimination Levels 29-38 ON THE ROCKS, SCAVENGER HUNT, MISHMESH, SEEING STARS, ARCTICFLOW, CYPHER, KNOT, SAMPLER and LEMMINGS Winner - LADDER Round 4 Elimination Levels 39-48 REFRACTION, PIER SEVEN, BEWARE OF BUG, GLUT, I.C. YOU, FLOORGASBORG, MONSTER LAB, THREE DOORS and LOCK BLOCK Winner - MUGGER SQUARE Round 5 Elimination Levels 49-58 I SLIDE, DIGDIRT, DEEPFREEZE, TRAFFIC COP, LOOP AROUND, STRANGE MAZE, GRAIL, PROBLEMS and POTPOURRI Winner - THE LAST LAUGH Round 6 Elimination Levels 59-68 RINK, SLO MO, BLOCK FACTORY, CHIPMINE, SCOUNDREL, HIDDEN DANGER, VICTIM, SPOOKS, and EENY MINY MOE Winner - AMSTERDAM Round 7 Elimination Levels 69-78 MORTON, REVERSE ALLEY, FORCE SQUARE, BOUNCE CITY, INVINCIBLE CHAMPION, PLAYTIME, NIGHTMARE, STEAM, and CORRIDOR Winner - FOUR PLEX Round 8 Elimination Levels 79-88 CITYBLOCK, WRITERS BLOCK, TELENET, VANISHING ACT, WARS, SPIRALS, DRAWN AND QUARTERED, SOCIALIST ACTION, and SUICIDE Winner - UP THE BLOCK Round 9 Elimination Levels 89-98 BLOCK BUSTER, NOW YOU SEE IT, JUMPING SWARM, METASTABLE TO CHAOS, SHRINKING, FOUR SQUARE, PLAYHOUSE, VORTEX, and ROADSIGN Winner - PARANOIA Round 10 Elimination Levels 99-108 CATACOMBS, JAILER, APARTMENT, KABLAM, SHORT CIRCUIT, COLONY, BALLS O FIRE, ICEHOUSE, and MEMORY Winner - BLOCK OUT Round 11 Elimination Levels 109-118 OVERSEA DELIVERY, DECEPTION, THE MARSH, TIME LAPSE, BLOCK BUSTER II, FORTUNE FAVOURS THE, CHILLER, OPEN QUESTION, and TORTURECHAMBER Winner - MISS DIRECTION Round 12 Elimination Levels 119-128 BLOCK N ROLL, SKELZIE, TOTALLY FAIR, PERFECT MATCH, SLIDE STEP, THE PRISONER, ALPHABET SOUP, ALL FULL, and MIXED NUTS Winner - FIRETRAP Round 13 Elimination Levels 129-138 PAIN, ICE CUBE, DOUBLEMAZE, TOTALLY UNFAIR, BLOBDANCE, LOBSTER TRAP, TRUST ME, GOLDKEY, and MIX UP Winner - PARTIAL POST Round 14 Elimination Levels 139-149 Thanks to..., STRIPES?, ICEDEATH, PENTAGRAM, CAKE WALK, MIND BLOCK, SPECIAL, FORCE FIELD, YORKHOUSE, and FIREFLIES Winner - UNDERGROUND Final Round Elimination Winners from all rounds 14th - NUTS AND BOLTS 13th - UNDERGROUND 12th - PARTIAL POST 11th - FIRETRAP 10th - BLOCK OUT 9th - AMSTERDAM 8th - CHCHCHIPS 7th - MISS DIRECTION 6th - FOUR PLEX 5th - THE LAST LAUGH 4th - UP THE BLOCK 3rd - MUGGER SQUARE 2nd - LADDER Overall Winner - PARANOIA (even though Four Plex is the best CC1 level...) Round 1 Levels 9-18 NUTS AND BOLTS [11] +1 BRUSHFIRE [10] TRINITY [10] HUNT [10] SOUTHPOLE [10] TELEBLOCK [8] -2 ELEMENTARY [10] CELLBLOCKED [10] NICE DAY [10] CASTLE MOAT [10]
  15. Hash1

    Goomba CC

    Hey guys!... I made 8-bit Goomba with CC tiles for the Spyro the dragon award!
  16. Does anyone know what Thumbs.db (database) is for? It once came with a custom set I downloaded, but It dosen't look like something neccesary. I'd just like to know what it's for to make sure it's not virus or something.
  17. In this game, you have to guess what is the level title according to the given hints. For example: ---------- - This level is from CCLP2. - The exit is visible from the start, but it is guarded by a line of pink balls. - You can't return back to where you started unless you have a green key. - This level is unplayable in Lynx because there's a thin wall on the lower layer. What level is it? ---------- Person below will post the answer, and make another question: It's "Creative One-Ways" -This level is... - Has time limit of... and so on ---------- Let's get started! - The main objective of this level is to avoid collecting the chips - There's a room with... um... obvius suicide methods? - A CCLP3 Level Also, try to not to peek into the editor!
  18. okay, this is a ridiculous problem I know but I can't find where to get CCEdit 2.0. :huh: [i'm talking about the newest editor, the one that displays a square around the cursor which represents the playing view.] Somebody handed me a link in chat months ago, and that's how I first got it. My computer broke down so I have to re-download it. I can't find it doing a simple search on google or yahoo, it's not here, it's not on the yahoo group. wtf... am I just missing something? also; an unrelated question: how do you enable skipping passwords in both tileworlds? [go to any level without need of a password]
  19. Hi everyone, just stopping by CCZone: The next level now and then, and this time I'm here to announce a future levelset I have in mind with a theme: The elevator levels. Now, don't ask me why, but lately I have been thinking of elevators (or, how Tom P would say: lifts ) And one day I had, not a brainstorm, but more like a "brain-hurricane" about ideas for elevator themed levels. I hope all of those ideas survive until the day I decide to start making this levelset, because although I'd love to start right now, I'm in a sort of "study or die" situation. But soon, I'll be spending most of my free time on this levelset. I don't know how difficult it will be, depends on my inspiration and how my level-making skills will be (if they improve or stay the same), and, most importantly, on ideas. However, since I've been already having ideas, I think it'll end up a pretty good and fun levelset. I think it'll be realesed in the late months of this year or early days of next year. I estimate it'll be in between 30 and 50 levels, I hope no fewer, because I find less than 30 a little too short. I am looking forward to finishing and sharing this levelset, I'm saying this because my other one which I keep talking about, however, doesn't proceed. About that one, I'll start talking about it again when I see that I'm really going to work on it and put effort into it because I may be getting people's hopes up, for nothing, or for something that's not going happen until a long time. I've been having personal troubles with it (such as lack of inspiration, impatience. doing something else instead of CC, etc.) so that's why it has not been advancing. So , there was a bit of stuff offtopic in that paragraph, now I'm back ontopic. The story will be something like: Chip was just about to exit the Bitbuster's building, he takes the elevator, it stops and stays stranded for some time. He waits. Nothing happens. He lays down. He stares at the ceiling, and is slowly becoming asleep, then he falls asleep, and has a long dream about the levelset, in other words, the levelset is the dream Chip has while sleeping, trapped in the elevator. The rest of the story, I haven't thought of yet, or maybe I have, or maybe,... it's a surprise? Well, there went some of the levelset infomation now, here's an interesting part; I will list some of the possibly future levels' titles: -The right floor... -Riding with other riders -A building with no elevator -A/The secret elevator -An elevator with mirrors -Freefalling elevator nightmare -Going up, going down -Destination: rooftop -Emergency exit -Get to floor 4 b4 4 (before 4 o'clock, this is probably gonna be a race-against-time level) -The need to insert a key -Jump to car #02 -Elevator music -Ding! -Elevator on fire -Shafting -Runaway elevator/(the) escaping elevator/the elevator escapes! If you have any ideas, or title names, feel free to post them! (or questions, suggestions, etc.)
  20. Give me any Roman Numeral less than 5,000 and I will solve it without any help. For those who have little to no experience with Roman Numerals: I - 1 V - 5 X - 10 L - 50 C - 100 D - 500 M - 1000
  21. Well, one sort of exists... http://www.amazon.com/Chips-Challenge-Fleeting-Abandoned-Rainstorm/dp/1234671832 That's pretty cool!
  22. Version 0.2


    My first levelset 0.0 Anyways, it's not finished yet. It's still fun to play!
  23. I was just wondering. Has anyone tried changing the default CCX file of CCLP3 for their own levelsets? I've kind of had some luck getting it to work for TomP4 but it's a bit tough trying to make sure none of the code messes up. It's pretty good and I think there should be a program to make CCX files much easier.
  24. NOTE - Version 2.2 fixes more busts in the original release. Ok guys, it's finally out! I've spent all week Lynxifying this level for CCLP voting. I've also added more things to do this time around so I hope you all like the 2nd version. The download for playtesting this level is: http://cczone.invisi...tion-version-2/ Yes, you can use that download for the CC Zone Award. I can confirm so far that it's 100% solvable in Lynx with this video below: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z40YA299Vj4 Since the Lynx version has less room for error, I'm going to guess the MS version should be easier to solve for all Chipsters. I've only tested it in Tile World so far, though.
  25. Good news everyone! Chuck Sommerville's Chuck's Challenge 3D has hit the $12,500 target on the kickstarter for funding the game. Check this link for more details: http://www.kickstart...ks-challenge-3d Well done everyone for contributing as a backer for Chuck! I have also made a forum specifically for Chuck's Challenge now too.
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