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Found 12 results

  1. Version v 1.0


    The 3 levels for the September 2015 Time Trial Competition. These levels are: 1. See No Evil 2. Hear No Evil 3. Speak No Evil
  2. chipster1059

    Swimming Teeth

    Just a simple CC Comic I made. This was designed in CCEdit and the text was added with Pinta.

    © Do anything you want with it as long as you credit me.

  3. Version 1.0


    This is a TWS file for CC1 in the Lynx ruleset. All levels have been solved, with the exception of Thanks to...,which is impossible due to invalid tiles. This means I qualify for the Old School award.
  4. So, which do you use to chip? I use mostly CHIPS.EXE (although it is less fluent on Windows 7). For everything that is non-competitive level playing for fun, modifying, and level playtesting and other things. However, when I want to keep a .TWS for whatever reason, I use tile world. And as for Tile World 2, I don't use it, because, well, I haven't tried it yet .
  5. Hash1

    Goomba CC

    Hey guys!... I made 8-bit Goomba with CC tiles for the Spyro the dragon award!
  6. Have you ever wondered what Chip looks like? I mean, there are just sooooooo many versions of him,.. almost every thing with him on it is a unique version of him, with many waaaay different fisical aspects. anything from a blond, pink shirt Chip to a cartoonish-looking red-head Chip. Well, I gotta say, the standard MS graphics Chip isn't really nerdy enough. Almost, but not enough... the CHIPEND Chip (when you beat the MS last level) looks very goofy to me! I'd say he looks like either like the Lynx game pack cover, (not the green-pants one, but the one were he has a key in his hand and he's dodging teeth), that or the 80's Harry Potter-looking Chip (The picture that also shows Melinda). And the Chip Exe's Icon Chip ( ) looks too surrealism to me!
  7. Chipwoodstock

    Smooth 64x64 Chip

    I wanted to smooth out Chip's MSCC sprite after I made it 2 times larger, but keeping the pixels from being smooth. This happened.
  8. So I've called them many things, but most often I revert to 'monsters' because I had the odd notion that they were not called 'creatures' in the original MSCC help file. However, now that I think about it, I'm not sure about that, and right now I don't have a computer that can run MSCC to check, Who can tell me what they are, and what they should really be called?
  9. Hash1

    Wait a minute!

    My first comic, I'll just put it here because I can't put it in "comics". Chip is going through a level when he starts to see it has a hidden message. Warning: it contains a very mild insult.
  10. Treasure Hunter March 2012 Name of level: Chip Plank Galleon To be played in Lynx Time Limit: 400 Created by Tom Patten Deadline: April 15th, 0:00 ET (GMT -5) Link: http://cczone.invisi...ter-march-2012/ Rules of the competition: - Your TWS recording should be sent to: rocket_rg@msn.com - This focuses on item collecting. - Using keys on doors deducts points. - It's not necessarily the fastest time that wins. - Collecting specific items give your points. - A global leaderboard will be used to judge the final winner. - You MUST finish the level. - The points are: Green Key - 2 points Red Key - 3 points Yellow Key - 5 points Blue Key - 10 points Time bonus - 1 point for every 5 seconds left on the clock.
  11. As I'm nearing the end of CC1, and running into the first this-will-take-forever-for-a-guy-like-me levels in CC1, I've decided to take a short break of recording from it, for a day or two, and.. start a playthrough of TomP1! Anyways, I've played through most of TomP1 before, but mainly below the 100's. When I finish TomP1, as long as I can get past Nightmare on Block Street without trouble, I'll start TomP1Special, if it's out by the time I finish TomP1! So, two things I have to say: My playlist for my TomP1 vids are here: And another thing: Rock isn't the only one who's going to struggle through the last few levels of TomP1 now.
  12. 90 downloads

    The level for March 2012's Treasure Hunter competition. Lynx ruleset. Designed by Tom Patten.
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