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Found 11 results

  1. so I was wondering if there was any way to convert .dat, .c2m, .pzm, and .tws into each other. some kinds of conversion tools like dat2c2g, maybe recreate the files using a level editor or something else? file information for anyone who doesn't recognize some of the files formats .dat files: chip's challenge level set files. .c2m files: chip's challenge 2 level set files. .pzm files: PuzzleStudio level files. .tws: tile world level set files.
  2. Sup guys, it's Tyler. I don't think I've run a Create Competition before so I am proud to present my first! For this competition, I wanted to celebrate the upcoming Chip's Challenge 2 three year release anniversary (on May 28th) with this month's theme: Chip's Challenge 2 - Back to Basics The CC2 editor was originally tiny, so many of the original CC2 levels are 10x10. It's been 20 years since those levels were designed and making huge levels is enticing, but for this competition I want you to make a 10x10 CC2 level to show how far level design has come and what neat concepts you can pack into a small space Guidelines: 1. The level must be your own and not already be publicly released. 2. The size of the level map MUST be 10x10. The level contents can of course be smaller, but CC2 cannot handle smaller map sizes than 10x10. 3. It should be a CC2 level. If you do not own or cannot run CC2, I will allow CC1 levels to be submitted, given that it could be theoretically ported to CC2 (e.g. no taking advantage of CC1's trap connections! ) 4. The deadline is May 31st, 11:59 PM EDT (GMT-4). PM me on CCZone or Discord (quiznos00#3068) to submit your level(s). You can submit up to 5 levels for consideration. Have fun!
  3. Mystic Challenge

    Version 1.01


    Hello! This is a 22-level set based on the 22 major arcana of the tarot! The maps sometimes resemble the imagery on the cards, and at other times merely embody the spirit of the cards. The puzzles generally don't involve a lot of monster dodging, but I tried to make the maps as varied as the cards themselves. I hope you enjoy playing them as much I enjoyed making them ^^ Includes (in the second zip labelled 'extra music') a custom-made piece of ragtime music which is the bgm for map 15 'The Devil'. Note: Unrelated to this set, but I'm almost finished working on a 60-level set with no specific theme and I feel it is a massive improvement on the quality of the levels in 'Mystic Challenge'. Though I still feel good about 'Mystic Challenge' as a set, if you're in any way unsatisfied with it as you play through it, I hope this new set I'm making can satisfy you instead!
  4. There is a new version of my Java Chip's Challenge 2 level set maker. Tons of new easy to use features. Check it out. Read the help file first. In order for it to work the directory you set for levels must be the same as where you are selecting the levels from.Music must be in cc2 music folder. Program is located in the dist folder. https://www.dropbox.com/s/9mh71zz6ryjp4yy/Chip%27s%20Challenge%202%20Level%20Set%20Maker.zip?dl=0
  5. Centennium II

    Version 0.1.0


    This is my second CC2 set, which, unlike its predecessor, is designed to use all the available game elements. Until it too reaches 100 levels, none of the levels are set in stone. They are subject to be changed or removed entirely depending on the feedback received for this set. The level order will certainly be changed at the 1.0.0 release to provide a reasonable difficulty curve. Much like Centennium, there will be tutorial levels of a sort at the beginning of this challenge as well, but they will be designed to be played like non-tutorial easy levels. If some end up being too difficult, I will consider moving them back to a later position in the set. Feel free to leave comments / feedback / suggestions at the levelset series thread here: http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/1140-jbs-cc2-levelset-feedback-thread-centennium-ii-under-construction/ Enjoy chipping!
  6. stupid cook telephasic workshop

    level by Tyler Sontag
  7. TSAlpha

    Version Feb 18, 2019


    This is my first Chip's Challenge 2 level set. It has 40 levels.
  8. gm5

    Version 2.2


    A level set consisting of 68 levels for Chip's Challenge 2. Some are big - some are small; some are easy - some are hard Feedback is appreciated.
  9. CC2 Maps

    Version 1.0.1


    For anyone who'd like to see all of CC2's levels from the top down or jump into optimization on Day 1 - here is the complete collection of maps for CC2 levels.
  10. So, just how long has the release of CC2 been delayed? I had always thought that CC2 was created in the late 90s. Yet some news sources seem to say otherwise. This one claims CC2 was finished in 1991: http://www.siliconera.com/2015/05/03/the-sequel-that-should-have-been-released-24-years-ago-will-finally-come-out-this-may/ This would mean that Chuck started working on CC2 almost immediately after the release of CC1. Compare with the information that was posted on Chips Plus: http://web.archive.org/web/20091026173457/http://geocities.com/fishofgold/chips/petition.html This says CC2 was still being developed, and doesn't mention any legal problems or demands for $100K (unless the bit about "show[ing] game companies that there was enough interest to bring out a second version of the game" is an allusion to such things). Does anyone have any good information on the real timeline of events?
  11. Puzzle Studio

    I saw a page on the wiki saying there's a thread in these forums on Puzzle Studio. It linked to what I think is its old location, however, and I couldn't find one here (via search box).... So, uhmm, how's the progress?