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Found 20 results

  1. For a few weeks I have been working on a CC2 set, and I have decided to release a first version. Here it is: http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/files/file/504-c1059-cc2/ It contains 40 levels. Several are ports of CC1 levels I made with a few improvements thanks to CC2 tiles, others are entirely new. No music is included in this version. I may add some in later versions if there is enough demand. Please leave feedback! Thanks for playing!
  2. Version 2.4


    My first CC2 set. See this thread for more details: http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/1164-c1059-cc2/
  3. Version 1.4


    DO NOT PLAY THIS SET! ALL ITS LEVELS APPEAR IN C1059-1 AND C1059-2. I simply grouped levels from both these sets to submit for CCLP4. This assumes that CCLP4 will be a CC1 set. If it turns out it will be a CC2 set, I will delete this file and upload a CC2 set instead.
  4. Version 1.0


    This is the sequel to C1059-1. Contains 50 levels, entirely solvable in both Lynx and MS. See this thread for more details: http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/1130-c1059-2-cc1/ Thanks to Cyberdog for playtesting! Please leave feedback. Thanks for playing!
  5. Version 1.0


    This is a levelset that includes mostly insane levels. See this thread for more details: http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/1116-c1059-insanity/ Thanks to Tyler Sontag for making MapMaker Deluxe which was used to make the screenshots.
  6. Version 1.0


    Merry Christmas everyone! This is a short 5 level set release as a gift to you all! It is solvable only in MS, and several levels require PGChip. Please leave feedback so I can improve future sets. Thanks for playing!
  7. Version 1.0


    This is my first major levelset. It contains 50 levels. All have been tested and solved in both Lynx and MS, except level 49, which is Lynx only. Discuss here: http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/930-c1059-1/ DAC files are included. I hope you enjoy these levels. Please leave feedback so I can improve future sets.
  8. Version 1.1


    My first CC levelset. It contains 30 levels. It requires the ice block patch. Therefore, it is playable in MS ONLY (except for one level). A DAC file is included. The patch can be downloaded here: http://davidstolp.com/old/chips/patches/pgchip.zip A special version of Tile World that includes the patch can be downloaded here: http://davidstolp.com/old/chips/patches/pgchip/tworld1.3.0+iceblock3.zip Please leave feedback so the next levelset will be better. Thanks for playing!
  9. This is my first levelset. I have worked on it over the past few days. It contains ten levels. And it is for Puzzle Studio. Levels 1 to 4 are lesson levels. Levels 5 to 8 are regular levels. Levels 9 and 10 are adapted from CC2 levels, which were designed by Chuck Sommerville. You can download the levelset here: http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/files/file/315-1059ps1/ Please leave feedback. Thanks for playing!
  10. Version 1.0


    This is a TWS solution file for CCLP3 in Lynx. All levels have been solved, but there are no bolds.
  11. This is a CC1 set, not a CC2 set. I began building it almost immediately after releasing C1059-1. Currently, it has about 40 levels. I hope to release it when I have 50. The set will be solvable in Lynx and MS, but not in pedantic Lynx. I have no immediate plans to make it work for the Steam ruleset, but it may come eventually. I am currently searching for playtesters for the set. If you would be interested, please send me a PM. Thanks!
  12. I have been working on a (CC1) set that includes insane levels. Here it is: http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/files/file/469-c1059-insanity/ Sorry about all the blank levels, but they are required for the warpstation to work. Most of the levels require MSCC to be solved, but some of them work in Tile World. Those levels have TW in the title. Thanks to Tyler Sontag, David Stolp, ChipHome5 and Mike Lask for helping me with this set! Please leave feedback. Thanks for playing!
  13. Version 1.0


    This TWS file proves that I have solved all 149 levels of CC1 in the MS ruleset. It has not been optimized.
  14. Version 1.0


    This TWS file is not to claim any award. It is simply a solution guide for CCLXP2 Beta. All 149 levels have been solved, but not optimized.
  15. Version 1.0


    This is my TWS file for CCLP2 in MS. All 149 levels have been solved. The last level solved was Patrolled. As far as I know, this TWS file does not contain a single bold.
  16. I have decided to make a levelset. I have no idea how long it will be, but it currently has 50 levels. It will work in both Lynx and MS (I have no plans for Pedantic Lynx). Here is a short preview of it. It contains 11 levels. PREVIEW DELETED. FINAL VERSION HERE: http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/files/file/425-c1059-1dat/ Please note that level 11 is Lynx only. Please leave feedback so I can improve the final set! Thanks for playing!
  17. Version 1.0


    This is a TWS file for CC1 in the Lynx ruleset. All levels have been solved, with the exception of Thanks to...,which is impossible due to invalid tiles. This means I qualify for the Old School award.
  18. Version 1.0


    This is a TWS file proving I have completed all 149 levels of CCLP1 in MS. This TWS also contains two bolds: Tiny and Loose Pocket.
  19. Version 1.0


    This is a TWS file which proves I have solved all 149 levels of CCLP1 in Lynx. No optimising has been made.
  20. Version 1.0


    I recently played the oldest custom levelset still available for download, MewtwoDX1, using the MS ruleset. This is the resulting TWS file. The four skipped levels were marked as impossible by Brian Raiter. I will upload a LP of this set over the next few months on Youtube.
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