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Found 17 results

  1. The initial coding is sufficiently finished that I am finally ready to announce my new project: Chip's Challenge Creator (working title), the first unified editor for both Tile World and CC2, with script editing! Below is a screenshot clip demonstrating my code's ability to load a familiar CC2 level and display it using the CC2 tileset: The plan is to write the first version in Java, for ease and speed of development. The Java program should work on most people's systems, and I hope later to port the program to C++ for more power and versatility. Below is a list of the planned features for the editor. I invite everyone to look over the list, and reply with any requests for additions or modifications. With the heavy coding out of the way, I may have the project finished in a month or two. Hopefully the community will find it useful for creating the next generation of awesome Chip's Challenge levels!
  2. Version 5.0.0


    A fully comprehensive MSCC skin for CC2, not a single sprite or tile has not been looked over. Several of the tiles in here however are taken from other sets, the numbers are a few too many to count but basically if you made an MSCC styled CC2 sprite its probably in here. Everything in this sheet has been reduced to the original 16 colours of the base game and all CC2 sprites have been adjusted to better fit the MSCC style. Feel free to edit parts of this and use the tiles in your own set, I would be honoured if you did. Issues: some tiles aren't exactly perfect, such as the foil which I couldn't get exactly right but is still somewhat MSCC, and the dirt patch tile which doesn't match its original MSCC appearance as I didn't want to give people who use smooth scrolling a seizure, logic gates remain unchanged other than colours as modifying those would A. throw people off and B. they already look fine. Enjoy the Set! Credits: scutilla: for the original CC2 MS tileset that was improved heavily upon Sickly Silver Moon: for most of the original overhaul work Ryan J.: changes to many many tiles throughout iterations, solely responsible for the new ghost, and stay up + push down walls ncrecc: For many new tiles and improvements including removal of animations and the new Transmogrifier and slime The Chip's Challenge Discord Server Members: for their continued support, ideas, and suggestions for improvement (Notably: Indy, IHNN, Chipster, Tyler, Naemuti, Flareon350, Cowman_133, Vehudur / Lessinath, Sharpeye & the other marketers; and plenty others who Chipped in to help and improve) Ed Halley: for creating the original Microsoft tileset used in the Microsoft WEP release, without that this project wouldn't exist And finally: You: for taking the time to download and use this tileset, or even just consider looking at it. Without you this project would be pointless, thank you.
  3. Version 1.0


    This is a levelset that includes mostly insane levels. See this thread for more details: http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/1116-c1059-insanity/ Thanks to Tyler Sontag for making MapMaker Deluxe which was used to make the screenshots.
  4. Version 2012-09-03


    ChipHome5's insane levels (using data reset and multi tank glitch) - last update Mar/09/2012 Warning! Some of the levels are quite easy while some are almost impossible!
  5. Version 2.0


    This is my complete redraw of the MSCC tileset. Version 2.0 now with a Tile World Lynx tileset! Also a lot of stuff is used from my CC2 tileset and colors are generally a little bit less washed out. See the readme.txt file for instructions to install it
  6. My current CC project is finally ready for publication (download it here)! This is a programming specification for a "universal" Chip's Challenge data model -- one that can represent levels from any of several major versions of CC, including both CC1 and CC2. The idea is that software based on this model (e.g. an editor) will be able to import levels (and script info) from any source, and export them to any destination. In other words, one single program could handle nearly all versions and file formats pertaining to CC! What I would like at this point is to have the document reviewed by other CC fans, especially programmers, to tell me if anything's unclear or if I missed anything. I especially need programmers' perspectives to let me know if this will work as a software specification (as I don't currently have much experience writing one). But I would also appreciate if anyone, programmer or not, could look at it and double-check it regarding describing the game accurately. One important note: this document's purpose is only to describe the game's data. The section on the game's elements is left intentionally incomplete; its purpose is simply to list all of the element types that are expected for use in defining game entities. A complete specification of the CC element set would be a topic for a whole other document (or set of documents!). Finally, keep an eye out for an announcement regarding another project which this one's completion makes possible....
  7. Version 1.0


    The Chip's Challenge Unified Data Model, a document detailing an abstract, general-purpose specification for CC data that attempts to unify the formats used by various versions of Chip's Challenge. This download itself does not contain any code for loading and manipulating CC data, but the specification may be used as a template for writing such code (e.g. an editor). Feedback is appreciated!
  8. This is Felix Challenge, my complete redraw of the MSCC tileset, see the readme for instructions http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/files/download/238-felix-challenge/ Edit May 2016: version 2.0, now with animated Lynx compatible version! old version: I made this set mostly for myself and friends as an improved version of the MS original graphics, I used the original graphics as a reference and most of the graphics follow the same silhouette/ placement. (As of version 2.0 a lot more tiles are now made by me from scratch) Happy Bit Busting!
  9. Version 2016-02-21


    ChipHome5's main level set (all the levels in this set are Lynx-compatible) - last update Nov/22/2015
  10. MSCC may be over 20 years old, yet more glitches are still being discovered. A while ago, Tyler posted a video of a variation of the convergence glitch using teeth and ice blocks: (it also works with tanks, by the way) I decided to make a level using the glitch. I filled the rest of the level with an ice slide inspired by Chased by...the Exit? However, halfway through my slide, I realised that I was stuck in the middle of the map. Rather than rebuilding the slide, I added a teleport to continue the slide elsewhere. This had the side effect of preventing the glitch from working properly (it requires teleports), so I added a small mechanism involving a tank. The result is a multible tank glitch style glitch demonstrated in the following video. The video is in odd-step, as Chip gets killed by a block in even-step: Does anyone have any idea what causes this?
  11. I have been working on a (CC1) set that includes insane levels. Here it is: http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/files/file/469-c1059-insanity/ Sorry about all the blank levels, but they are required for the warpstation to work. Most of the levels require MSCC to be solved, but some of them work in Tile World. Those levels have TW in the title. Thanks to Tyler Sontag, David Stolp, ChipHome5 and Mike Lask for helping me with this set! Please leave feedback. Thanks for playing!
  12. Version 1.0


    A demonstration of a MSCC glitch. More info here:
  13. A screenshot of my tileset which is a complete redraw of the MSCC graphics
  14. Version 2012-09-02


    ChipHome5's MS-compatible only level set - last update Feb/09/2011
  15. Version 2011-11-17


    A set of levels which were not fun/good enough to be included in my other sets - last update Nov/17/2011 Warning! Some levels may be unsolvable (however, most levels has been tested and proved to be solvable).
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