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Found 13 results

  1. What song is everyone listening to as they are posting? I'm listening to Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites by Skrillex. So... as the title suggests: what song are you listening to right now?
  2. Double the last number. Note: This thread will get ridiculously filled with huge numbers in about 30 posts. ------------------------------ 1
  3. Version 1.1


    This is the Demo version of TomP4, which features the first 19 of 149 levels in the set. All levels are MS/Lynx. For best results, play in Tile World Lynx. CCX and DAC files included. NOTE - These levels may be different in the full version!
  4. Th͡i҉s ́w̨às ́o͜r͏igina͏ll͜y̷ ́int̶ȩnde͡d as͢ ̧a̢ ͠jơk̨e͜ b͢ỳ m̷ys͢e̷l͢f, ̵b̵ut͡ ҉no͟w i̵t͝'s̴ ͠a̸ real̢ity.͢ ͘Thi͡s̀ to͡pic ̀w̨il̸l̷ ͟pr͘oba̵bly ͞die̶.̴ ̛[i̷t̕ ͠w͞a҉s̸ ͢request͘èd]̨ ͝ ͝** Al̶so, I am incĺu̢d̛in̨g̶ thè ei̛g͠ht ̕l͝ess̨o͘n҉ ĺev̵e͝ls, ͡beça͝u̸s͝e,̛ w̡e͠l̀l̛, w͝hy̴ n̴ot?͡ ͘T̢h̸ey̴'r͟e ̴l̕evel̵s͠, aņd the̴y'͟r͠e͏ i̕n ̨the ҉set! ̷ C͏on̢side͟r͘iǹg̡ ́t͠h͞e̷ r͢athe͜r҉ l͜ar̷ge͟ diffe͝re͏n̶ce ͞b̀et̷we͏e̡n ̵t҉h͞i̕s̕ ̕a͏nd ̛a͞l͡l͟ o̢the҉r ̡H&H͜ t͜ơp҉ìc̀s,̷ the ru̢l̕ȩs͏ have b̢een ̧exte̶ǹded: ͏ Y͡ou mu̴s͜t̵ ́w̨ai̶t ONE ҉post͏s ̢m͞iniḿum̴ ́(n͟ot̷ thre̴e̷)͢ ̕b̵e̸f͞or҉e̢ ̸y͢ou ͞c͜an ̵ŗe͞-̡pos̴t ̛a͟n͡d ̢ŗe̛sp̛ond͞ wi͘t́h ̧yóur̨ ͞ne̢xt hur̶tś a̸nd̢ hea͢l̢s̢!҉ ҉ Eac͘h lȩv́ȩl b̧eg̴i̶n͡s͟ ͡wi͞th ͟12 ͢poi̡n̛t҉s. ̸ ͜Y͜òú ͏m̢ay ͟hea͟l̨ 2 ĺev͏e͠l͢s̀ an͡d ͢hųrt ͘3͝ ̡le̛ve̕ls in ̷on̴e͠ ̧p̀o̧s͏t͞, fo͡r̶ a̧ tota͡l͜ of̷ ҉5̴ ̶l͡eve̸ls ąf̵fe͞c̷ted i҉n͟ ýòu҉r̡ ̸pos͢t. ̀Add 2̀ poi͘nt͟s to ͟lév̕el̨s̷ ̸yo͏u wi̴s͞h̀ ̷to ̴h̕eal̵, a̛nd s͜ưb͝tra̷c̕t̶ ͢3̸ po̸int̷s̷ ́f̕ro͜m̧ ͏le͟velś ͝ýou͜ w͜i̧s͟h͘ to ͟hu͟r͜t͠.̷ Be c͟a͢refu̶l,̕ ͜as̢ whe̕n a ̷lev̨el ̶rȩa̧ches ͘0͏,҉ it́ ìs eli҉m̸ina̧t͏e̢d҉ ͞p̀er̨m̨a͘nent͝lỳ! ̡ ҉Theŕe is̸ n̢o ͏po̸i͝nt ͝c̡ap̧,̵ ҉s̸o̶ f͠eel ͘fr̵eé t̡o ́k̨e͠ęp ad͏d̴in̢g ͠p̷o̕i҉n̸t͏s͟ t̕o͞ level̡s̢ r͞eģardle͢ss ͢of͡ the̴i͠r ̕c͟u͘r͏r̕e͢n̵t͟ ̵a̢m҉o͡un͞t͞! ELIMINATIONS, IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER #1 1/31/2014: FORCE FIELD #2 1/31/2014: Thanks to... #3 1/31/2014: PAIN #4 2/1/2014: TOTALLY UNFAIR #5 2/1/2014: WRITERS BLOCK #6 2/1/2014: RINK #7 2/3/2014: OOTRO GELD #8 2/16/2014: LOBSTER TRAP #9 2/16/2014: MIND BLOCK #10 2/18/2014: BLOCK BUSTER First, Last, and Only Round ** to shorten posts, please surround the levels that are still in play with spoiler tags **
  5. Alright, so instead of posting dumb deaths, lets do the complete oppisite. Post your most epic wins that you got in CC history!
  6. A non-linear maze that involves being hunted by five blocks in random force field corridors while collecting the chips.
  7. Hash1

    Goomba CC

    Hey guys!... I made 8-bit Goomba with CC tiles for the Spyro the dragon award!
  8. Hi everyone, just stopping by CCZone: The next level now and then, and this time I'm here to announce a future levelset I have in mind with a theme: The elevator levels. Now, don't ask me why, but lately I have been thinking of elevators (or, how Tom P would say: lifts ) And one day I had, not a brainstorm, but more like a "brain-hurricane" about ideas for elevator themed levels. I hope all of those ideas survive until the day I decide to start making this levelset, because although I'd love to start right now, I'm in a sort of "study or die" situation. But soon, I'll be spending most of my free time on this levelset. I don't know how difficult it will be, depends on my inspiration and how my level-making skills will be (if they improve or stay the same), and, most importantly, on ideas. However, since I've been already having ideas, I think it'll end up a pretty good and fun levelset. I think it'll be realesed in the late months of this year or early days of next year. I estimate it'll be in between 30 and 50 levels, I hope no fewer, because I find less than 30 a little too short. I am looking forward to finishing and sharing this levelset, I'm saying this because my other one which I keep talking about, however, doesn't proceed. About that one, I'll start talking about it again when I see that I'm really going to work on it and put effort into it because I may be getting people's hopes up, for nothing, or for something that's not going happen until a long time. I've been having personal troubles with it (such as lack of inspiration, impatience. doing something else instead of CC, etc.) so that's why it has not been advancing. So , there was a bit of stuff offtopic in that paragraph, now I'm back ontopic. The story will be something like: Chip was just about to exit the Bitbuster's building, he takes the elevator, it stops and stays stranded for some time. He waits. Nothing happens. He lays down. He stares at the ceiling, and is slowly becoming asleep, then he falls asleep, and has a long dream about the levelset, in other words, the levelset is the dream Chip has while sleeping, trapped in the elevator. The rest of the story, I haven't thought of yet, or maybe I have, or maybe,... it's a surprise? Well, there went some of the levelset infomation now, here's an interesting part; I will list some of the possibly future levels' titles: -The right floor... -Riding with other riders -A building with no elevator -A/The secret elevator -An elevator with mirrors -Freefalling elevator nightmare -Going up, going down -Destination: rooftop -Emergency exit -Get to floor 4 b4 4 (before 4 o'clock, this is probably gonna be a race-against-time level) -The need to insert a key -Jump to car #02 -Elevator music -Ding! -Elevator on fire -Shafting -Runaway elevator/(the) escaping elevator/the elevator escapes! If you have any ideas, or title names, feel free to post them! (or questions, suggestions, etc.)
  9. How does the level "the end of all time" from pi^2.dat work? I get that it takes some insanely long amount of time to solve, but how was the level designed to work in this way? It looks very complex and i can't seem to figure it out.
  10. Discuss the "so called" end of the world which was supposed to happen today on December 21st 2012! I am so disappointed. Many others prepared themselves for this, but maybe it's another day. Who knows?
  11. All CCLP1 staff now have their own exclusive group on CC Zone named "CCLP1 Staff" (Which are highlighted in "Green"). This is only temporarily, so when CCLP1 is released, their original status will go back. Also, the only member I have left to find is The Architect, so if anyone lets me know who that is I'd be very grateful. Thanks!
  12. IceyLava108

    Fuji the Cat

    Book 1: The Story of The Legendary Cat - "Fuji the Legend" :: Known Pictures :: PROLOGUE: Wrongfully Accused Fuji has been wrongfully accused of murdering a rabbit! He was taken to the backyard on Wednesday, April 18, 2012, to trial and was proven guilty. He was sentenced to 20 years in yard jail.... ----------------- -CHAPTER 1- Fuji is in the jail, walking around, figuring out a way to get across the fence somehow, into freedom of cat life. He took a while to figure it out. He stared up at the sky, wondering what to do and how to do it. He looked around him. There were no guards in sight at all - nowhere to be found! "This jail is the worst in the county" he thought to himself. He looked up at the fence. It was only about 5 or 6 Fujis tall, which wasn't high at all. He sat down and thought about the time when he jumped ridiculously high into a tree to catch a cardinal, and fell back down into a bush... good times. Fuji paced back and forth within the jail, coming up with his plan that he would execute on the 20th of April 2012, around 6:00 PM. He noticed a few guards - a guy riding his bike, just getting home, appearing out of nowhere to ride up into the driveway. He acted casual and made a face as if he hated living and staying in jail. He watched as the guard walked into the tower, which was a triangle-like building with a roof shaped like an upside down V or an A without a dash through it. Once all the guards were gone, and no dogs in sight, he.. simply leaped up, onto the fence, and then looked around. Still safe. He walked on top of the fence as if he were 10 feet off the ground - a scary height - and saw a blue car. He prayed to the god of amazing fates, and... jumped onto the car successfully. "Whew!" he thought to himself. "I didn't know I would make it!!!" ...and then comes... the DOG... Chapter 2 coming soon!
  13. Me and my friend are trying to find the last page of the internet. Want to help us? Then click here: http://xkcd.com/802_large/ Good luck!
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