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Found 10 results

  1. M11k4



    Here are the levels for the March Time Trial 2013! I'll post more information in a thread in the competitions forum. #1 - Hexominos #2 - Nested Replay Hope you enjoy! -Miika
  2. Version second release


    It is finally here! Inside this download you will find all the entries to the Create Competitions for the first four years from when CC Zone was created, as well as all the Time Trial levels to date. These are split into three sets that each come with a ccx file summarizing some of the info related to the competitions. A total of 28 people made these 123 unique competition levels that were part of 48 competitions. That's quite a bit Update: now added the next two years worth of competition levels too! I didn't do the exact calculations like above, but there are 74 new Create levels and about 20 new Time Trial levels as well. So the sets you are getting (along with their accompanying ccx and dac files) are: CCZcreate2008-2011.dat CCZcreate2012.dat CCZcreate2013-2014.dat CCZoneTT.dat Thanks to all the people who created these levels! They are an important part of CC-history. This compilation will be updated when needed. Like if you want to comment on one of your designs included in this release, it can be added into the ccx file. You can also expect us to add more files to the collection once there is enough material. All feedback is appreciated. Enjoy!
  3. Did you ever wish to take a look at some of the old entries to the Create Competitions, or experiment for yourself how you might have fared in an old Time Trial? Well, now you can: http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/files/file/305-cc-zone-competition-goodie-bag/ This zip-file contains three sets, totaling over 120 competition levels by 28 different creators over 48 different competitions. How can you call yourself a Chipster and not get a copy? When you need a break from CCLP1 voting, look no further than this The first set collects the create levels from 2008 to 2011. These are kept as close to the original submissions as possible (with one exception). The second file contains all the create levels from 2012. Some of these have been updated, since the original submissions are mostly still available elsewhere. The third set is an updated CCZoneTT.dat which was originally compiled by Tom P but now with his permission I'm keeping it up to date with all the latest Time Trial levels. Each set comes with a ccx file that has information on the competitions themselves. Hopefully these will be informative and fun. The one for the Time Trials is not yet quite as extensive as the ones for the create sets, but I didn't want that to slow the release and will get back to updating that later. I hope to correct any mistakes in the other files as well, so do tell me if you spot anything amiss. If you are a designer of one of the levels, you can also send in comments that might be added to the ccx-file, or ask for changes, such as being referenced by a different name or your full name. The idea for this "Goodie Bag" is not to just be a one time release, but something that grows and improves with time. The files could be (and probably will be) available individually as well, but together they make form a whole that clings together thematically and conveniently. Hope you enjoy! Feel free to share your reactions and suggestions here! -Miika
  4. Hey you guys! It's time for another Time Trial! Yay! A couple months back we revisited some levels from last year that were made for the create competitions, and this time we are revisiting some levels from another competition. So yes, the title of the competition does not actually refer to a quality of the levels, but as a contrast between the competition types. Here are the two levels, made by Lessinath: http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/files/file/171-november-2012-time-trial-levels/ You'll notice that these levels are the ones used for last year's November Time Trial, but that the results for that competition have not yet been announced, as we "received depressingly few submissions". Hopefully this will prove to be a chance for these levels to find a new audience, and maybe even attract a couple of those people who might have worked on the levels half a year ago (whether they submitted routes or not). As many people can be busy at this time of the year, and because it looks like there might not be a time trial next month, I'm pushing the deadline well into June. Enjoy! Details: 1) The person with the highest combined remaining time on the two levels wins! 2) You may enter in either Lynx or MS, with the latter being the primary rules, meaning that any Lynx solution times that exceed the best MS solution time will be considered equal to that MS time, but otherwise all the times will be compared together in one category. There may be a tie in the overall score. 3) Please send your solutions (either the tws file or avis) to CCZoneNextLevel at gmail dot com, or to my own email valeosote at hotmail dot com. Do not post your solutions or solution times or share them with others. All times will be published at the same time, and the quickest solutions will eventually be released. I will strive to respond to your message by a confirmation that your score has been recorded. 4) The levels shouldn't be too hard to solve. Don't be afraid to send in your solutions even if you sense they aren't perfect, and simple casual solutions are also appreciated. You may enter if you solve at least one of the levels, but solving more will obviously place higher. The levels have time limits of 700 and 200, which give a fair relative estimate of the times they take to solve, but even so the first one is modular in the sense that you can go and practice any room by itself before you actually go for a speed run. 5) This is part of the 2013 season of the Chip Cup. Winner will be awarded 15 points, second place 12, third 10 points, and so on. If you win a competition here for the first time, you receive the "You're Winner!" award. All participants who haven't participated in a time trial earlier receive the "Run, Chip, Run" award. If your name is Andrew, I will send you an e-card. 6) Submission deadline is pushed back a bit this time to June 16th where you live. I will judge the submissions without warning the following week but will accept submissions until I do. If you need a more specific time, you can always ask. To avoid losing on time (it is a time trial after all), get your solutions in early rather than later! You can send in improvements while the competitions is running, so there is no downside to sending in something you know might not be your best effort if you had forever to work on it. Report any problems or ask any questions here! Have fun! -Miika
  5. Once upon a time, on the first versions of this forum, some competitions were held. Here are some details about those competitions so they are not all lost in time. For a summary of more recent competitions, see the Chip Cup thread. The entries to the create competitions are currently not available in any combined set. (There was a set called cpcc2011.ccl that did this for the fall entries of 2011.) The old time trial levels were collected in the sets CCZoneTT.dat and cptt2011.ccl. OLD CREATE COMPETITIONS run by Noivilbo (unless otherwise stated) SEPTEMBER 2008 CREATE Subject: Short. Create a small, short level that is hard to complete, but flawless. No glitches at all. Required: Chip, 5-7 chips, Socket, Exit, Walls, and a monster of some sort. 1st - Hard Time by ChipHome5 OCTOBER 2008 CREATE subject: Vacations. Base the level on a vacation you took over the last summer or any recent vacation. Required: Chip, and Exit. no entries NOVEMBER 2008 CREATE subject: Government. Required: Chip, and Exit. Extra-Credit: Extra point to the person who is first to submit their entry. no entries DECEMBER 2008 CREATE subject: Winter Holidays!. Required: Chip, Ice, Blue key, blue door, and Exit. Extra-Credit: Extra point to the person who is first to submit their entry. You may enter up to three times. 1st - Frozen River by ChipHome5 JULY 2009 CREATE subject: Summertime! Required in the level: Chip, Wall, Exit. Extra-Credit: Extra point to the person who includes something about Independence Day (America's is July 4th) in it. 1st - On the Coast by jblewis (JL1 #48) 2nd - Delivery Ship by ChipHome5 3rd - At the Beach by Tom P (TomP3 #102) 4th - Fire Ring by pillowpc2001 (MikeLrejects #335) 5th - Level 1 by SugarHue123 (July Create Competition #1) (note that levels did not have to be new or made just for this competition.) AUGUST 2009 CREATE subject: Music. Required in the level: Chip, Wall, Exit. 1st - Everybody Get Dangerous by geochip (TCCLP2 #19) 2nd - Grand Prix by jblewis (JL1 #65) 3rd - Rock Band by Tom P (TomP3 #38) 4th - Grand Fun Alley by jblewis (JL1 #38) SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2009 CREATE subject: Movies/TV Show. Your task is to make a level that fits with a movie or TV show of your choice. Required in the level: Chip, Wall, Exit. no entries initially, so submission date extended by a month 1stg - Television! by RandomTrudeau WINTER 2009/2010 CREATE subject: Levelset. Make two to five levels that flow together and are well-organized. Due to this not being a single-level project, there are several months to make this. (Nov 27 '09 to Mar 31 '10) Required: Anything you want. Extra-Credit: If there is a cohesive plot, [+1]. If it can be related to winter, [+1]. no entries SEPTEMBER 2010 CREATE subjet: Back to School. Make a level based on something about school. Required: Chip, Exit 1st - Pushy Hallways by SugarHue123 2nd - Class is in Session by m11k4 3rd - Navigate the Hallways by geochip 4th - Meanies in School by julialy OCTOBER 2010 CREATE subject: Tanks. You are to make a challenging level using a main-motif of tanks. Required: Chip, Tank, Exit Extra-Credit: If you can relate it to Halloween, props to you. I'll also give you a point. 1st - Think Tank by jblewis (JL1 #91) 2nd - What The... by Ida (Ida_create_oct10.ccl at yahoo) 3rd - Time Duration by SugarHue123 (aka ditto101ditto101) FEBRUARY/MARCH 2011 CREATE subject: Amusement Parks Design a level based on an amusement park or funfair, add rides, add "games", or whatever you see fit. It can be a water park, too! Required: Chip, Exit 1st - WalkerCO Carnival by Hash1 JUNE 2011 CREATE run by Andrew Raykowski required: New, solvable level. Post as attachment. Pedantic mode. Interesting to complete. Moderate difficulty. Don't cheat 1st - Mercenaries by geodave 2nd - Chips and Portals by KeyboardWielder JULY/AUGUST 2011 CREATE started by Andrew Raykowski, judged by M11k4 required: no monsters, pedantic mode. 1st - Block Island by Hornlitz 2nd - Blast! by geodave 3rd - Still by KeyboardWielder 4th - Blastoria by geodave 5th - Too Much Time on My Hands by geodave 6th - Less Time Than I Thought! by geodave SEPTEMBER 2011 CREATE run by geochip Castle Theme: Make a level that looks and feels like a castle. 1st - The Teeth Castle by Lessinath 2nd - Castle geodave by Dave Varberg 3rd - Level 1 by pb_guy 4th - Monster Fortress by Lessinath 5th - Chaos Keep by Lessinath OCTOBER 2011 CREATE run by geochip Walkers: create a level in which the main obstacle is interaction with walkers. Extra Credit: just like last year's October competition, if you can relate the level to Halloween, you will receive an extra point. 1st - Trick or Treat by KeyboardWielder +1 2nd - Pumpkinhead by pb_guy +1 3rd - Night Walkers by geodave +1 4th - Walker Graveyard by pb_guy 5th - Walkers Skating to their Doom by pb_guy 6th - Now you see me by geodave NOVEMBER 2011 CREATE run by geochip Space: create a level in with an outer space theme. 1st - CreateNov2011 by geodave DECEMBER 2011 CREATE started by geochip, judged by M11k4 Avoid getting chips -theme. Extra Credit: include other items that are normally helpful that must be avoided. 1st - Eraser by KeyboardWielder 2nd - geodave9chips by geodave 3rd - GETTING OUT OF ALCATRAZ by thinker 4th - "COUNTING" TIME (CHIPS) IN ALCATRAZ by thinker Old Create Competition Overall Points Points were awarded to the first three places (structured 3,2,1), and occasionally extra credit points were given. 2008 (4 competitions, 2 submissions) ChipHome5: 7 points (2 competitions) 2009 (3 competitions, 10 submissions) jblewis: 5 points (2 competitions) geochip: 3 points (1 competition) RandomTrudeau: 3 points (1 competition) ChipHome5: 2 points (1 competition) Tom P: 2 points (1 competition) pillowpc2001: 0 points (1 competition) SugarHue123: 0 points (1 competition) 2010 (3 competitions, 7 submissions) SugarHue123: 4 points (2 competitions) jblewis: 3 points (1 competitions) Ida: 2 points (1 competitions) m11k4: 2 points (1 competitions) geochip: 1 point (1 competitions) 2011 (7 competitions, 25 submissions) geodave: 14 points (6 competitions, 10 submissions) KeyboardWielder: 8 points (4 competitions, 4 submissions) pb_guy: 4 points (2 competitions, 4 submissions) Hash1: 3 points (1 competition, 1 submission) Hornlitz: 3 points (1 competition, 1 submission) Lessinath: 3 points (1 competition, 3 submissions) thinker: 1 point (1 competition, 2 submissions) Results for older time trials will also be added once they are nicely compiled
  6. M11k4


    Version 2.0


    Here are the levels for the April Time Trial 2013! I'll post more information in a thread in the competitions forum. The three levels used for the competition are: Freshmen Fetcher Sophomore Fetcher Junior Fetcher Important! There was an update to the levels! The original versions of two updated levels are also included as "Advanced Sophomore Fetcher" and "Advanced Junior Fetcher", but these are not part of the competition. Puzzle yourself out! -Miika
  7. M11k4



    Here are the Time Trial levels for February 2013. The theme is to revisit a couple levels that were submitted last year for the create competition. The set has a three levels, with the first one not being for the competition. See the thread in the competitions forum for details on the time trial itself. Use either ms or lynx, with ms being the primary rules used for the competition. Have fun! The second level, Volcanic Island, was made by Miika Toukola and it placed third the 2012 January Create Competition. The third level, From the Inside Out, was made by Ben Hornlitz and it won the 2012 September Create Competition. Can you recognize the welcome level?
  8. We had two competitions last April, one was a time trial with two levels, and the other was a create competitions with a boat theme. The activity here slowed down a bit towards May, so the results for these competitions were delayed. I investigated the situation a bit and Rock was able to provide the necessary information and gave me the go-ahead to announce the results. It's unlikely, but if further information turns up that might have been lost, the results will be adjusted accordingly. The create competition was announced by Lessinath, and the submissions were to be sent to rockdet. There was a single entrant, Ida! You win again! So far that's three wins out of three submissions over the years. Not bad Maybe you scared away the competition? In any case, your level was original and clever, so it would have stood a good chance even if it wasn't the only entry, and we did check that it met the criteria for the competitions too (like being solvable in both ms and lynx, and you even went for the extra awesomeness, by finding a way to make the boat sink). I guess we should give everyone the chance to try the level, right? Well, Ida can post it herself, or we can wait a bit longer and find it in the soon to be released set of all the create levels from 2012. Sound good? I'm afraid the time trial results aren't quite as exciting. We did have double the number of entrants than in the create comp, so there's that! The two levels were created by rockdet and submissions were accepted a couple of weeks into May. Second place goes to Mike L with times of 208 + 51 = 259, and first place goes to M11k4 with 213 + 54 = 267. Hey, that's me! Yay, I win *does a dance* Anyway, we'll try to post the quickest solutions on the CCZone Youtube channel in the near future, along with some other stuff. Hope to see you all again competing in 2013! -Miika EDIT: should also mention that Ida's level's name was "All day, all night, keep watch!" and that Mike L has now been awarded the "Run, Chip, Run!"-award.
  9. M11k4


    Version 1.0


    Here are the Time Trial levels for January 2013. The set has a dozen levels, but a couple of them are not for the competition. See the thread in the competitions forum for details on the time trial itself. Use either ms or lynx. Have fun! Levels by Miika Toukola.
  10. I have to get to a few thoughts about running competitions such as the ones here on CC Zone, which currently are the Time Trial, Treasure Hunter, and Create Competition. As I haven't made any notes before hand, I'm sure I'll forget something, but at least I'll hit the main points I've been thinking about. I won't say anything about the Chip Cup or scoring systems yet, because it's hard to judge the merits well with only a couple months worth of experience under the belt so far. First off, I feel it's a great idea to hold these competitions! It keeps the community together, allows for interaction that arises naturally from the game we love, and is just simply fun. The competition formats are a bit varied also, so different types of players can participate in the ones they like the most. And there's no pressure to win (though of course that's fun too), but the focus can be on the participation. The basic competition is of course the Time Trial. I think of it as more basic than the create one, because it's easier to judge. Just make a level and people submit their times. From a organizing stand point, it is of course more work to come up with a great level (or levels) for the TT than with a good theme for create. A good time trial level should be easy enough to complete, have a quickest solution that is not easy to determine, but not utterly impossible to find or execute. This generally means people won't like random elements, or extreme boosting, or very short levels with a single trick for the best time, or extremely long and complex levels either. The balance is hard to find, but so far at least this year's levels have been superb. Often the trick is to make a level with many things going on in different directions, such that even the level's designer has no clue what the quickest approach is. There should be more than one way to solve any subpuzzle, particularly when it comes to interconnected areas. There should not be just the one obvious order in which to traverse the map. There are three important things that separate a Time Trial from just competing on the high score tables in some CCLP. First, there is the submission window of just a month. You have to be active when the competition is on, or you miss the chance. In normal CCLP records, this window is much longer, falling in between the release and when pieguy reports a serious score. Having this window allows for players to concentrate on a the same level in the same time and see who stumbles on the best answer in that time. A related note is that I find it a very good practice to not break ties with the submission time of an entry. This has the danger of deteriorating into a contest of who has the time to work on the level as soon as it is released. The second thing is not knowing what others have accomplished until after you are done with your own submission. This adds tremendous excitement in waiting for the results! There was a time when the competition scores were public during the competition, but I feel it's much better to keep not have them public, if only to create this distinction between any normal optimizing efforts. The worst possible thing to do is to have the whole route public during the competitions, as it totally takes away the point of finding the best approach yourself. Third, there is the requirement of sharing and publishing the best route. I realize we're still waiting for the best solutions from January, but I trust the competition staff to do that soon, and once everything is set up, the solution to future competitions will also be easier to share quicker. Of course there is a trend to share any optimized routes for any set, but some choose to keep those private to actually keep the high score tables relevant to optimizing ability instead of execution ability. Publishing the TT routes is a nice difference which gives everyone a chance to see what they missed. It would be great to even see all the submissions, if possible. A possibly simple way to do this, would be to have a hidden solutions folder where people upload their solution during the competition instead of emailing it to the staff, which would become viewable only after the competition has ended. (So players could see the folder and be able to upload solutions, but not see the files in the folder.) Overall, these aspects keep the Time Trials interesting and different enough from playing competitively in a CCLP. The Treasure Hunter is of course the newest format we have. This is similar to the Time Trial at least in relying heavily on the level used for the competition. The idea is not to focus so much on the time, but on collecting items. One of the main ways to establish this difference is to have a simple level to complete, but extra effort is needed to get more items. Another is to not have all the items accessible and still be able to solve the level. This second quality is harder to design. The February treasure hunter level did this by having a small time limit, but it's not the only way to go. A built in way to deny some objects would be to use pop-up walls or fewer keys than doors of a color. I'm eager to see how the level design for the Treasure Hunt will evolve. The format is a fresh change to what we've had before, and I feel keeping it distinct from the Time Trial is a big part of that in the future. One way to share the burden of building these levels (and the TT ones as well), is for the staff to ask the rest of us for level candidates to use. Personally I find this hard to do, because it will mean I can't participate in the competition myself, and I do like to keep that option open. The Create Competition is totally different from the other two. It requires a fully different type of participation, and the judging is very much a matter of taste. The current trend of having quite specific requirements from the levels is a good one. Many times restrictions breed creativity, and a loose theme doesn't inspire as much. I'm not sure how I feel about the "bonus" requirements. How exactly do they factor into the judging? Why not keep it simple and just have them as requirements? It would help if the judges were to share more of what things they enjoy or are looking for in the submissions, and definitely comment on past entries. For me at least, this competition takes the most time to participate in. It might be possible to keep the submissions open for two months, instead of just one, but this might put off people who design much faster. If this was ever done, there could still be a competition each month, because there's no reason to not have two competitions going on at once. At least if the competition was to design more than one level with some interconnected theme, then I would really appreciate more time than just a month. If the staff ever find it too much work to judge the entries, maybe we could try it as a poll some time? So simply release all the entries once the submission time is over, and let everyone play the levels and vote for the winner. This would be a new way to participate and would stir more feedback for the submitted levels. And one more thing before I forget: even though it might sound like critique to the format, I find the Create Competition is fun and it should always be around! Another thing I think should be around always are the compiled sets from the competitions. It's great to be able to see all the levels from one competition together in one set. Bringing them together allows for players to get a better sense of what has been going on, whether or not they participated in those competitions themselves. It might even work to have just a set for each competition, instead of a monthly ones like now. Like for the Time Trial, there could be a single set and new levels would be added into that instead of releasing new small sets each month. Maybe this creates some logistical problem with the submitting the solutions, but I would find it worth the effort compared to having a thousand small sets (with dac files for each) of time trial levels for every month. So if it's logistically easier to release these larger sets only every once in a while, I guess that works too. So in conclusion, I like the competition formats we have. They all fill a specific need or aspect of Chip's Challenge. Competing for the best times is fun and rubs our optimization inclinations. Running around collecting stuff can be very different and flavorfull. Designing and sharing levels is a big part of our community. I hope all these competitions keep running for years, and at least two every month! I'm sure the staff will have to do a lot of work for that to keep happening, and I hope they remember that they can also ask the rest of us for help from time to time. Most importantly, I want to see all players enjoying participating in these competitions, and really feel a part of this community! -Miika
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