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Found 13 results

  1. Version 1.2.0


    It's here. After a 3 year hiatus, TomB1.dat, known as Tom Brown's first official levelset, is finally receiving updates. It currently has 90 levels, which may be expanded at some point in the future. The levels start out with some beginner levels, and slowly gets harder as you go on. It has somewhat of a difficulty curve, so it is possible to come up on perhaps a challenging level later in the set. Some of the levels are levels that I originally created in my past, and have been modified to work in both rulesets. Most of the levels in this set are brand new and have never been created by me before 2015. All of the levels in this levelset are compatible in both rulesets, so you are able to choose which ruleset you would like to play for the levelset. Some of the levels in this levelset might be suitable for future official level packs. If you're interested in reporting scores for the set, the scoreboard can be found on pie guy's site. In other words, I guess that is all I have to say here. I hope you all enjoy it and if you have any suggestions or fixes that you want me to make, feel free to let me know on twitter, discord, and such.
  2. Version 3.0.0


    version 1 released Feb 2, 2018. Currently 26 levels. All Levels have been tested; should be all solvable and all bonuses should be obtainable as well. Please let me know immediately if a level is unsolvable or of any other problems. This pack has no custom music atm. Any feedback is welcome. Post here: or PM me.
  3. IceyLava108


    Hello all, ZK1 has been released. You can download it right here at CCZone: http://cczone.invisi...wnload/153-zk1/ or over at the Yahoo group: http://f1.grp.yahoof...qkQgO1w/ZK1.zip Feel free to discuss the levelset in this topic. Thanks and enjoy, Zane/IceyLava108 [note --- for the latest version, please use the CCZone download; the Yahoo version will not be fully updated until the final versions of the set. Thanks ]
  4. http://cczone.invisionzone.com/files/file/649-gavind_cc2zip/Give them a try. I also made CheeseT1.dat for CC1
  5. Since CC2 supports adding your own custom music I felt we needed a place to upload our own music for others to enjoy. (and because Scott Joplin gets old after a while ) Here is the music of the DOS game "Jazz Jackrabbit" which has highly acclaimed music. http://www.mediafire.com/file/tkhc2ikakzx7pj4/Jazz Jackrabbit music.zip
  6. Version 1.2


    You have downloaded BigOto Returns v1.2. BigOto Returns, or BigOto7.ccl, is © Trevor Hedges (BigOto) 2012. The set may be used for consideration in CCLP1 and all future level distributions whether "official" or not. DO NOT redistribute these levels individually or under anyone else's name; all credit for these levels used in any distribution must go to me. To play this level set, simply download Tile World and then merge the folders in this download with it's folders. It will then show up at the main menu. I have mainly tested the set in Lynx but if I am suspicious that a certain part may not be MS compatible I test it there too; thus I am almost sure that every level is compatible in both rulesets. CCLP1 staff please confirm that all levels are solvable in both rulesets, and I will apply the appropriate fixes when needed. The levels start out easy with simple lesson concepts (some of which are admittedly stupid), and gets much harder as the levels get higher. There are 100 levels in total, but at some point I may expand to 149. Some levels were originally in my older set PB Gourami Levelsets (PBGA.dat) and have been modified to work in Lynx, while others are completely new and have never been seen before. If you have any questions, concerns, or fixes that you want me to make, please post at the CCZone level discussion forum here: http://cczone.invisi...vel-discussion/ You can also contact me there, at the username BigOto2. Please do not contact me on YouTube as such messages will be ignored.
  7. The CC Zone guides section has been added! You can use this to create your own walkthroughs for your own levelsets and other tutorials/guides related to Chip's Challenge with this feature. http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/tutorials/ There is a CC Zone Award for uploading a guide too. Enjoy!
  8. Currently the Chip's Challenge wiki kind of allows people to make pages for some custom levels that are not in a CCLPx. There is some problems with this, like cluttering the level categories. Should http://chipschallenge.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Levels_with_bold_difficulty_5 just list official levels? On the other hand, some custom levels could use their own page, but not every level seems to have enough merit for this. One alternative would be to allow custom sets to have their own page and any notable levels in that set could be expanded on in that space. Then the question expands to which custom sets should have their own page? Would love to hear your thoughts. And if someone has more power over at the wiki than most users, I would love to suggest some other things too.
  9. I've decided to introduce my WIP chip's challenge hack, Cam's Challenge! Noteworthy Stuff This uses a custom .DAT for the MSCC, and the .DAT is NOT designed the Tile World. I am not sure if the .DAT works with this. This uses custom music. Put said music in the same folder as the .DAT! Please have fun! This might be easy, but please note that I haven't even gotten close to beating "NUTS AND BOLTS". Screencaps And all sorts of screencaps. Pictures, who would live without them. Can't live with or without them. A snap of a sort-of-long puzzle level from early in the game from the editor (I use CCEdit) Some pictures of new tiles! You may notice Chip got turned into me (Yes, my real name is Cam) as well as some red paint. (Well, I like Red!) And green spys too! Some Other And Possibly Useless Notices A release date is unset, and likely wont have a release date. It'll probably be released when its done. Some pixels are unchanged on Cam/Chip, so bits of blue shirts and green pants will be visible. I will likely fix these.* Coming soon** to a CC Zone near you *if i dont procrasinate too much or forget **actually, at random, as with the first useless notice's text
  10. So, people have been wondering if there could be CC Zone awards for completing specific custom level sets. I am not 100% sure on this so far, but I'll leave this thread open for ideas. I think it would be great for it to be levelsets of 149 levels and all of them to be solvable, but it may not be a requirement yet, so I'll keep this open for opinions.
  11. So I started a topic http://cczone.invisi...-in-my-cc-blog/ to get some idea of what others would like to read that I write. Of the first three topics I posted, this one now has four votes, and the other two have two votes each, so I'll be writing about how I was introduced to CC and then later the CC community, and how I started improving my scores. Not all my topics will come through that thread, but you should take advantage of it to tell me which topic to visit next. I'll try to add a new topic each time I use one to there should always be at least three topics that you can still pick from. Most stories start from the beginning, and some stories start from the end and then jump back, but I want to start this one from the middle. I had somehow heard that CCLP2 had been released, so I downloaded it, unzipped it, found the file with the levels in it, changed its name to CHIPS.DAT and renamed my old one as CHIPS.OLD and started playing! I had no clue about Tile World and didn't bother to read all the documentation that might have explained how else I could have played the levels. These were the first custom levels I ever played. I don't remember my reaction to invalid tiles or any particular level either, but I did enjoy it a lot. This introduction to CCLP2 wasn't right after its release in 2002, but maybe in 2004 or 2005. I didn't play through all the levels at once, but maybe thirty of them and then I kind of got side tracked and forgot about the whole thing. Then one day I was bored and I clicked on the icon on my desktop and played through a few more levels. This would go on for a few years until I finished most of the levels. Earlier I had finished all of the original levels, so towards the end I was determined to do so with these levels too! I had no maps or anything, so this wasn't a trivial task. I had one level left. After the Rainstorm. There was something there that I just couldn't figure out. I was had to be missing something. Maybe I hadn't stepped on all the tiles I could reach, and all I needed to do was find a hidden pair of flippers? This idea didn't lead anywhere. I then went through all the water tiles, filling each one in to see if something was hidden under the water and would reveal itself after I step on the dirt. This too turned out nothing. I had only one thing left to do, either give up or go online and look for help. I'm glad I didn't give up. Now why had I been able to download CCLP2 but not been interested enough to look online for other related information? I don't remember, but I do know I found lots of stuff to keep me busy! I found that I needed to use something called a 'ram' to solve After the Rainstorm. I found that there in fact was a level 145 in the original set of levels, and I had to go back and play that to be able to say I completed all of those levels too. I found scoreboards, editors, a newsgroup, tons of custom sets, and Tile World. A whole new world opened up in front of me! So what do I do first? I was a bit shy at first, so I didn't know what to post the the newsgroup. I looked at the long list of custom sets at pieguy's site and one jumped out at me, TomP1fixed.dat. The reason it caught my eye was that it had sequels called TomP2.dat and TomP3.dat, so if I liked the first one I could play through all three. I still didn't download an editor, and though the set has a bunch of invalid tiles, after CCLP2 I didn't complain at all. I played through the first one quite quickly. TomP2 took a bit longer, and by its end I was a bit annoyed with the invalid tiles, so I didn't move on to TomP3. Thus, I needed another set. The next one that caught my eye was KeyboardWielder.dat. Why does it have such a silly name? And why are there so many levels with very few score reports? I worked on that for about a week, maybe solving one level each day. These were very different from the levels I had seen before, and for one of them I even ended up downloading an editor so I could test some parts without playing through all of it (this was In the Line of Fire, but I still didn't want to use an editor to look at levels otherwise). So I reported some of these scores at pieguy's site. I had also been reading the newsgroup for a few months, which I guess is how long it took me to play to the end of TomP2. This was towards the end of summer 2009. I was soon asked about my CC1 and CCLP2 scores, so I posted those too. I had played through all those levels again after downloading Tile World, so I have no clue what times I had when I first played them. The next set I played was JL1 after it being recommended to me. It had some great puzzles and it cemented my love for this game. I soon began playing levels again to get a better time on them. This was particularly interesting for newly released levels, but I also practised on some older ones, like the last 40 or so levels in TomP2 (none are yet broken!). I improved my CC1 scores and learned a lot from the wiki on what optimized routes look like. I got my CCLP2 score up past 6,000,000 without outside help, and then raised it a bit more by looking at the bold solutions (I've been at about 6,020,000 since then). I wasn't able to compete in the Time Trial competitions at CC Zone because I couldn't be bothered to get a screen capturing program, but I did watch those too. Then CCLP3 voting came around and that was a blast! Unfortunately, we don't have time for that part of the story right now. We didn't even get to go back and see what happened in the beginning, so I'm sure I'll revisit this history stuff at another time. Until then, I would love to hear any comments you have! Has your own story had any similarities? Did something make you think I'm totally nuts? Was there something you'd like me to elaborate? Thanks for listening! -Miika
  12. What are the most difficult levels to solve that exist? What makes them difficult? Which ones have you completed? I would think there's at least two types of difficulty here: hard to find a solution and hard to execute a solution. Of course some levels can be both. I'll make a list too, just don't have it right now.
  13. Hey everyone! I just added a custom tileset section on the CC Zone download database so you can now upload your custom BMP tilesets! For obvious reason, it'll have to be moderated first before it's up. Enjoy!
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