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Found 6 results

  1. M11k4

    Going Radio Silent

    Hello. I'm leaving. Yep, I'll be gone. As in, I won't be here. If you see someone here on CC Zone or elsewhere in the Chipverse, it won't be me. I'm totally out of here. Well, for a time. Recent events and developments in my real life are not allowing me to use as much time as I'd like for Chip's Challenge, and I only see this problem increasing soon. However, there are positive things hiding here. First off, I will be back! I love this game and community, and maybe in a year, maybe in two, I will manage to return. Secondly, I'm not gone yet. I estimate that starting in June I will be totally gone, but until then I will be around. Thirdly, since I know I'm leaving, I will use my time to finish any interesting projects I have been planning and brooding. All this should actually really be fun for everyone! Here's a few things I'll try to get done this spring. 1) run the competitions through April, and maybe something in May. I have time trial levels for March and an idea for what to do in April. I have ideas for the create competitions as well, if nobody else wants to run them. I also have a Treasure Hunt level in the works, though am not sure if I can get it working in time. There has been a surge in participation for these competitions this year, and I don't plan on letting this momentum go to waste. 2) release some sort of final version of CCLXP2. There is a lot to do for the documentation we wanted to ideally provide with this set, so not all of that will be done. However, there is need for a finalized version of the set itself, kind of like a game play update. This will allow the score boards to be locked and further stuff may be done later. Any questions you may have about individual levels are welcome. For example, I will try to respond to chipster1059's excellent review of the set and some questions posed there. 3) release some of my own levels. The only real set I have made and released has been kidsfair, and that does not really represent the types of levels I enjoy building. I expect to release a non-finalized version of funfair0.ccl soon. I plan on it being 50 levels when it is done, but for this release I will aim to have half of them done. I expect you all to try the levels; I expect nobody to love even half the levels; I expect everyone to discover one level they like. 4) I'll get some old stuff cleaned up. I have finished compiling CCZcreate2013-2014.ccl but not the accompanying ccx-file. Expect an update to the Goodie Bag with this and other files as well. (If you have levels that are going to be in this release, you still have time to submit updates to them.) I'm sure there are other things similar to this that are currently slipping my mind. I would also love to update some of my scores on the official sets, but currently have trouble playing CC due to computer challenges. This also means my Let's Play of CC1 in Lynx is still on hiatus waiting for better times. At least that means I'm pretty sure I will have time to write more (cooler!) stuff in this blog too! Maybe there are other hidden positives in this whole affair, like now there will be room for someone else to step up and run some of these competitions I'll also take this chance to express how much I've loved spending time with you guys. It's incredible to me how a game like this can bring together people. Sure I love many aspects of the game itself, but many of you have become very dear friends to me over these past few years. I won't forget you and I hope you too will still be around when I return. Keep chipping! -Miika
  2. M11k4

    Stuff's a'Happening!!

    Hello fellow Jellos! No, wait I meant fellow Chipsters! It's been quite busy here lately, hasn't it? There's news on the CCLP1 front. The competitions have kept the staff busy. The arcade has come and won the hearts of many. Tom has kept improving the awards system. The only thing missing seems to be a large volume of talking on the forums, but maybe that has moved to the chat and other such live places? At least we have some cool new blogs started! Life is good for a modern chipster. At least for me it has been. I haven't had time to work on going back to improving my CC1 and CCLP2 scores, but maybe later this year. I still have a few CCLP3 levels to dust off too, but not going to touch those for some time. I've also thrown around the idea of making a Let's (re)Play CC1 in Lynx, where I post all of my own best routes, but not sure if I have the time to do that, or if anyone cares any longer. I've been happy to work on the time trials this year, and those have really kept me busy. It's an incredible amount of work to make those levels, post them, keep track of the entries, post the results, update the Chip Cup standings, and upload the best solutions to Youtube. But it's fun and totally worth it. Perhaps in the summer we'll take a small break from the TTs and focus on other things. And of couse while I've been doing that, others have prepared Treasure Hunts and Create Competitions, both of which are even more popular than the time trials (and not only because I can participate in those when I'm not working on them behind the scenes). I posted that CCLP2 lynx project package to show that something is still happening with that idea. And did I mention anything about the CC1 Lynx boards? That was a cool and long-awaited addition for the community, in my opinion. (Now we just need people to actually report their full scores!) I've sampled some custom sets too, and tried to write some feedback on them to the designers. Hopefully when CCLP1 voting comes along, I'll be able to vote on most of the levels just from past familiarity. Talking of which, I really should work on updating my own submissions. I was in such a hurry to get them all released for the cut-off deadline, and really need to work on some of them. I thought I had much more to say than this, but I'm a bit tired and not try to squeeze out any more stuff out of my brain. And I have no clue if that's really the way the title for this post is supposed to be written. See you next time! -Miika
  3. M11k4

    November Feeling

    So our internet is down but I have a bit of time here at the library, so I thought I could spend it just writing random thoughts into this blog. Not every entry needs to be one of the cool topics that people can vote on There have been quite the amount of new records for CC1 this year! Just incredible that this long into the games life there are still more seconds left to discover. Some of those randomness fighting levels are sick. The block pushing levels are sick in a different way. I can't really say much about this topic, except that I am astonished with every improvement that is made. Somehow that reminds me that I don't think I have shared my goals for CC here yet. My modest eventual goals for CC are to be in the top 20 of CC1, top 10 of CCLP2, and top 5 of CCLP3. Realistically I think I'll be in 4th place in CCLP3 (if not third) once everything settles down a bit, and at the top in lynx. We'll soon have a CC1 lynx board too, so I guess I'll have to be at the top of that too if nobody else is willing to waste their time on that side of the fence. CCLP2 lynx is a bit of a mess, but eventually that should come around too. Actually those are just my goals regarding the screo boards. My main goal in CC is to enjoy the time I use to play the game. Will this last for a decade or more? I really hope so, but for that to happen I have to enjoy many aspects of the game. There's the casual playing, the optimizing, the designing, and the communal side of things. I would suspect that if someone gets stuck in doing just one or two of those things, their interest in the game will eventually wear thin. So people, diversify! As for designing levels, I really am bad at managing my time in a way that would allow me to do some of that. I mean I have some cool ideas for levels, as I'm sure every player can have, but I lack the skills needed to be satisfied with what I actually put together in an editor. I'm sure this topic is large enough for its own blog post someday, so I won't go deeper into these thoughts today. I haven't done much casual playing since the summer. I've tried to work on the last levels of CCLP3 that I still only have reported initial scores. My reports should now be caught up with what I've actually played (I mean I occasionally might leave a level or two unreported), and I just broke the 6,070,000 barrier. I hope to get 10,000 more on the ten or so levels I have left. So far I have not used any outside help, well I mean very little outside help. Not that that really matters, but that's another topic in itself. I just mean that I haven't used the avi library yet to go back and improve on my own efforts to optimize the levels. The competitions here have come back since the summer and they have been nice. I still kind of wish more people participated. The levels have been cool. The Halloween Create Competition was something new, but it's taking some time to be judged. I guess I could run another competition but can't do that before January really. James also promised a blog update, but it seems to be an invisible one Of course anyone can start a blog, so why don't you?? At least the chat has livened up some. I know people talk on Facebook or Skype, but at least for me those are not options I can exploit. Thanks for those that have taken the time to chat with me! That's all I have time for right now. See you again some other time. Or not. Or yes. Or maybe. -Miika
  4. M11k4

    Back in It

    This is not how this blog is supposed to go. I'm not surprised nor do I need to apologize for the long lapse in new entries, but just so you know that's not what I intended or intend from here on either. So the natural thing to post about now is what I've been upto in the last half a year or so. The answer is not much and a lot at the same time. I've played through some custom sets, most of which I have commented on in the forums. I have really enjoyed many of the levels that will likely see the light of day in CCLP1 as well. I do wish I had more time to explore some of the older classic sets that I never played. I also took some time to release my first level set. It's called kidsfair.ccl and can be found in the download section. As with any designer, I would love to hear any feedback or experiences you have with those levels. (So is far I haven't really heard anything.) I do intend on updating a few of them, both for more enjoyable game play and better execution of some concept. I bought a headset with a microphone, so I'm planning on filming some of my CC playing with comments and uploading it on Youtube. Stay tuned for more information as the year progresses :-) Any requests or suggestions regarding this? I'm also looking to get some work done on a lynxified version of CCLP2, but for some reason that project has been stagnant for the time being. I'm sure it's time will come, but it's not here quite yet. I also really want to get back to optimizing CCLP3. I've worked on a couple of the levels in the past week or so, but I still have like twenty levels left, most of them in the 100+ area. Those levels just take so much work, and in the end it's even likely that the public route is about the same was what I come up with. I'm going to try to do it anyway, and in both ms and lynx. That does take some extra effort, but I've come to like working on a level in two different rules and spotting the small differences they create. Maybe others are interested I could write something short opinions on each of the levels and their best routes, and stuff like that here as a continued feature. Would you read that? -Miika P.S. If this post gets three comments before my next entry, I'll write two entries within a week!
  5. M11k4

    Nothing Much

    Sometimes time just flies by. I don't feel like writing a real blog entry, so I'm just going to ramble on about anything that comes to mind. It's been a tough month in real life, and it's good to relax with an old friend like Chip from time to time. I was going to talk about the ten year anniversary of CCLP2. Wow! That's quite a while ago! How many community members were around back then that are still active? Not too many, which means we've still managed to gain new members, including myself. In the next ten years, it'll be interesting to see how many of the levels still have room for improvement. As for the community, I hope we only grow larger, and I see no real reason not to. I also had some thoughts about the competition formats here on CC Zone, but I'll see if I can go into more detail next time. Too bad there was no time trial this month. As there were two levels last month, I suspect the staff did have something planned since they didn't save the other one for later. Hopefully there is one next month, or I suspect players will lose interest. Luckily the treasure hunter competition has made up for it this month. Finding the best way to collect as many chips as possible in the time given felt a lot like a time trial level. At least it felt very different from the first one, which is a good thing. I also like how the create competitions seem to have stricter quidelines than in previous years. I didn't have time to participate in that one this time around, though. Talking about having time to design levels, if I had any, I would try to make some simple ones to submit for CCLP1. I have a few levels, like twenty or so, that I've made for my six-year-old daughter to play, which could be modified for wider release. She also drew some of her own ideas on paper and then we built them together in an editor. That was fun. If only the deadline were two months away, I might have time to work on some new levels as well. I guess many players just create levels really fast. I can't do that at all! I played through Ida4.dat again, since it had some new levels added. That was enjoyable, though some of the levels were longer and more involved than I remembered. Many nice ideas there though. I have to go and give some feedback on the set as soon as I can. Also been playing through JoshL1, BHLS2, and geodave3. I really hate it when there is even a single really annoying level in a set that is almost impossible to complete. It denies me the feeling of completing a set, or having accomplished something. Luckily all these sets have some nice levels as well. If I ever finish any of them, I'll try to write some sort of review. Chip till next time, -Miika
  6. M11k4

    The Beginning of 2012

    So what did I do in January regarding Chip's Challenge? One of the first CC related actions I took this year, was to sign up to a cool new forum I found. Since you're reading this post, I'd venture a guess that you've found said forum yourself. The activity on here has been incredible! We've had more than a thousand posts per week! And some of those have even been about Chip's Challenge During the first week I worked on finding some levels in CCLP2 that could be modified for Lynx play while changing as little as possible. I'll probably be sharing more thoughts on this subject in the future, so I won't say more quite yet. I also played some CCLP3 in Lynx. I had been saving the last thirty levels for a while. It felt great to play the same levels again that I had just worked on exactly a year ago, except this time in a different format. It was nice to spot some small differences in between how the levels worked between the two rulesets. So finally during the third week I managed to solve the whole set! My score is 6,030,400 but there's a lot of levels I could go back and optimize. I only played through them casually and plan on going back to optimize if someone else actually starts posting competative scores. Then I built a level! I haven't touched a blank page in an editor since CCLP3 came out, so it was about time to try doing that again. I was inspired by a conversation on the newsgroup about block slapping, so I guess I needed a little nudge to get back to building stuff. Now that I've mentioned it, I'll have to share it with you guys as soon as possible. I'll see if I can do that this month, and then I'll talk more about it and the other levels I've made. Hopefully I can find about ten that are worth releasing. And pieguy posted new records for the original levels. Yes, you read that right, not just one record, but the plural with an s! Incredible. Let's see someone else match that, even for CCLP2. I also recorded some avis for levels in CCLP3. You can get them on Mike's site, but here's a link to all of them at once: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?r1pdq6197hrr95c They are mostly alternate bold routes to levels that already had their bolds made public. It would be interesting to see if someone else has still found other routes that score the same on some of these levels (like Pac Man). Amidst doing that, I took a look at the new CC Zone time trial and treasure hunter competitions. Man, that was quite fun as well! The treasure hunt was fun, and the time trial levels were just the right difficulty. I didn't get an idea for a level to enter into the create competition untill the very end of the month. Can't wait to hear the results from that or see the other entries! And of course it will be fun to try out the new ones this month as well. Hopefully lots of people enter all the competitions. Now that I wrote all that, I really wonder where I found the time to do it all? Looking back, I don't really know, particularly since I mainly procrastinated for the last week in the month. It's been a crazy start to the year. Here's for hoping it won't get much worse! Next time, I'll be thinking about the competition formats, but maybe writing about that topic will have to make way for something more current. See you around! And leave comments! -Miika Where did I find the time to do that? Looking back, I don't really know. It's been a crazy start to the year. Here's for hoping it won't get much worse!
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