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Found 7 results

  1. So I want to play the MS ?Windows? version of CCLP3. I've download the CCLP3 files (off this website) to my computer, but I can't figure out how to get the files to make them work with MS. I have already downloaded the original CC and CCLP2, but I don't understand (after at least a day of trying to figure it out) how to connect the CCLP3 files with the original CC game. I went to a different site and downloaded Chip's Controls (formerly ChipPlay), but I couldn't figure out how to use it. Any help would be massively appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Hey everyone, I'm not exactly the best at this -- I am more familiar with regular CC than Tile World. I was wondering how exactly do you change the graphics from Tile World to CC graphics -- I know you need to change the files. [Also, I'm using Tile World 2 (who uses 1 anymore? )] The two tile world graphic files are named tiles and atiles that are running my TW2, and here is the tileset that I have for Chip's Challenge --- Am I missing a CC tileset .gif? [i have this one for CC and this one only] Seeing how TW2 uses the regular tiles.gif and the atiles.gif I need help and I know everyone else probably knows how to do this. Thanks
  3. I have recently been playing through the CCLXP2 Beta. Really great set. I have solved all the levels except two: Run-A-Muck (I harldy attempted it yet) and Cloner's Maze (spent over an hour on it). I am totally stuck! I did not find a single AVI for Lynx, and all the MS AVIs involve burning gliders and/or fireballs going on the hint, neither of which work in Lynx. I managed to find ways to economise gliders, but I am stuck about how to blow up the bomb blocking the yellow key, and another bomb that blocks a chip and requires precise timing. Help???
  4. In my "CCHack crazy" days, I've been told about CCINI, a fine program for modifying Entpack.ini setting for Chip's Challenge. I remember it's very easy to use, as long as you know how. The thing is that since those days ended, it's been sitting in my "CC" folder, untouched. The other day I was thinking of using it, but, I forgot how. Comes with ccini_export, ccini_import, ccini.exe, and ccini.dll I think the only thing you have to touch is ccini_export, and I tried just that, but didn't succeed. Can anyone tell me how to use it, again? I won't forget again, promise.
  5. okay, this is a ridiculous problem I know but I can't find where to get CCEdit 2.0. :huh: [i'm talking about the newest editor, the one that displays a square around the cursor which represents the playing view.] Somebody handed me a link in chat months ago, and that's how I first got it. My computer broke down so I have to re-download it. I can't find it doing a simple search on google or yahoo, it's not here, it's not on the yahoo group. wtf... am I just missing something? also; an unrelated question: how do you enable skipping passwords in both tileworlds? [go to any level without need of a password]
  6. I found Tile world through the Ubunutu software center and it works great on this Computer. Except one major problem: How do you play custom levelsets? Despite trying for a long time I can't figure out for the life of me how the Ubunutu file system works and I don't know "where" to put levelsets. Or how to get an editor working for that matter... I'm guessing that's impossible however. can anybody help me out?
  7. So I uploaded two images to the Solutions folder, which apparently were approved pretty much as soon as I sent them. How can I edit the information I provided when I uploaded them? I was in a hurry and made spelling error on both their titles :-) If I can't do it myself, please add an "l" to the first one, and change the "n" into an "m" in the second. And I thought I uploaded an other image earlier into the Other folder, but it still doesn't show up. Has it not been approved yet, and if so, could I see a notification somewhere that it is waiting to be approved? Or did I just mess up the upload? Thanks in advance!
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