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Found 4 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    The two levels for the October 2015 Time Trial, created by Jeffrey Bardon. They are: 1. Cemetery of Onbashira 2. Chemical Fire
  2. Itching to get that Left 4 Chip award?? Now's your chance to enter this survival competition and make that happen! Itching to get your name on the official score boards? Now's your chance to enter this survival competition and make that happen! Wait, what? Yes, the winner of this competition will receive an avi to a record that has not been confirmed yet, and they will have a chance to do just that, provided they can perform the route. I can't reveal the exact level in case it needs to be changed along the way, but J.B. has promised to make one of his routes available for this. There is some boosting involved, but it should be doable for most chipsters. (If J.B. happens to win, I guess the rest of us owe it to him to try and come up with something too.) Now that you know the stakes, download the level from http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/files/download/422-cczone-october-2014-survival-competition-level/ and have at it Here is the objective: Survive for as long as you can on this level and still make it to the exit! The level is untimed and there is nothing stopping you from pausing during your attempt. Record your solution as an avi or send your tws file to either CCZoneNextLevel at gmail dot com or valeosote at hotmail dot com. The deadline for the competition is at the end of October where you live, and before I judge the competition as soon as I can in November. Please don't mess up your life because of this, so keep your attempts to a reasonable length. Other normal competition things apply as I see fit (like don't share your achievements with others). All comments and questions are welcome. Enjoy! -Miika EDIT: -For extremely long solutions (which I already discouraged above), I have set a limit (which I will not reveal yet, though I might give a hint later in the month) and any solutions above this time will be considered equal. In case of a tie, the avi prize will be given to only one of the winners by some method I deem appropriate. -You may enter in either MS or Lynx. Note that the final time displayed on the timer is different for the rule sets, and this will be taken into account as best as I can to assure that the actual time spent on the solution is compared.
  3. The task for this month is simple: Create a new level that uses an ice block. This means you will need to familiarize yourself with the ice block patch to either MSCC or TileWorld 1 if you already haven't done that. If you need help, please ask. It seems the wiki page for ice blocks could be updated to include some of this info so we really should update that too. For extra credit, take a portion of an existing official level and apply ice blocks to it. For a simple example, you might take an existing sokoban and change all the blocks to ice blocks. Ideally this could highlight some curious feature or bring out something new in the existing design. I am very interested to see how you guys will find some new takes on familiar territory. I will judge the competition at the start of November. The things I am looking for are: 1) Could the level be made without ice blocks? If so, then this is not a good thing for your level. Basically, just use one of the properties of ice blocks that normal blocks don't have and you will do fine with regards to this point. 2) Is the level fun to play? Block pushing levels can be a chore, but there are several ways to make them interesting. Even pure sokobans can be great, but they need a lot of work to design just right. If your level is very long, it will also need to be very good for me to like it more. 3) Would I build this level any differently? This question is here basically as a general measure of how the level is designed and I just needed a short way of saying that. This includes things like aesthetics, originality, and some measure of planning put into the level. 4) Does the extra credit apply to the level? The extra credit is not needed to win the competition if your level is otherwise brilliant, but it will decide between two similar levels in favor of the one that uses it. Partially the point of having this criteria is to encourage people to build something new instead of submitting something unreleased. It also gives participants some sort of jumping off point for design if nothing else comes to mind. Other guidelines are as follows: -Send in your submissions to either CCZoneNextLevel at gmail dot com or valeosote at hotmail dot com. -Submissions are open as long as it is October 2014 where you live. -The level must be solvable, and does not need to work in Lynx. -Please give the level a reasonable name, hint, time limit, and set a password. -You may submit more than one entry, but please keep the levels distinct from each other. -You may write about 100 words describing your creation and the process of creating it. -Entrants receive the normal prizes: the "You're Winner!"-award, Chip Cup points, and "Tool Box"-award for first time entrants. -Please ask about other unclear situations. Enjoy! -Miika
  4. 41 downloads

    NOTE - this set uses ice blocks. You will need the pgchip patch for MSCC or TW to play the levels. This set contains the levels submitted for the October 2014 Create Competition. These are: -Various Hues of Blue, by Ihavenoname248 -Stuck in a Frozen Well, by Ihavenoname248 -Fake Time Limit, by Chipster1059 -Frozen Fortress, by Ihavenoname248 -1 Tank, 5 Ice Blocks, by Michael -Nothing You Can Do, by M11k4 Check the thread for more details on the competition!
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