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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, Bit Busters! I've been working on some CC2 levels for a while, and decided I'd show off what I've assembled so far (20 levels) to see what people think. Several of these levels are based around exploring concepts with specific new design elements. This will be the start of my first main CC2 custom level set, which will probably end up containing at least 50, and hopefully 100, total levels. Some of these levels are brand-new, never-before-seen designs, and others are submissions for CC2 level design contests or ports of submissions for CC1 level design contests that I never put in any of my other sets. The levels are sequenced in the order I built them, not by difficulty. All of these levels are to be considered submitted for any and all CC2 community level packs we make in the future. Please let me know what you think of the levels, which ones are easiest/hardest, and if you discover any busts or problems. Happy Chipping! EDIT: Jeffrey already found a bust in Casino Royale, so I'll work on fixing that and upload a new version, possibly tomorrow. EDIT 2: Updated! Now at Version 0.201.
  2. Version 0.210


    This is the beginning of my first main CC2 custom level set. So far it contains 20 levels, but I plan to make many more, perhaps as many as 100 like my CC1 levelsets. Many of these levels are new designs; however, some of them are submissions to previous contests involving CC2 level design, and some are ports of CC1 contest levels that I never put into any of my CC1 sets. Currently the levels are sorted by the order I made them, not by difficulty. That will probably change in the next preview I make, once I get more levels made. I hereby submit all levels in this set for consideration in any community-made CC2 level packs, regardless of what they're called (CC2LP1 or any other name we come up with). Please let me know what you think of the levels, or if you find any busts or bugs! (Not the crawly kind.) Also if you could tell me which levels you found the easiest or the hardest, that'd be awesome. As a designer it's hard to judge the difficulty of my own levels, especially CC2 levels because of all the new elements I'm still getting used to. You can post your feedback here:
  3. Version 1.0


    I give to you a 5-level preview of my upcoming set. Cool right? Feedback is not necessary, but always welcomed. Enjoy!
  4. Version Demo 1


    THIS HAS NO RELATIONS TO CCLP. This is my own level pack, and I will change it's name. CamsCCLP.dat is one of my current occupations in my CC levelset makings. I currently have 15 levels, and so, please be patient.
  5. I've decided to introduce my WIP chip's challenge hack, Cam's Challenge! Noteworthy Stuff This uses a custom .DAT for the MSCC, and the .DAT is NOT designed the Tile World. I am not sure if the .DAT works with this. This uses custom music. Put said music in the same folder as the .DAT! Please have fun! This might be easy, but please note that I haven't even gotten close to beating "NUTS AND BOLTS". Screencaps And all sorts of screencaps. Pictures, who would live without them. Can't live with or without them. A snap of a sort-of-long puzzle level from early in the game from the editor (I use CCEdit) Some pictures of new tiles! You may notice Chip got turned into me (Yes, my real name is Cam) as well as some red paint. (Well, I like Red!) And green spys too! Some Other And Possibly Useless Notices A release date is unset, and likely wont have a release date. It'll probably be released when its done. Some pixels are unchanged on Cam/Chip, so bits of blue shirts and green pants will be visible. I will likely fix these.* Coming soon** to a CC Zone near you *if i dont procrasinate too much or forget **actually, at random, as with the first useless notice's text
  6. Hey there as you can see by the big "LEVEL 1" under my name, I'm a total noob to this forum. However, I started playing CC about 10 years ago, and I'll never forget the captivating levels of CC1, despite all the fantastic new levels that players are releasing all the time! My debut set aims to serve as a bit of a substitute for CC1 in the way that it starts right from the beginning and teaches players the necessary techniques at a relatively slow pace, while building up to more formidable levels. I don't know how long the set will be, but so far I've got about 40 levels. This preview is of the first 25, and is completely subject to change: I will probably tweak most of these levels before release, add hints, change time limits, and reorder or remove some of the levels currently in the set. Basically, as a newcomer to all this, I'm looking for a bit of constructive criticism and advice on these levels. Now remember, these levels start easy, so don't be expecting some Totally Unfair stuff just yet - but trust me, it will come! Have a playthrough, let me know what you honestly think (while being helpful) and enjoy! Thanks for your time guys http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/files/file/286-cybersmack-i-preview/
  7. Bowman


    Here is a sneak peak of my level ABLOCKALYPSE from the soon-to-be-released Bowman2.dat (I promise).
  8. Markus

    Crash Landing

    Crash Landing, A level that will appear in my second levelset, MO2.
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