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Found 3 results

  1. Version 1.2


    Hello again! With chipster1059's encouragement, I decided to try my hand at making a few more CC2 levels. Here is a set of four that I hope you will enjoy! They are relatively easy, but will take some thought to complete. I may add to this set over time, rather than clogging up the server with unnecessary additional files. Have fun! P.S. Level 4 is highly experimental and kind of a dud, so if you don't enjoy guessing games, don't bother.
  2. As some of you already spotted, the levels submitted for the March 2013 Create Competition are now available for download: http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/files/file/227-cczone-march-2013-create-levels-packaged/ You can comment on the levels in this thread. Once you form some sort of opinion on the levels, list them in your preferred order and email that order to me at valeosote at hotmail dot com. I will use these lists to determine the winner of the competition. You can define your own criteria for how you are voting, for the original competition announcement reminded the contestants that "a good level will be enjoyable to many types of players". Details: 1) You can discuss the individual levels, but don't publicly post your full list so the results are not spoiled or others' voting is not affected so much. I already released the participants' names, so I thought it would be fun to run the voting as a secret ballot. 2) If you were one of the participating designers, you can still vote on your own levels, but these will have no effect on the outcome in relation to the other entries. Please do not vote down what you think are good levels just so your own levels will fare better, as this won't have an effect either, except if more than one person starts doing so. 3) Once all the votes are in, we might have an additional round of voting where we pit pairs of levels against each other that were too close in the voting to determine their positions with certainty. 4) Once the preferred order of the levels is set, the standings between the designers is determined by their best level, and will receive Chip Cup points accordingly. 5) Voting will close a week after I receive votes from ten people. If this is taking too long, I will announce the deadline for voting towards the end of April. In any case we hope to have the results within about a month. Finally, here's the list of levels you will be voting on: Level 1 - Michael Ancient Glider Temple - Flareon350 Tricks & Traps - CraigV Shemozzle - jblewis In or Out - jblewis The Beach - Minus3K2 Flip-Side-Up - random 8 That Ticking Noise - rockdet 200m Free Style - rockdet Protect Me as I Protect You - BlazingApollo Bricks - random 8 Impedence - random 8 Bringing Up the Rear - BigOto2 Your votes should also basically just list all the levels by name, though you don't have to list the designers, or you can just list the level numbers in your preferred order, as long as it is clear to me. Remember, the order of your list matters! Once I receive your votes, I'll try my best to respond to you and confirm that your votes have been recorded. I might be forgetting something, so please ask for clarifications. (Also if you would like me to change some of the text in the ccx file, say you'd rather be referred to by your full name, you can ask for that too.) Enjoy! -Miika
  3. A year ago we had our most attended create competition, when the theme was to keep it compact in a small area measuring just 9 x 9 tiles. Now it's time to test another aspect of keeping a level small, but instead of limiting the area, we will limit the time needed to complete the level. There is more than one reason for a level to have a relatively short time limit, but which approach will you take? The task, should you accept it, is to create a new level with a time limit of at most 60 seconds. This does not mean the fastest possible solution should take 59 seconds, so please use your judgement on what type of a level benefits from this time constraint. Keep in mind that a good level will be enjoyable to many types of players. Additional notes: -Submissions are open as long as it is March where you live! -the level must be solvable. -the level does not need to work in both ms and lynx. -the level must be new; it must not have been released earlier. -you may submit more than one entry, but please keep the levels distinct from each other. -points will be deducted for late entries, but will be accepted until a notice is posted in this thread. -do not cheat. At anything. Ever. -ask about other unclear situations. Extra credit: write about 100 words describing your creation and the process you went through to make the level. Submissions will be judged in the beginning of April 2013. If there are at least four entrants, we might have a public vote on how to rank the levels. In addition to the normal prizes (the "You're Winner!"-award, Chip Cup points, and "Tool Box"-award for first time entrants), the winner will receive a SURPRISE REWARD which will be announced later! And no, it is not that you can pick a name for our dog. (That was already won by Michael last year, and our dog is now called Jigsaw.) Email and attach your submissions to valeosote at hotmail dot com. List your username and this competition in the subject. Keep it short and simple, something like: "March Create - James" Everyone is welcome to join! -Miika
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