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Found 8 results

  1. M11k4

    Going Radio Silent

    Hello. I'm leaving. Yep, I'll be gone. As in, I won't be here. If you see someone here on CC Zone or elsewhere in the Chipverse, it won't be me. I'm totally out of here. Well, for a time. Recent events and developments in my real life are not allowing me to use as much time as I'd like for Chip's Challenge, and I only see this problem increasing soon. However, there are positive things hiding here. First off, I will be back! I love this game and community, and maybe in a year, maybe in two, I will manage to return. Secondly, I'm not gone yet. I estimate that starting in June I will be totally gone, but until then I will be around. Thirdly, since I know I'm leaving, I will use my time to finish any interesting projects I have been planning and brooding. All this should actually really be fun for everyone! Here's a few things I'll try to get done this spring. 1) run the competitions through April, and maybe something in May. I have time trial levels for March and an idea for what to do in April. I have ideas for the create competitions as well, if nobody else wants to run them. I also have a Treasure Hunt level in the works, though am not sure if I can get it working in time. There has been a surge in participation for these competitions this year, and I don't plan on letting this momentum go to waste. 2) release some sort of final version of CCLXP2. There is a lot to do for the documentation we wanted to ideally provide with this set, so not all of that will be done. However, there is need for a finalized version of the set itself, kind of like a game play update. This will allow the score boards to be locked and further stuff may be done later. Any questions you may have about individual levels are welcome. For example, I will try to respond to chipster1059's excellent review of the set and some questions posed there. 3) release some of my own levels. The only real set I have made and released has been kidsfair, and that does not really represent the types of levels I enjoy building. I expect to release a non-finalized version of funfair0.ccl soon. I plan on it being 50 levels when it is done, but for this release I will aim to have half of them done. I expect you all to try the levels; I expect nobody to love even half the levels; I expect everyone to discover one level they like. 4) I'll get some old stuff cleaned up. I have finished compiling CCZcreate2013-2014.ccl but not the accompanying ccx-file. Expect an update to the Goodie Bag with this and other files as well. (If you have levels that are going to be in this release, you still have time to submit updates to them.) I'm sure there are other things similar to this that are currently slipping my mind. I would also love to update some of my scores on the official sets, but currently have trouble playing CC due to computer challenges. This also means my Let's Play of CC1 in Lynx is still on hiatus waiting for better times. At least that means I'm pretty sure I will have time to write more (cooler!) stuff in this blog too! Maybe there are other hidden positives in this whole affair, like now there will be room for someone else to step up and run some of these competitions I'll also take this chance to express how much I've loved spending time with you guys. It's incredible to me how a game like this can bring together people. Sure I love many aspects of the game itself, but many of you have become very dear friends to me over these past few years. I won't forget you and I hope you too will still be around when I return. Keep chipping! -Miika
  2. It's time for a new Time Trial! It's also the first Super competition on the forum! That means it's a bigger competition that couldn't be contained in a single month and participants will be awarded twice as many Chip Cup points as usual! (For a summary of the competition, skip to the end of the post.) Last year I went back and looked at all the levels that had been made for any competitions on these forums. I compiled them into a single download here: http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/files/file/305-cc-zone-competition-goodie-bag/ It includes some information on the competitions, but I would like to improve it by including some solutions to at least the time trial levels. However, several of the Time Trials never received any participants and thus there is no official time for those levels. Now I'm giving everyone a chance to revisit those levels before any solutions are released. For January, we're reusing all the levels from months that didn't receive entrants, namely September 2009, January 2010, October 2011, and December 2011. Some of these levels aren't ideal for a Time Trial, so the scoring will be a bit different and won't require participants to optimize all the levels. For every level you complete you get some 'chips' and the participant at the end of February with the most chips wins the competition! The levels in question are all from CCZoneTT.dat (found in the download above), and for January the levels are: Level 9 - "CCzone TT Challenge #5A" - 10 chips for completion. Level 10 - "CCzone TT Challenge #5B" - 10-20 chips for completion, see below for details. Level 12 - "CCzone TT Challenge #7" - 10 chips for completion. Level 27 - "11.3 - Not Red, Green and Blue" - 10 chips for completion. Level 29 - "11.5 - December 2011 Time Trial" - 10-20 chips for completion, see below for details. For levels 10 and 29, I will award between 10 and 20 chips for any solutions and use my judgement on how this is done by taking into account the time remaining on the levels. I don't want to force anyone to work too hard on the long block pushing level, so I might award 20 chips to each participant who optimizes that level decently. (Because of possible ties, it is hard to commit to the exact method of distributing chips, but basically I want to award the two quickest solvers equal chips and the rest get lower amounts staggered between 10 and 19 chips.) So the time you get on these levels matter, but there still should be a point where you can feel confident that squeezing another second from the solution won't make a difference. For February, we will add other levels to the mix, so check back for an update then. I will then also explain how the scoring will deal with cases where someone can only participate during one month, and not the other. February Update: The other levels for this competition fall under the theme "were part of a competition but the results were never announced" which basically means a repeat of the five levels from November 2010. You can find them in the same file as the previous levels and the number of chips you'll receive for solving them is: Level 19 - "#9A: TT Nov 2010 - CODE BREAKER" - 10-20 chips for completion, see below for details. Level 20 - "#9B: TT Nov 2010 - PORTAL" - 10 chips for completion. Level 21 - "#9C: TT Nov 2010 - DIAMOND" - 5 chips for completion, and an additional 5 chips for tying with the best time. Level 22 - "#9D: TT Nov 2010 - RANDOM" - 10 chips for completion. Level 23 - "#9E: TT Nov 2010 - DIRECTIONAL" - 10-20 chips for completion, see below for details. For the first and last of these levels, the person who submits the best time on each will receive 20 chips. The second best scorer will get 19 chips, third will get 18 chips and so on down to 10 chips. (If it makes no difference in the result, I might round these steps to two or five chips each.) I will be interested in seeing who scores the best times on the other levels too, but I can't make those matter for the competition, as it would be too much work for you guys. I will also try my hand at what scores I can get. Remember that the person with the most chips at after all these ten levels wins! I can't reveal how many participants we already had in January, but if you feel like it is too late to join in you would be wrong! Even with half points available from the first levels you can still place pretty high and start off the year with a big pile of Chip Cup points. It's even possible that some participants will drop out this month and someone else entirely will come and claim first place! Other notes: 1) The person with the most chips after all levels from January and February wins! 2) As not all levels are playable in Lynx, this time you may enter the competition only in MS. You can send in your Lynx solutions as well, but those won't count towards the competition. You do not need to solve all levels to enter. There may be a tie in overall score. 3) You may use the levels in either CCZoneTT.dat or the original smaller sets as released (they should be identical). Please send your solutions (either the tws file or avis) to CCZoneNextLevel at gmail dot com, or to my own email valeosote at hotmail dot com. Do not post your solutions or solution times or share them with others. All times will be published at the same time, and the quickest solutions will eventually be released. I will strive to respond to your message by a confirmation that your score has been recorded. 4) This is part of the 2014 season of the Chip Cup. The winner will be awarded 30 points, second place 24, third 20 points, and so on according to twice as much points as for normal competitions. If you win a competition here for the first time, you receive the "You're Winner!" award. All participants who haven't participated in a time trial earlier receive the "Run, Chip, Run" award. If your username starts with a K, I will create and dedicate a level to you. 5) Submission deadline is at the end of January where you live for the first five levels, and the end of February for the rest of the levels. Results will be announced in March. More exact deadlines will be posted, but get your solutions in early rather than later! You can send in improvements while the deadline hasn't passed, so there is no downside to sending in something you know might not be your best effort if you had forever to work on it. 6) Now that it is February, you may still enter the competition, but if you did not submit anything in January, you will only receive half points for those levels. Summary of competition: Download and extract CCZoneTT.dat from: http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/files/download/305-cc-zone-competition-goodie-bag/ Try getting a good time on levels #10 and #29. Attempt solving levels #9, #12, and #27. Make a silent wish that you already would have done all that in January. Then try getting a good time on levels #19 and #23. Also attempt solving levels #20, #21, and #22. Send in your solutions to CCZoneNextLevel at gmail dot com or valeosote at hotmail dot com. Check back in March for the results! Report any problems or ask any questions here! Enjoy! -Miika
  3. For maximum enjoyment, should a level be theoretically solvable by someone playing it for the first time if they can play well enough?
  4. M11k4


    Version 1.0 with ccx


    When my daughter was five, I started making some simple levels for her to play. Those levels grew into this set. Included are some levels that she also designed! (And a few from my brother too.) These fifty levels are supposed to be an easy starting point for younger players to try this wonderful game, even though some of the later levels might prove too challenging. Not that they are ever very hard for more experienced players, but still they stray away from this initial concept. For the most part expect a leisurely play through that should allow you to enjoy your evening :-) This newest version has some levels reworked to play much better than originally. I also made a ccx file that is available in the zip file, but if you don't want this just grab the latest ccl by itself (30.19 KB). Thanks for trying out the set, and please keep it in mind when voting for CCLP1. Any feedback and comments are always much appreciated! -Miika P.S. am planning to release a ccx file with a simple story line at some point.
  5. Does this place look familiar? Guess which CCLP3 level the above image is from and I'll add another for you to ponder! Please use the spoiler tags in your answer, so others can try to guess for themselves too.
  6. So the Chat here has been quite vacant over the summer, so I was thinking maybe we could assign a day of the week when people would log on there more? I propose that on Tuesdays, people sign in to chat at some point in the day and see who else is doing the same. Any takers? Edit: added poll as suggested below
  7. Version 1.6


    Latest Version of the supercollab level!
  8. Version 1.5


    This is the SuperCollab level being constructed by various community members.
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