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Found 1 result

  1. Apply a single point to the wish that you would like to assist, and remove two points from those you despise. Rounds will begin with each wish automatically gaining nine points. Please wait your turn to contribute - after you submit your decisions, wait twice before participating again! Custom rules: 1) A wish is limited to twenty supporters at any given time! However, if only two wishes are competing at once, this rule vanishes for the remainder of the duel! 2) On every post that is a multiple of 10, you have a chance to apply or remove an extra point to any remaining wish, but it is your choice! 3) The winner of the last round of wishes will have a chance to thrive in the next round! Round 1 For world peace to occur [9] For Bing to be useful [9] For this thread to be deleted [9] For James to release deported tricycles [9] For Facebook to become irrelevant [9] For Zane to die [9]
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