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Found 6 results

  1. There has always been this huge chip on my shoulder for many years, so I have decided to come clean about what truly happened during the time of CCLP1 voting to everyone. This is not easy and I don't expect people will forgive me, but it's going to explain why I have stayed away from the CC community for a very long time since CCLP1 was released. I don't know how many people outside of the CCLP1 staff know, but I felt enough time has passed to get it out. Back in 2013, during CCLP1 voting, I was the CCLP1 Voting Administrator, and J.B. Lewis was constantly monitoring who was voting what on each level. We all had a private Skype group chat together with the CCLP1 staff in it along with myself. At around the third month of voting, I got more and more frustrated with some of my own favourite levels doing badly in voting. I ended up developing a dark and nasty habit of being mean to the CCLP1 staff as a result, in particular having a huge grudge against J.B. Lewis (Me and J.B. clashed a lot even before voting began. At the time, I just got sick of the Chipsters seeing him as this perfect snowflake who thinks he is always right and nobody willing to challenge his opinions) who was mostly just telling me the progress of the votes. Shortly after, I started making a few CC Zone accounts and rigging it to favour my own levels. I ended up digging a huge inescapable hole in the long run and eventually rockdet figured it out for sure that I was up to no good. Not wanting to lie to rockdet on Skype who was my favourite Chipster at the time, I eventually confessed to the whole rigging. Rock didn't believe I was a bad person though, just someone who couldn't control his power. After that, the votes from the fake accounts were deleted and everything went back to normal. After CCLP1 was released in 2014, I lowered my time significantly on the CC community, eventually resigning my CC Zone Admin position in March 2015. So that's why my interest in Chip's Challenge has dropped significantly. CCLP1 was a very dark time in my life. Was I selfish? Sure, so that's why I chose not to submit any of my levels to CCLP4 voting. I didn't want to risk becoming that person again. On the upside, I found what my biggest weakness was so I decided to just let it all go and shorten my time with the community. A new era began and that was pretty much the end of Chip's Challenge for me.
  2. Version 1.0


    This ZIP file contains all 33 CCLP1 voting packs used for CCLP1 voting. You can download this for the "Gotta Solve 'em All!" CC Zone award too. NOTE - Some levels in these packs may have been updated or changed after CCLP1 voting finished so bear that in mind for any future CCLP voting.
  3. For all CC Zone members, as we have had some issues with voting this month due to site errors and vote backups at inconvenient times for some members, the CCLP1 Staff has decided to allow votes to be submitted by Private Message through CC Zone if required. Just log into your account and send the votes you want using this link below: Send votes through Private Message Please note however, that any submitted or changed votes posted past 1st January 2014 12:00am GMT will not be counted,
  4. To all CC Zone members, this is now the last full week of CCLP1 voting left before we hit the deadline. The voting polls this month have been quite a bit iffy with errors preventing all of us to vote occasionally which is out of my control, but fear not! All votes have been backed up on a regular basis in case something unexpected happens to the site before the deadline. Have a good Christmas everyone!
  5. As some of you already spotted, the levels submitted for the March 2013 Create Competition are now available for download: http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/files/file/227-cczone-march-2013-create-levels-packaged/ You can comment on the levels in this thread. Once you form some sort of opinion on the levels, list them in your preferred order and email that order to me at valeosote at hotmail dot com. I will use these lists to determine the winner of the competition. You can define your own criteria for how you are voting, for the original competition announcement reminded the contestants that "a good level will be enjoyable to many types of players". Details: 1) You can discuss the individual levels, but don't publicly post your full list so the results are not spoiled or others' voting is not affected so much. I already released the participants' names, so I thought it would be fun to run the voting as a secret ballot. 2) If you were one of the participating designers, you can still vote on your own levels, but these will have no effect on the outcome in relation to the other entries. Please do not vote down what you think are good levels just so your own levels will fare better, as this won't have an effect either, except if more than one person starts doing so. 3) Once all the votes are in, we might have an additional round of voting where we pit pairs of levels against each other that were too close in the voting to determine their positions with certainty. 4) Once the preferred order of the levels is set, the standings between the designers is determined by their best level, and will receive Chip Cup points accordingly. 5) Voting will close a week after I receive votes from ten people. If this is taking too long, I will announce the deadline for voting towards the end of April. In any case we hope to have the results within about a month. Finally, here's the list of levels you will be voting on: Level 1 - Michael Ancient Glider Temple - Flareon350 Tricks & Traps - CraigV Shemozzle - jblewis In or Out - jblewis The Beach - Minus3K2 Flip-Side-Up - random 8 That Ticking Noise - rockdet 200m Free Style - rockdet Protect Me as I Protect You - BlazingApollo Bricks - random 8 Impedence - random 8 Bringing Up the Rear - BigOto2 Your votes should also basically just list all the levels by name, though you don't have to list the designers, or you can just list the level numbers in your preferred order, as long as it is clear to me. Remember, the order of your list matters! Once I receive your votes, I'll try my best to respond to you and confirm that your votes have been recorded. I might be forgetting something, so please ask for clarifications. (Also if you would like me to change some of the text in the ccx file, say you'd rather be referred to by your full name, you can ask for that too.) Enjoy! -Miika
  6. Okay, so I've played through about half the packs, and generally I start at 4 and go up and down from there. An atrocious level may still get a 2 from me, because I'm nice like that. However, a few levels left such a bad taste in my mouth that they got the "kiss of death". As follows: Yoshi Coal Mine -- Flouncy Level 8 I found this level exceedingly dull and tedious. It's not complicated, but it has really no redeeming value. I've made plenty of levels like this and I'm not proud. Water Slide -- Flouncy Level 44 These slide-type levels are not my favorites to begin with, but this one in particular is annoyingly hard. I think we do need some TORTURE CHAMBER-style levels, but not this one. Finding -- Giraffe Level 18 and Puzzling -- Helmet Level 29 Okay, this was mostly just on principle. However, I have played these levels before and yes, I hated them then also. Death Box -- Giraffe Level 32 Could not figure this out. Seems like a re-hash of "Commit Suicide?" with no solution. I'm sure it's there somewhere, I was just not interested in figuring it out. Blocked Block -- Lipstick Level 13 This level is, for me, completely unsolvable. And not in a good MORTON "there's some trick to this right?" kind of way. The Inner Plague -- Vermillion Level 23 OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG TEEEEEEEEETH!!!!!! Flareon -- Dragon Level 6 Really? Pokémon? I mean, it's not even a fun level to play. Teknopathetic -- Roadcone Level 42 Honestly, this is supposedly a great level. I could not get off the start tile in Lynx. It passed testing, so I'm sure it's possible, but if my old fingers cannot manage it, then it has a BA of 0 and that's just how it is. In conclusion, I judge levels based almost solely on how I feel about them, rather than some external list of features or requirements. So, if you happen to make me ill, you will feel my wrath.
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